Distance Education

Hybrid Courses

What is a hybrid course?

Hybrid courses combine online learning with face-to-face instruction. All hybrid courses will meet on-campus on specified days (specific meeting dates will be provided by the instructor). The remaining instruction and course content will be delivered as an internet course. The start and end dates of all courses are listed at the top of the syllabus, which will be provided online (Blackboard) within the course site. You will not have access to the course until its official start date.

Steps to Taking a Hybrid Course

I. Qualify by Meeting Requirements & Prerequisites

II. Register and Pay

  • For more information on applying to the college, registering for classes or paying tuition and fees, please visit the student success website.

III. Access and Attend Your Class

Hybrid courses follow a specific schedule. Please refer to WebAdvisor for course start date and meeting dates. Students are expected to access their course (via Blackboard) on the first day of class (start date) to receive instructions and begin their coursework. Courses are not self-paced.

Important: Each hybrid course contains an Entry Activity, located in the Start Here area of the course. To enter the online portion of this class and to gain access to your online assignments and materials, you must complete the Entry Activity, with a score of 1 or greater.

  • Complete the Entry Activity right away. Not doing so will delay your progress in the class and may impact your grades and/or enrollment in the class.

IV. Participate

  • Use your college email account for all email communication.
  • Login to Blackboard frequently, as directed by your instructor.
  • Students taking  hybrid courses must attend all on-campus sessions and complete the online coursework.
  • Actively participate in the online portion of the course and keep in contact with the instructor.
  • Meet assignment and testing deadlines set by the instructor.

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