Division of Capital Improvement, Planning & Environmental Operations News and Updates

Construction Update: Week of March 24 – March 28

North Campus











The Capital Improvement, Planning and Environmental Operations Division has relocated to Building 200 Suite 240.

Building 300 has been cleared of furnishings in preparation of renovation.

South Campus

Information Technology, Academic Programs, and Faculty members have relocated to Building 2000 Suites 2319 and 2322.  Student Services and the Navigation Station will relocate in late April from the Building 1000 2nd floor to the 1st floor.  This will clear the 2nd floor for construction of the new Navigation Station and Student Services areas.

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Construction Update: Week of February 10 – February 14

North Campus

Student Services has relocated to Suite 130 and Institutional Effectiveness & Academic Programs have relocated to Suites 130 & 113. Additionally, Building 300 is now vacant in preparation for renovations this spring and is now unavailable for room reservations in R25.

Fire & Emergency Services Training Facility

The rail cars arrived and been installed at the Fire & Emergency Services Training Facility.

South Campus

The 1st floor of building 1000 will be vacated in April. Additionally, the Academic Programs Office, Faculty and ITS will be moved from 1st floor of Building 1000 to Building 2000. Student services and the Navigation Station will move from 2nd floor of Building 1000 to 1st floor  of Building 1000.

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Construction Update: Week of January 6- January 10

Building 100 Renovation- Suite 101

North Campus Suite 101 is now occupied by the Academic Programs Office.

Building 100 Renovation- Suite 130

The Vice-President of Enrollment Management and the Student Experience and Student Life will be moving to Suite 130 in Mid-January.

Building 100 Renovation- Testing Center










Renovations are  complete in Testing Room 104. New carpet and lights have been installed in the area.

Fire and Emergency Services Training Grounds










The Fire and Emergency Services Training Grounds project is complete! The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for this project was held on December 16, 2013.

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Construction Update: Week of November 18- November 22

Building 200 Renovation- Human Resources and Finance & Business Services

Need to locate Human Resources or Finance and Business Services?  Visit them in Building 200! Construction is complete on the Building 200 renovation and the departments are now occupying their new spaces. Check out some photos of their new space!

Building 100 Renovation-  Suites 101 & 130

Academic Programs, Educational Resources Services, and Institutional Effectiveness are currently in the process of moving to Building 100. These areas are anticipated to be  moved by Friday, November 22.

CBTC Renovation

Construction at CBTC is substantially complete. Relocation of existing Small Business Office and Navigation Station personnel will occur over the next few weeks. Electrical, Electronics, and Construction Management programs are anticipated to move starting December 16th.  Classes in all three programs are slated to begin at CBTC in Spring 2014.


Fire & Emergency Services Training Facility

Exterior walls and interior partitions are currently being constructed on the new Fire & Emergency Services Training Facility. At completion, the building will serve as a training facility where local emergency personnel can train in real-life scenarios.

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Construction Update: Week of October 28- November 1

Building 200 Renovation- Human Resources and Finance & Business Services

This week, furniture installation in Building 200 is in progress and construction is nearing completion. Move-in for Human Resources and Finance & Business Services is planned to start next Monday, November 4.


Building 100 Renovation-  Suites 101 & 130

Renovations are in progress on Suites 101 & 130. These suites are the future home of the Academic Programs Office, Educational Resource Services, and Institutional Effectiveness. Expected move-in for this suite is November 18, 2013.

CBTC Renovation

Construction at the Cabarrus Business and Technology Center is expected to be complete in early November. Move-in is scheduled to start December 16. A professional moving company will be contracted to move Electrical, Electronics and Construction Management programs to CBTC.

Fire & Emergency Services Facility

Expected completion for the Fire & Emergency Services Training Facility is December 20, 2013. Exterior walls are currently under construction on the burn building!

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Construction Update: Week of October 11-18

djd_0200Building 200 Renovation- Human Resources and Finance & Business Services

Construction is still underway in Building 200. The renovations are on schedule for Human Resources and Finance & Business Services to move-in beginning the week of November 4.

North Campus Early Site Package – Preparation for Building 600 Renovations

The North Campus Early Site Package work is ahead of schedule! The construction crew is laying new water lines and fire hydrants around the campus from the front of Building 400 to the west side of Building 600. The new lines are for fire suppression and service to accommodate the Building 600 renovations and additions. The construction work has impacted the walking path between main campus and Building 400. This means that anyone needing to walk from the center of campus to Building 400 will not be able to use the normal route that is behind Buildings 200 and 500. This shouldn’t be long-term – the construction crew hopes to reopen this path within a week or so, depending upon weather delays.

To accommodate current and future construction projects, parking behind Buildings 200 and 500 is no longer available to any automobiles other than college owned vehicles and Automotive Department red tagged vehicles. Future construction projects warrant permanent closure of all parking behind Buildings 200 and 500.

Our facilities team has taped off the designated areas shown on the map below. For your safety, the contractor has asked that anyone who
needs to enter this construction area please notify Don Gariepy or the facilities team to obtain a hard hat, high visibility vest and safety glasses. These individuals will need to be introduced to the construction site supervisor before entering the construction area.

Building 400

The front of Building 400 was recently re-graded to improve water drainage. Additionally, the area received new topsoil and landscaping.


Fire & Emergency Services Facility

Big changes are occurring at the Fire & Emergency Services Facility on North Campus! The second floor and the beginnings of the
roof structure were added to the burn building this week. The burn building is designed to provide a variety of training opportunities for local fire and emergency services personnel. The project is still anticipated to be complete in mid-December.

Building 100 – Suites 101 and 130

Renovation of Building 100 Suites 101 and 130 began on October 7 with an anticipated completion date in mid-November. This space will be the new home of Institutional Effectiveness, the Academic Programs Office and Educational Resource Services.

We’re excited about the construction taking place on our campuses, however the facilities team understands the inconvenience it can cause and will do anything they can to support campus guests during the construction process.

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Construction Update: Week of September 30-October 4

Construction at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College is well underway!

Building 200 Renovation- Human Resources and Finance & Business Services

The building 200 renovation project is still currently on schedule. Human Resources and Finance & Business Services are gearing up for their big move! Currently, the departments are anticipated to move beginning Monday, November 4.


General construction is still occurring on CBTC renovation. The main hallway has been reopened for egress. The Facilities Department is currently working with business office to solicit bids for a moving company to manage the relocation of Electronics, Electrical Programs and Construction Management.  Construction is expected to be complete and these programs are anticipated move over the winter break.

North Campus Early Site Package

In preparation for upcoming Building 600 Renovations, the North Campus Early Site Package is currently underway. Photos show that the waterline has turned 90 degrees and workers are preparing for the line to cross the creek. This construction may impact drivers close to Building 600 throughout the duration of the project. The areas under construction will be surrounded by low mesh fences and warning tape as shown below. Please do not cross these barriers.

All trees slated for removal will be taken out at this stage of the project. At project completion, new landscaping and trees will be planted.

Fire & Emergency Services Facility

The Fire & Emergency Services Facility on the North Campus is well underway! Construction of the burn building is currently occurring. The fire training grounds are expected to be complete in December 2013.

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Construction continues on the North Campus

The waterline project for the Building 600 addition starts this week! How will this impact Rowan-Cabarrus students, faculty and staff?

  • A new fire main will cross the hillside running down to the creek behind buildings 200, 500, and 600.
    • Installing this line will require trenching with large equipment and the placing of long lengths of pipe.
    • The areas under construction will be surrounded by low mesh fences and warning tape.
    • For your safety, please do not cross these barriers.
  • The Contractor mobilized onsite last week and heavy excavating equipment will be arriving this week!
    • Keep your eyes out for construction equipment in the gravel area near building 600 and near the entrance drive to Building 400.
    • This construction may impact drives close to building 600 throughout the duration of the project.
  • Later this Fall, the sidewalk connecting Building 400 to Building 500 will be out of commission for a short period sometime when the fire main crosses it.
    • A detour route will be posted prior to that work occurring.

Please stay tuned for more information about these exciting new projects!

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Coming Soon…

A new facilities webpage is under currently construction!

Please check back soon for more updates on facilities projects, renderings and construction timelines.

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RCCC Dedicates New LEED, Public Service Building at North Campus

by Jeff Lowrance

SALISBURY, N.C. — Severing a red rope, the strong kind used by used by firefighters, with a “jaws-of-life” cutter, public safety officials, college leaders, and county commissioners officially opened Rowan-Cabarrus Community College’s first 21st-century LEED classroom building Monday afternoon.

The red rope and jaws-of-life took the place of a ribbon and scissors as RCCC dedicated Building 400, the first new facility built on the college’s North Campus in more than 30 years. With fire trucks and emergency vehicles on display and an honor guard of law enforcement, EMT and fire safety personnel, RCCC used the dedication event to focus on the programs housed in the new building and the college’s commitment to the environment.

“Building 400 will be the home of programs critically important to the community,” said Ray Paradowski, chair of the RCCC Board of Trustees. “For the first time in RCCC’s history, the college has a facility dedicated to public service training, workforce development and continuing and corporate education programs. The building is a 39,000-square-foot investment in public service, jobs training and the community.”

Programs based in the new Building 400 include law enforcement; fire, rescue, and emergency medical services; entry-level healthcare; and pre-college studies – often a first-stop for displaced workers returning to school.

Building 400 offers a number of specialized classrooms and other learning spaces, including classrooms for nurse aide and phlebotomy training, a state-of-the-art aerobics and weight training room for public safety training that includes physical fitness, and a mock jail cell for detention officer training.

The building also offers computer labs and equipment needed to teach software used in today’s business world. Space for WorkKeys and career readiness certification is available so students can assess and develop critical work skills for job placement, retention, and promotion.

The Pre-College Studies spaces are designed for multiple learning and teaching strategies to meet the varied learning styles of adult students. These classrooms include technology to transition students to college programs and the workplace.

All learning and work spaces have comfortable and functional furnishings, recognizing that students and staff work in these spaces for extended periods of time. Larger computer monitors minimize eye strain.

“This building represents well the community colleges’ role as the state’s economic emergency room,” explained RCCC President Carol Spalding. “Working with displaced workers through continuing education demonstrates the college’s support of public service occupations, our police, our firefighters, our EMTs, our certified nursing assistants and others that sustain our communities.
“This beautiful building also symbolizes the beginning of the college’s new commitment to 21st century jobs, including the new green jobs for which we will develop programs at this college,” Spalding said.

Building 400 also is RCCC’s first LEED facility. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. LEED is a national rating system, established by the U.S. Green Building Council in 2001, to measure the sustainability of buildings and building sites based on a point system with 69 possible credits. The building’s LEED features include:

  • Innovative storm water management;
  • Bicycle racks and preferred parking spaces for fuel-efficient vehicles;
  • 80-percent water use reduction for irrigation;
  • 42-percent water use reduction inside the building;
  • 19-percent energy use reduction;
  • 75 percent of all construction waste was recycled;
  • 25 percent of building materials were recycled products;
  • 37 percent of building materials were purchased regionally, all bricks used were made in Rowan County;
  • Wood products certified by Forest Stewardship Council;
  • Use of low VOC interior finishes – paints, adhesives, sealants and carpet;
  • Zero use of ozone-depleting CFC refrigerants;
  • Carpeting made from recycled materials;
  • HVAC system circulates fresh air to reduce carbon dioxide levels indoors;
  • Abundant natural lighting reduces the need for electric lighting during daytime hours; and
  • Exterior fixtures and materials reduce light pollution and heat-island effect.

“Building 400 sets the new standard for the college’s energy use, our commitment to sustainability and the quality of the classroom environment we aspire to for all our students and programs,” Spalding said.

The total cost to construct Building 400 was $8,866,494. The State of North Carolina, though a 2000 bond referendum for university and college facilities, provided $5,207,129, with Rowan County giving $3,659,365 in matching funds.

“In North Carolina, it’s the responsibility of the local county commissions to fund the construction and maintenance of county college facilities,” explained Paradowski. “The state funding from the bond referendum was unique and greatly appreciated. We also thank Rowan County for its support.”

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