Employability Lab

Employability Lab Services

This open lab, designed with the job-seeker in mind, helps you assess your own goals and develop a career or educational plan.  Activities include Career Readiness Certification preparation, keyboarding practice, help with job search and interviewing skills, resume and cover letter assistance, career exploration, preregistration for HRD courses and workshops, help in job application submission, and assistance with navigating the RCCC web site. 

No appointment is needed and walk-ins are welcome.

  • Prepare for WorkKeys tests
  • Improve your resume
  • Complete job applications
  • Prepare for job interviews
  • Improve your typing skill level & speed

Visiting the Employability Labs

No appointment is necessary to visit any of the employability labs. Your first visit is free. Scholarships may be available to cover tuition and testing fees.

Your first visit is free.

Locations and Hours:

  • Cloverleaf Extension Center – Room 7203

  • Goodwill Career Connections

  • R3 Center

For More Information, Contact:

Carol Allen
Director in Workforce Assessments[+]
  • Job and Skills Training
  • Corporate and Continuing Education
Molly Cline
Director in Human Resources Development[+]
  • Job and Skills Training
  • Corporate and Continuing Education
Director in Occupational Extension[+]
  • Jobs and Skills Training
  • Corporate and Continuing Education
Cindy Martens
Administrative Support in R3 Center[+]
  • Rapid Response
  • Corporate and Continuing Education
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