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How does it work?

There are two types of print queues available with ECOprint, held and direct. A held queue uses a feature called Secure Release where a direct queue will bypass the Secure Release feature and immediately produce a print out. Print jobs submitted to a secure queue are held, up to 12 hours, until their owners release them from the print [...]

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How long will my print job stay in a secure queue?

Print jobs will remain in a secure ECOprint queue for 12 hours.

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How many ECOprint credits are needed to print or copy?

The credits required vary based on the type of printing and copying you wish to complete. Black & White, Simplex (Single-Sided) = .10 credits Black & White, Duplex (Double-Sided) = .12 credits Color, Simplex (Single-Sided) = .26 credits Color, Duplex (Double-Sided) = .28 credits All of the Rowan-Cabarrus classroom and public area printers are loaded with standard size [...]

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How many pages do I get from my credits?

7+ credit hours: 30 credits Black & White, Simplex (Single-Sided) = 300 pages Black & White, Duplex (Double-Sided) = 250 pages Color, Simplex (Single-Sided) = 115 pages Color, Duplex (Double-Sided) = 107 pages  1-6 credit hours: 15 credits Black & White, Simplex (Single-Sided) = 150 pages Black & White, Duplex (Double-Sided) = 125 pages Color, Simplex (Single-Sided) = [...]

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