What Internships Can Do For You

If you are uncertain about whether or not to pursue an internship during college, the statistics alone should convince you to do one. Employers overwhelmingly point to internship experience as the most important factor they consider in hiring full-time positions. Internships give students the opportunity to:

Research shows that 85% of companies use internships and similar experiential education programs to recruit for their full-time workforce.

  • Gain industry knowledge you will not learn anywhere else;
  • Accumulate evidence of your ability;
  • Make critical professional contacts;
  • Improve your confidence; and
  • Possibly land a full-time job.
Interns are positioned for long-term success and highly sought after and valued by employers because of co-op’s philosophy of “best fit employment” – the right students, with the right skills, prepared for the right jobs, with the right employers in the right fields. Employers state that interns are intelligent, exceptionally hardworking and very focused on growing as new professionals while providing the best possible services to the company.