Web-Based Courses

What is a Web-Based course?

A course where the primary delivery is the traditional face-to-face method, with a requirement that students have Internet access as a supplemental part of the course.

Steps to Taking a Web-Based Course

I. Qualify by Meeting Requirements & Prerequisites

II. Register and Pay

  • For more information on applying to the college, registering for classes or paying tuition and fees, please visit the student services website.

III. Access and Attend Your Class

Attendance at each on-campus class is required. Attendance requirements will be discussed during the orientation/first class meeting.

IV. Participate

  • Use your college email account for all email communication.
  • Login to Blackboard frequently, as directed by your instructor.
  • Students taking Web Based / Web Assisted courses must attend all on-campus sessions and complete the online coursework.
  • Actively participate in the online portion of the course and keep in contact with the instructor.
  • Meet assignment and testing deadlines set by the instructor.

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