Institutional Research & Effectiveness

QEP Sub-Committees

Marketing Committee

Name Title
Jenny Billings Chair, English, ACA, & Developmental Reading and English (DRE)
Jade Bittle Instructor, English
Paula Dibley Executive Director, Marketing & Recruiting
Melissa Mohlere Instructor, English
Carter Wingfield Graphic Designer, Graphics

ENG 111 Career Exploratory Assignment Development Committee

Name Title
Jenny Billings, Chair Chair, English, ACA, & Developmental Reading and English (DRE)
Misty Moler Director, Student Advocacy Services
Matthew Peeler Director, Institutional Research & Effectiveness / Instructor, Mathematics
Cassie Plott Instructor, English

Virtual Employment Resource Committee

Name Title
Debra NeeSmith, Chair Associate VP, Academic Support
Sallie Herrin Instructor, Psychology
Faith Jelley Distance Education Coordinator, Educational Resource Services
Jackie Loupis Instructor, Psychology
Dottie Moore Director, Work-Based Learning
Tammara Walker Advisor, Student Advocacy Services