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(NUR-3240A) Nurse Aide Level I

This course prepares graduates to provide personal care and perform basic nursing skills for the elderly and other adults. Emphasis on aging process including mental, social and physical needs of the elderly, patient's rights, nutrition management, elimination procedures, safe environment, restorati [...] Full Description

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(NUR-3242A) Nurse Aide I Refresher

The student is required by N.C. Board of Nursing to be a Level I Nursing Assistant and to list with N.C. Division of Facility Services and N.C. Board of Nursing. The course consists of primarily review and testing to assess student knowledge. Each student must complete course with passing academic a [...] Full Description

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(OSH-3013A) OSHA Training

This course is a basic overview of the recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions on the job site and will provide the student with a basic understanding of OSHA regulations, enforcement, and compliance. Topics include discussions of the OSHA standards that relate to scaffolds and ladders, excav [...] Full Description

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(PLU-3021AB) Plumbing I Standard Inspection

This certification related course is designed for the education and training of the Plumbing Level I code enforcement official who has the responsibility of inspecting residential and small commercial plumbing installations in construction up to 20,000 sq.ft. Upon completion, course participants [...] Full Description

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(RLS-3700A) Real Estate Pre-Licensing

This is the required course you need in preparation to become a "provisional broker". This course covers basic real estate principles and practices, including real estate law, contracts, brokerage practices, financing, closing, valuation, fair housing, property management, taxation, and mathematics [...] Full Description

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(RLS-3702A) Broker Relationships and Responsibilitie

Provides postlicensing instruction in broker relationships and responsibilities when working with residential sellers and buyers. Topics include agency relationships and duties, agency contracts and disclosure, and the practical aspects of working with residential buyers and sellers. [...] Full Description

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(RLS-3703A) Broker Contract & Closing

Provides postlicensing instruction in broker responsibilities relating to real estate sales contracts, contract procedures, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and closings. Topics include contract law concepts, residential sales contract preparation and procedures, closing procedures and clos [...] Full Description

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(RLS-3704A) Broker Special Topics

This course is the third of three courses designed to assist the provisional broker to meet the 90-hour post-licensing educational requirements set forth by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. This course consists of high-level advanced instruction covering special topics. It includes land [...] Full Description

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(SAF-3014A) CPR

This course is designed to instruct students in the cardiopulmonary resuscitation for adults with the emphasis on prevention through changes in life styles. [...] Full Description

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(SEF-3001EB) Lean Manufacturing Overview Simulation

This course number may be used to report any occupational extension course that is funded with receipts, and that will not generate budget FTE. [...] Full Description

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