Networking Infrastructure Systems

About Us

Networking Infrastructure Systems is located in Room 128 of Building 300 at North Campus. It is responsible for maintaining networking and server equipment, monitoring network security, overseeing internet and email access and security, and guaranteeing intra-campus connectivity for faculty, students and staff. On a daily basis, members of its team will most likely be found working on projects to improve the network as well as troubleshooting various issues as they arise.

Our Team

Scott Cozart, Director

Nicole Boyer

Tyler Brooks

Tommy Craig

Joe Sulkowski

Lacy Turner

Special Projects

Networking Infrastructure Systems is pleased to announce that a great deal of progress is being made toward completing its current projects. The team has been hard at work making sure that wireless access is a campus-wide reality. Moreover, the team has focused lately on heightening network security to prevent hacking from outside forces as well as formulating a Disaster Recovery Plan for the network.