Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Strategic Plan 2011-2014

RCCC Statement of Purpose

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College is an open-door, comprehensive learning-centered institution of higher education serving the citizens of Rowan and Cabarrus counties. The college, a member of the North Carolina Community College System, offers affordable occupational and education programs leading to Associate in Arts Degree, Associate in Science Degree, Associate in Fine Arts Degree, Associate in General Education Degree, and Associate in Applied Science Degrees. Diplomas and certificates are awarded for other occupational, adult and continuing education programs. The primary focus of the college’s offerings is on workforce development by meeting the educational needs of the individual and meeting the changing training requirements of business and industrial firms as well as other employers in the service area.

Reflecting its commitment to student learning outcomes, the college strives to inspire its students to increase their knowledge, develop occupational and technical proficiencies, respond to lifelong learning opportunities, and increase their awareness as responsible citizens in a democratic society.

RCCC Mission

RCCC improves lives and builds community through public higher education and workforce development.

Vision Statement

Building sustainable futures through the power of learning.


We are committed to our college and our community through our values:

  • Trust, integrity, inclusiveness, and mutual respect;
  • Excellence and innovation for 21st Century education and workforce training;
  • Exemplary service-delivery experience;
  • Continuous improvement through lifelong learning and achievement;
  • Responsibility, sustainability, and accountability; and
  • Relationships, teamwork, and global citizenship.

Goal 1

Prepare students for 21st Century careers and opportunities that stimulate sustainable economic and workforce development.


  • Enhance current and develop new education and training programs to prepare students for existing and emerging careers.
  • Provide accessibility and support to meet student needs.
  • Increase completion rates by providing learning options that lead to certifications, diplomas, and degrees by participating in the American Association of Community Colleges’ (AACC) National Completion Agenda.
  • Accelerate degree completion by leveraging options (CLEP, SOC, ACE, CAEL, portfolio, work experience, internal articulation, etc.).
  • Lead local and regional Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) initiatives.

Goal 2

Produce exceptional learning that demonstrates academic excellence and student success.


  • Promote student success by implementing additional effective teaching methods.
  • Enhance superior learning outcomes by acquiring updated teaching and assessment skills through professional development.
  • Complete the current Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) by September 2011 and establish a new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).
  • Continue to implement and refine program review and annual assessment processes.

Goal 3

Provide excellent service delivery for current and prospective students to advance achievement.


  • Create an exemplary experience by developing and implementing streamlined student service processes including access, recruitment, assessment, advising, admission, financial aid, matriculation, degree completion, transfer, and transition to careers.
  • Provide multiple service delivery options to engage students in education, training, and career pathways.
  • Engage students to actively participate in planning their educational experience.
  • Evaluate feedback and outcomes to refine delivery and enhance the student experience.

Goal 4

Acquire, develop, and manage human, fiscal, and infrastructure resources essential to the development and delivery of high-quality education and service.


  • Plan and optimize resources in a fiscally responsible manner to reinforce public trust.
  • Collaborate with public and private sector leaders to secure needed levels of funding.
  • Provide facilities that are safe, welcoming, sustainable, flexible, and adequately appointed to support the College’s mission.
  • Become the employer of choice.
  • Build an inclusive, performance-based culture aligned with core values.

Goal 5

Serve as a catalyst for advancing the community.


    • Build, cultivate, and maintain excellent relationships with leaders and innovators to increase support and influence practices and regulations affecting community colleges.
    • Create and communicate the College’s brand and value through development and execution of a comprehensive marketing plan.
    • Generate engagement and feedback from employers for existing and new programs.
    • Collaborate with regional economic development partners to promote job growth and entrepreneurial opportunities.

RCCC’s Strategic Plan (PDF)