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SECU Foundation “People Helping People” Scholarship 2015-16

The SECU Foundation established this two-year scholarship program to assist North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) students in achieving success. The members of the State Employees’ Credit Union take an active role in assisting organizations and communities across North Carolina and truly believe in “People Helping People!”

The SECU Foundation Scholarship 2015-16  will be awarded semi-annually in two payments: fall semester, $1250 per student; and spring semester, $1250 per student for a maximum of four (4) consecutive semesters. The committee will recognize the individual most deserving of an opportunity to attend college.  The committee will consider students who best exemplify the membership philosophy of credit unions, “People Helping People”, and who have demonstrated leadership, excellence of character, integrity, and community involvement.  The recipient will be selected without regard to race, sex, color, creed, religious preference, age, national origin or disability.

Application Deadline: Friday, July 17, 2015

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Stretch your student dollar…Sign up for SALT!

What is  SALT™ ?

SALT is a free educational program that provides ways for every student who wants a college degree to get it in a financially responsible way. SALT’s neutral advice, practical information, and interactive lessons help students gain money knowledge for college and beyond, keeping them on the path to success. For more information and to register for SALT™ visit their website.


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Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I went to a four-year school and I got my refund much earlier…

A: University processing differs significantly from Community College processing. One example is that we allow you to charge your books against your financial aid and the University will not allow that. Processing refunds early in the semester can create a substantial balance for students.

 Q: You’re holding our money!

A:  We don’t actually have your money in our possession. Once we receive your funds, we are required to give them to you within three days. Typically we have your refunds out within 24 hrs. of actually receiving funds.

Q: My refund is less! Why?!

A: If you have a minimester course beginning later in the semester, you will not be eligible for those funds until the class begins and we can verify your enrollment. Also, if you are not taking 12 hours or more, your grants will be reduced. If you have further questions please contact the FA office.

Q: I got an email about my loan, why haven’t I gotten my money?

A: That email is from the Department of Education and is stating that your loan has originated, not disbursed. The email is to inform you that you are eligible for the loan and gives you the opportunity to decline the loan if you aren’t interested.

Q: Y’all don’t answer the phone! What’s up?

A: Our phone volume is significantly higher during peak season, as well as our walk-in traffic. Students who come in to see us are our first priority and will take precedence over phone calls. During peak season it may be easier to email us at fin.aid@rccc.edu, which is checked daily. We do our very best to answer your call and respond to your voicemails as soon as possible.

Q: My WebAdvisor account is zeroed out.

A: That typically means that a refund has been created and will post to your account within 14 days, per regulations.  Most of the time, you will see your refund much sooner.

Q: When will I get my refund?

A:  You can expect your refund no later than the last day of the second month of the semester (or usually six weeks after the first day of class).  However, we make every attempt to issue refunds sooner.

Q: I was at another community college near us and got my refund earlier.

A:  Smaller institutions with a lower number of refunds can typically issue refunds earlier.  Although we are larger than many of our neighboring community colleges, we are still able to issue refunds earlier than most.  We have found that many community colleges issue refunds 6-8 weeks after the beginning of the semester as compared to our 6 week processing time.

Q: Last year I got my refund earlier than you said we would. Will I still get it earlier than the date you’ve stated this semester?

A:  The date that is typically given is the latest date that you will receive your refund.  We make every attempt to process refunds earlier than expected.

Q.  Refunds were disbursed and other students have their refunds but I don’t have mine. Why is that?

A.  One reason maybe that your address is incorrect in WebAdvisor or you haven’t activated your Higher One card. Please make sure your address is correct in WebAdvisor, as this is where your HigherOne card will bet sent. Also make sure that you activate your card as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Financial Aid Facts

Financial Aid Facts

•   12 credit hours = full time, 9-11 credit hours = ¾ time, 6-8 credit hours = ½, 1-5 credit hours = less than ½. Your financial aid will be awarded based on these hours. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours to receive student loans.

•   In-state tuition= $72.00 per credit hour and out-of state tuition= $264.00 per credit hour. Students are responsible for any remaining tuition balance. Tuition is subject to change.

•   A 100 percent refund shall be made if the student drops the class prior to the first day of the semester. A 75 percent refund shall be made if the student drops the class on or after the first day of the semester and prior to or on the official 10 percent point of the semester as published in the academic calendar. Refunds will not be made after this date.  Students are encouraged to verify awards prior to registration to avoid financial penalties.

•   Federal financial aid recipients who withdraw from class, stop attending, drop out, or are dismissed/suspended from class prior to completing 60 percent (35 percent for state grants) of the semester will owe a repayment to Rowan-Cabarrus Community College.

•   Financial aid will be limited to 30 developmental (courses numbered less than 100- ex. MAT 050) hours.

•   Students must be enrolled in an associate degree or diploma program.

•   Pell Grant is limited to a lifetime limit of up to six full-time years (600 percent) which is equal to 12 full-time semesters. To check your eligibility, you can log on to http://www.nslds.ed.gov/nslds SA/ and use your Federal Student Aid Pin to view your LEU (Lifetime Eligibility Used).

•   Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in addition to completing 67 percent of their coursework each semester.

•   Students must complete their degree within 150 percent of the published length of their degree. For instance, if the published length of an academic program is 60 credit hours, the maximum eligibility time frame cannot exceed 90 credit hours (60 x 150 percent= 90).

•   Initial refunds are disbursed approximately six weeks after classes begin on My RCCC Card via Higher One. For more information visit http://www.rccc.edu/onestop/930/higher-one/.

•   Minimester classes will not be paid by financial aid until AFTER the class has begun and attendance is verified.

•   The Financial Aid office encourages you to read all policies carefully, for more information please visit http://www.rccc.edu/financialaid/.

•   Visit https://fafsa.ed.gov/ for information on submitting a free application for federal student aid.


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Loan Refunds Deadlines

Deadline dates for future Loan application submission:

Summer Semester:  June 1, 2015


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Lifetime Eligibility for Federal Pell Grant

Lifetime Eligibility for Federal Pell Grant

New regulations (Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2012) effective July 1, 2012 limits the receipt of a Pell Grant to a lifetime limit of up to 6 full-time years (600%) which is  equal to 12 full‐time semesters. This law has significantly impacted the Pell Grant Program. This change affects all  students regardless of when or where they received their first Pell Grant. The U.S. Department of Education will track the limits for student’s eligibility.

The 600% total eligibility applies at all schools and colleges. However, once a student has earned a Bachelors Degree, he/she is no longer eligible for
a Pell Grant even if he/she has not received the entire 600% eligibility. In addition, a student must also meet and maintain satisfactory academic
progress standards to remain eligible each year.

If a student has exceeded the 12‐semester/600% maximum, he/she will be ineligible for any  additional Pell Grant and other federal and state funds.
There is NO grandfather clause nor an appeal process for LEU based on Federal Regulations. This regulation is in effect even if student has had an appeal approved for failure to meet satisfactory academic progress in past semesters, it supersedes any prior offer of aid/award, and there is NO appeal or exception.

Who does this affect?– Everyone!

  •  How can I see my Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU) percentage? You can log on to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) at  http://www.nslds.ed.gov/nslds_SA/ and use your Federal Student Aid PIN and view your LEU.
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