Student Eligibility & Information

Thank you for your interest in work based learning. Please review the information below to learn more about the work based learning program. If you would like additional information or would like to speak to a member of the work based learning staff, please call the office at (704) 216-3648 or email Dottie Moore, Dottie Moore (dottie.moore@rccc.edu, 704-216-3648).

Work Based Learning Eligibility

  • Student must have completed 12 semester hour credits. (Credit requirement may vary depending on major.)
  • Student must have a minimum GPA of 2.25. (GPA requirements may vary depending on major.)
  • Student must be approved by work based learning faculty coordinator or work based learning director.
  • If students are enrolled in work based learning during fall or spring semester, then they must be registered for three semester hour credits in addition to work based learning credits. The additional semester hour credits are not required during the summer term.

Getting Started

  • Contact the work based learning office for an appointment by phone at (704) 216-3648, by email at Dottie Moore (dottie.moore@rccc.edu, 704-216-3648), or in person on North Campus, room 1311 or South Campus, room 214.
  • The fifteen minute appointment will include an eligibility check, application and assistance with resume (sample provided).
  • Upon receipt of student’s resume, the Work Based Learning staff will locate an employer and schedule an interview.
  • Then the Work Based Learning staff will register the student.
  • Then work begins.

Already Working?

If you currently have a job related to your major, you may qualify for the work based learning program earning credit hours toward your program of study without having to attend a class. This concept is ideal for working students and can replace an elective in many programs.

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