College’s Award-Winning Online Programs and Courses Grow


SALISBURY, N.C. — Rowan-Cabarrus Community College’s Board of Trustees learned about the college’s growing online programs in a presentation by an award-winning instructor at the college’s March board meeting.

Over the last four years, Rowan-Cabarrus has enhanced its online education, recently winning an award from Blackboard, a developer of Internet-based education software used by over 9,300 institutions in more than 60 countries.

“Our growing online programs and courses are high quality. We’ve worked hard to step up our game in the distance education space,” said Dr. Carol S. Spalding, president of Rowan-Cabarrus.
“Our network of online courses allows students to participate in learning outside of the traditional classroom. Our goal is to provide students greater flexibility in scheduling classes while providing Rowan-Cabarrus faculty with new and innovative approaches to teaching.”

Karen Lynden was named a winner of a Blackboard Catalyst Award for Exemplary Course Program, which honors members of the community who design and develop exciting and innovative courses that represent the very best in technology and learning.

Rowan-Cabarrus offers several methods of distance education, providing students a wide range of choices and new approaches to learning. Currently, Rowan-Cabarrus offers more than 75 internet-based courses and over 27 telecourses within a variety of academic departments including: Arts and Sciences, Business Technologies, General Education Programs, General Occupational Technology, Health & Public Services Technologies, and Industrial & Engineering Technologies.

“Having my course selected as an Exemplary Course is a true honor. Having my work evaluated by colleagues from around the world and the Exemplary Course Program director team has been an outstanding experience,” said Karen Lynden, business administration instructor at Rowan-Cabarrus. “The feedback helps me continuously develop my online teaching strategies.”

“The Blackboard Catalyst Award winners truly represent the best in innovative thinking and best practices in education,” said Ray Henderson, president of Blackboard Learn. “Their work sets a great example for the millions of educators and students using our teaching and learning solutions every day as part of the global community of practice. We’re pleased to recognize their contributions and celebrate their accomplishments.”

“Rowan-Cabarrus Community College is committed to excellence for our teachers and our students. We believe in making education accessible to everyone and our online programs are a big part of that initiative,” said Dr. Carol S. Spalding, president of the college. “We are extremely proud of Karen and her fabulous work as an instructor both online and in the classroom.”

All Rowan-Cabarrus courses utilize Blackboard and the college is moving towards more hybrid courses to give students interactive and convenient learning opportunities.

For more information about Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, please visit www.rccc.edu.

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