Client Services

About Us

Client Services is located in Room 105 of Building 300 at North Campus, Room 1101 of Building 1000 at South Campus and Room 9130 at CBTC. It is responsible for desktop support for all of the computers across RCCC’s five campus locations. Although it does not maintain students’ personal laptops, it assists them with login and password issues. The team is available to assist faculty with the operation of classroom technology, and it also aids staff with desktop, printer, hardware, and software issues.

Our Team

Steven Saine, Director

Eddie Ables

Masomakali Baruti

Josh Beck

Steven Brooks

Tyler Brooks

James Hough

Debbie Lineberry

Stephen Lynch

James Rumple

Thomas Sinclair

Wayne Stowell

Help Desk

The RCCC Information Help Desk is housed within Client Services. It is responsible for assisting students, faculty and staff with password reset and log in problems among other concerns. Everyone is encouraged to contact the Help Desk at extension 7200 or helpdesk@rccc.edu for assistance. If you have an idea of who will be able to handle your dilemma, you can always schedule an appointment with that team member via email. All of our team members pride themselves on quickly responding to queries or directing the questioner to someone else more suitable to help with the issue at hand. Students are free to drop-in during normal business hours but are reminded that Web Advisor concerns should be brought to the attention of Student Services, while Blackboard difficulties should be reported to Instructional Technologies.

Special Projects

Client services is pleased to announce that a great deal of progress is being toward completing its current projects. The team’s efforts have led to the presence of over 1,000 new Hewlett Packard computers on all five campuses. Roughly half of these computers will be available for classroom use. Moreover, they are working hard to provide every full-time faculty member with his or her own new laptop.