Online Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates


Rowan-Cabarrus Community College offers over 250 online courses, enabling students to earn the following degrees, diplomas, and certificates fully online. For full program description, please refer to the current College Catalog.

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Degrees (6)

  • Associate in Applied Science Degree – Accounting   (A25100)
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree  – Business Administration  (A25120)
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree  – Business Administration – Marketing & Retailing  (A2512F) (Available through Summer 2015)
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree  – Criminal Justice Technology  (A55180)
  • Associate in Arts Degree  -  (A10100)
  • Associate in General Education Degree  – Associate in General Education  (A10300)

Diplomas (8)

  • Accounting Diploma (D25100)
  • Business Administration Diploma (D25120)
  • Business Administration – Marketing & Retailing Diploma (D2512F) (Available through Summer 2015)
  • Criminal Justice Technology Diploma (D55180)
  • Healthcare Business Informatics Diploma (D25500HI)
  • Medical Office Administration Diploma (D25310)
  • Office Administration Diploma (D25370)
  • Web Technologies Diploma (D25500WT)

Certificates (44)

  • (dot) .net Programming Certificate  (C25500NP)
  • Advanced Office Assistant Essentials Certificate  (C25370AO)
  • Business Accounting Certificate  (C25120BA)
  • Business Computing Certificate  (C25120BC)
  • Business Management Certificate  (C25120BM)
  • C-Based Programming Certificate  (C25500CP)
  • Certificate – Criminal Justice Technology (C55180)
  • Computer Technology Essentials Certificate  (C25500CT)
  • Content Management Certificate  (C25500CM)
  • Cyber Crime Fundamentals Certificate  (C25500CF)
  • Database Programming Certificate  (C25500DP)
  • Dental Office Essentials Certificate  (C25310DS)
  • Early Childhood Administrators Advanced Certificate  (C55220EA)
  • E-Commerce Certificate  (C25500EC)
  • General Business Certificate  (C25120GB)
  • General Marketing Certificate  (C2512FGM) (Available through Summer 2015)
  • Government Track Certificate  (C25100GT)
  • Healthcare Management Essentials Certificate  (C25500HM)
  • Infant/Toddler Care Certificate  (C55290)
  • Internet Technologies Certificate  (C25500IN)
  • Juvenile Justice Certificate  (C55180JJ)
  • Managerial Track Certificate  (C25100MT)
  • Marketing and Sales Certificate  (C2512FMS) (Available through Summer 2015)
  • Marketing Management Certificate  (C2512FMM) (Available through Summer 2015)
  • Medical Billing Essentials Certificate  (C25310BE)
  • Medical Data Management Certificate  (C25500MM)
  • Medical Data Security Basics Certificate  (C25500MS)
  • Medical Document Production Certificate  (C25310MD)
  • Medical Informatics Essentials Certificate  (C25500MI)
  • Medical Office Essentials Certificate  (C25310ME)
  • Microsoft Excel Certificate  (C25370EX)
  • Microsoft Word Certificate  (C25370WD)
  • Mobile Web Introduction Certificate  (C25500WI)
  • Office Assistant Essentials Certificate  (C25370OE)
  • Personal Finance Certificate  (C25100PF)
  • Simulation and Gaming Design Introduction Certificate  (C25500SI)
  • Simulation and Gaming Fundamentals Certificate  (C25500SG)
  • Small Business Management Certificate  (C25120SB)
  • Tax Track Certificate  (C25100XT)
  • Technical Track Certificate  (C25100TT)
  • Technology Skills Certificate  (C25370TS)
  • Web Design Tools Certificate  (C25500WT)
  • Web Designer Certificate  (C25500WD)
  • Web Multimedia Certificate  (C25500WM)