Guidelines for the Excellence in Teaching Award

The General Assembly has provided monies to reward superior faculty who go above and beyond the expected levels of delivering instruction and improving educational excellence as demonstrated by student outcomes. Instructors in curriculum, occupational extension, and basic skills programs will be eligible for this award. Award recipients will receive a travel allowance to be used for approved professional development activities, instructional supplies and/or equipment needs for a specific program or academic improvement project, provided by the General Assembly.

Excellence in Teaching Award Criteria

Quality Instruction and effective learning strategies

  • Innovation in Active Learning techniques in the classroom
  • Possesses current and extensive knowledge in subject areas of teaching responsibilities
  • Continually incorporates current subject knowledge and new skills into the teaching arena
  • Conveys enthusiasm for the subject and the profession
  • Encourages discussion, intellectual curiosity, self-directed learning, and problem-solving
  • Uses effective, innovative teaching methods and technologies
  • Assesses teaching effectiveness and makes necessary adjustments
  • Provides fair and constructive evaluation of student performance

Character modeling

  • Shows genuine interest in and respect for student needs/concerns
  • Creates a climate of respect, trust and concern
  • Demonstrates a willingness to be available to students
  • Expresses enthusiasm and enjoyment for teaching and working with students
  • Demonstrates ethical principles, values and characteristics in student/teacher and collegial relationships

Supports the mission of the College, NC Community College System, and Community as evidenced by

  • Leadership beyond the classroom to include non-teaching duties such as curriculum development, lab facilities management, new course development, club leadership, etc.
  • Involvement in the local community with particular emphasis placed on activities on behalf of or resulting from employment with the college
  • Involvement in professional groups


Full-Time Faculty

  • Teaching a minimum of 9 contact or credit hours per semester per year (during the most recent fall and spring semester).
  • Recipients from the two previous years may not be nominated for an Excellence in Teaching Award.

Adjunct (Part-Time) Faculty

  • Taught a minimum of 6 contact or credit hours (during the most recent fall and spring semester).
  • Employed with Rowan-Cabarrus Community College for at least 3 consecutive years.
  • Recipients from the two previous years may not be nominated for an Excellence in Teaching Award.