Requests for Assistance or Accommodation

Students seeking assistance or accommodation are responsible for making their disability known to Disability Services counselors in the Office of Student Services.  Students may elect to disclose a disability at any time.  RCCC may not seek out and identify students with disabilities.  Disability Services provides support services in curriculum, continuing education and pre-college courses.  Because disability accommodations are not automatic and often require specific arrangements, students seeking disability accommodations should make contact with Disability Services for any additional information as soon as possible.

Students are encouraged to contact disability services as soon as possible.  Requests for accommodations should be made at least three weeks prior to the first day of class for which the accommodations are requested.

All attempts will be made, but without minimal advance notice, RCCC cannot assure that all appropriate accommodations can be accomplished prior to the first class.

Student Responsibilities

  • Students are responsible for making a disability known.
  • Students must provide documentation describing a diagnosis, limitations and appropriate accommodation.
  • Students must request accommodations and complete an accommodation plan each semester.
  • Students must request accommodations in advance. Accommodations for in class work and/or tests are not automatic.
  • Students are responsible for keeping both instructors and disability services informed as to the implementation and effectiveness of an accommodation.
  • Students must adhere to the RCCC Students Behavior Standard (described in the RCCC catalog) regardless of ability or disability.