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Rowan-Cabarrus Community College’s Computer-Intergrated Machining Technology Program Earns National Accreditation

After rigorous examination, the National Institute for Metalworking Skills has accredited the College’s Computer-Integrated Machining Technology program through 2020

SALISBURY, N.C. — Rowan-Cabarrus Community College is pleased to announce its Computer-Integrated Machining Technology program has been accredited by the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) through 2020.

NIMS Accreditation is the highest benchmark for metalworking training programs in the United States, based on national, industry-driven and industry-written skills standards.

“I am consistently impressed with the work coming out of our technical programs like the Computer-Integrated Machining Technology program,” said Dr. Carol S. Spalding, president of Rowan-Cabarrus. “We are very proud of the steps the College has taken to further validate the degrees that we offer. It helps ensure that our students stand apart in a competitive workforce upon graduation.”

The on-site evaluation occurred in the summer of 2015 and was conducted by a highly diverse and qualified NIMS evaluation team.

“We are thrilled to set this new standard in the Computer-Integrated Machining Technology program history at Rowan-Cabarrus,” said Colin Robinson, chair of the Computer-Integrated Machining Technology program at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. “By becoming accredited, the staff and faculty here at Rowan-Cabarrus have met NIMS quality requirements, which included a self-evaluation, earning of NIMS national skills credentials by faculty and by students, and an intensive two-day on-site evaluation.”

The NIMS team was highly impressed after the comprehensive facility inspection, observation of students’ safety habits and a series of in-depth interviews with faculty, administrators and local employers. Ultimately the team issued Rowan-Cabarrus Community College’s program above-average ratings in the evaluation areas of:

  • Program faculty
  • Program features
  • Equipment, tooling, & measuring devices
  • Facilities
  • Program administration

This accreditation is based on NIMS National Skill Standards for Machining Level I with a focus on four machining credentials. Those skill credentials include:

  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling setup, programming & operations
  • CNC turning setup, programming & operations
  • Job Planning, benchwork & layout
  • Measurement, materials & safety

The accreditation not only has significant meaning to the College, but to program graduates as they seek employment.

“We are seeing employers increasingly look for the NIMS accreditation. It demonstrates to employers that students have been instructed to the highest of industry standards,” said Dr. Van Madray, dean of engineering & business technologies for the College.

The Computer-Integrated Machining Technology curriculum at Rowan-Cabarrus prepares students with the analytical, creative and innovative skills necessary to take a production idea from an initial concept through design, development and production, resulting in a finished product.

In the last few years, the College made significant updates to its Computer-Integrated Machining Technology program. These upgrades are largely due to the $491,000 grant from the Golden LEAF Foundation to train individuals in advanced machining.

“The investment from the Golden LEAF Mid-Skills Workforce Training Initiative will have a long-term impact on students’ educational and workplace success in the advanced machining field,” said Dr. Michael Quillen, vice president of academic programs at the College. “You can’t just talk about these skills – students need to actually perform them in a simulated environment.”

“Everything the students learn is hands-on. Precision is vitally important,” continued Quillen. “We are training our students on multiple projects to increase their marketability. Our students and graduates have a good reputation in local industry. Companies come here to recruit and conduct interviews.”

All courses in the program will be transferable if a student chooses to continue and obtain an associate degree. Rowan-Cabarrus has established an articulation agreement with East Carolina University (on-campus or online) to transfer the associate degree into a bachelor of science in Industrial Engineering Technology.

For more information about the program, please contact Colin Robinson, program chair (colin.robinson@rccc.edu). For additional information about Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, please visit www.rccc.edu/apply2016 or call 704-216-RCCC (7222). The College is currently accepting applications for classes beginning in January of 2016.

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Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Student Selected as a 2015 Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholar

Scholarship will help Phi Theta Kappa member Roa Saleh defray educational expenses while enrolled at Rowan-Cabarrus

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. — Roa Saleh, a student at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, has been selected to receive a $1,000 scholarship from Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society as a 2015 Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholar.

The prestigious Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholarship Program provides new Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) members with financial resources to help defray educational expenses while enrolled in associate degree programs.

“We couldn’t be more proud of Roa. She has been a leader at Rowan-Cabarrus since she first arrived on campus last year. This prestigious scholarship is well-deserved,” said Dr. Carol S. Spalding. “We are honored to have her as a student leader.”

Saleh and other scholarship recipients faced tough competition as independent judges evaluated the applications based on scholastic achievement, community services and leadership potential.

“Phi Theta Kappa is the largest honor society in American higher education,” said Ginger Fox, an English instructor at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, who serves as one of the College’s Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) co-advisors.

Phi Theta Kappa recognizes and encourages the academic achievement of two-year college students and provides opportunities for individual growth and development through honors, leadership, and service programming.

“Roa was one of only 207 PTK members to have been awarded a scholarship out of more than 1,100 applications worldwide. This can be attributed to not only her academic successes but her leadership around campus as a student ambassador,” said Carolyn Brown, co-advisor for PTK, Rowan County Early College liaison and instructor for the College.

The Rowan-Cabarrus Student Ambassador Program, started in 2010 and sponsored by the Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Foundation, is a group of outstanding students who are selected to represent the College in multiple capacities.

As a student ambassador during the 2014-15 academic year, Saleh reached out to prospective students, conducted campus tours, participated in and helped promote various college events and assisted with the successful transition of new students to the campus.

Student Ambassadors are dedicated to student success, diversity and strengthening student connections. Ambassadors enjoy working with people, are committed to creating change in their respective communities, and are excited about sharing their experiences at Rowan-Cabarrus with others.

Saleh and other Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholar scholarship recipients prove to be successful early on in their educational journeys and continue to show hard-work and dedication through completion.

“Research shows that Phi Theta Kappa members are four times more likely to complete a college degree than their peers. The Leaders of Promise Scholarships recognize students for what they have achieved already and assure that financial need isn’t an obstacle to achieving their academic goals,” said Dr. Nancy Rieves, CEO of the Phi Theta Kappa Foundation.

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation provides $200,000 in funding for the scholarships, with $25,000 set aside for members who are veterans or active members of the U.S. military. The remaining amount is supported by donations to the Phi Theta Kappa Foundation and provides Leaders of Promise Global Scholarships, earmarked for international students.

“The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation has a long history of providing financial assistance to outstanding students at community colleges,” said J. Mark Davis, President of the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation. “We are proud to partner with Phi Theta Kappa and make it possible for more deserving students to achieve their educational goals. Phi Theta Kappa members are proven scholars, engaged students who want to use their abilities to make a difference. In designating $200,000 for Leaders of Promise, the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation is supporting tomorrow’s leaders of the global community.”

For more information about Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, please visit www.rccc.edu/apply2016 or call 704-216-RCCC (7222). The College is currently accepting applications and registering for classes beginning in January.

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Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Announces New Fine Arts Articulation Agreement with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

The College’s Associate in Fine Arts degree will now transfer seamlessly into four Bachelor of Fine Arts tracks at UNC Charlotte

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. — Rowan-Cabarrus Community College is pleased to announce a brand new agreement with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to make transferring between the colleges much easier.

When the 2014 Comprehensive Articulation Agreement was signed by the 16 North Carolina state colleges and universities and the 58 North Carolina community colleges, the Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) degree program was not included.

Under Dr. Spalding’s leadership, the College began working with the UNC Charlotte to ensure that Rowan-Cabarrus AFA students would be able to transfer with ease along with their peers. Thanks to a strategic use of the College’s advisory board structure, the AFA program already had strong relationships with the faculty and advisors in the UNC Charlotte Department of Art & Art History.

“This is Rowan-Cabarrus Community College’s first articulation agreement with UNC Charlotte, besides the comprehensive agreement between all NC community colleges and the sixteen state universities,” said Dr. Carol S. Spalding, president of Rowan-Cabarrus. “Articulation agreements are complex and require a lot of work on both sides. I applaud our faculty for their leadership in making our AFA students a priority and ensuring their ability to transfer.”

In order to develop a formal bilateral articulation agreement, Rowan-Cabarrus worked with UNC Charlotte to review every single relevant syllabus, student learning outcomes and a full review of how Rowan-Cabarrus teaches each course.

“It is with great enthusiasm that we partner with UNC Charlotte in this way. Together, we are paving the way to help more potential fine arts students meet their educational goals by easily being able to move to the baccalaureate level,” said Jenn Selby, program chair for the College’s Department of Fine & Applied Arts.

Ultimately the hard work paid off and Rowan-Cabarrus was able to partner with UNC Charlotte to offer a formal bilateral articulation agreement for AFA graduates to enter four BFA-tract concentrations in the Department of Art & Art History. The concentrations include digital media, painting, photography and sculpture.

“We have long been strong partners with Rowan-Cabarrus Community College and this agreement strengthens this important relationship, said UNC Charlotte Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Joan F. Lorden. “Rowan-Cabarrus Community College is responsible for the second largest number of transfers to UNC Charlotte and we look forward to growing this longstanding relationship that provides affordable higher education to the citizens of the Charlotte region.”

An important element of this agreement was the requirement that Rowan-Cabarrus students needed to graduate with their AFA before moving into one of the four BFA-tract concentrations. This was a critical factor in the statewide Comprehensive Articulation Agreement for Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree programs and was important to Rowan-Cabarrus for this articulation agreement.

“Preparing students for transfer has become one of Rowan-Cabarrus Community College’s greatest strengths. It helps us build a better-educated, career-ready workforce for our region,” said Spalding. “We help students get ready to apply and succeed at any college, anywhere. Choosing a destination with a Rowan-Cabarrus articulation agreement paves the way for the smoothest, most cost-effective transition.”

The College is currently working on other similar agreements with other local transfer institutions.

For more information about Rowan-Cabarrus Community College please visit www.rccc.edu/apply2016 or call 704-216-RCCC (7222). The College is currently accepting applications for classes beginning in January of 2016.

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Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense

Sponsored by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, designation establishes the College as cybersecurity academic trailblazer

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. — Rowan-Cabarrus Community College recently became officially designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Two-Year Education (CAE2Y) through academic year 2019, a feat that establishes the College as one of the nation’s academic trailblazers in the area of cybersecurity.

Jointly sponsored by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the CAE2Y program recognizes colleges and universities that have made significant contributions in meeting the national demand for cyber defense education, developing a number of professionals with cyber defense expertise and ultimately contributing to the protection of the national information infrastructure.

“In a nutshell the CAE2Y program is designed to prepare our students to meet the nation’s cybersecurity needs, keep the talent pipeline primed, share expertise and serve as vehicles for growth,” said Zackary Hubbard, program chair for the College’s Computer Technology Integration program. “Our security program was heavily vetted by the NSA and they were particularly happy with our work to secure articulation agreements with four-year institutions such as Champlain and Catawba College.”

Currently, there are only a small number of educational institutions nationwide with this specific designation, and Rowan-Cabarrus is one of only two community colleges in the state of North Carolina.

“This prestigious recognition is not only an honor for Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, it is an honor for the local community as a whole,” said Dr. Carol S. Spalding, president of Rowan-Cabarrus. “We need people receiving training in high-tech, high-paying sectors like cybersecurity, and we need them receiving that training right here in Rowan and Cabarrus counties. I’m proud of Rowan-Cabarrus’ hard work in earning this designation, and I look forward to the dividends it will pay as we work to build and contribute to the economy.”

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College’s ongoing curricula development, to include specializations in cyber security, cybercrime and networking technologies, contributed to the institute earning this accreditation.

Participation in the CAE2Y program at Rowan-Cabarrus is facilitated through the Computer Technology Integration (CTI) Associate in Applied Science degree program.

“Under our CTI umbrella, two specializations are available for the Information Assurance (IA)/ Cyber Defense (CD) area: Cyber Crime & Digital Forensics and Cyber Security. Under each specialization, students also have the availability to earn certificates by completing the required courses in each area,” said Linda Cooper, instructor for the College’s cyber security, digital forensics, and networking courses.

The CAE2Y program will also give Rowan-Cabarrus students eligibility for internship placement assistance from the NSA and DHS, field trips and experiences with the agencies and more.

Upon completion of the program, participants will be prepared for lucrative careers in both local and national industries such as law enforcement and banking.

For more information on the CAE2Y program at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College please visit www.rccc.edu/sbmit/cae2y/.

For more information about Rowan-Cabarrus Community College please visit www.rccc.edu/apply2016 or call 704-216-RCCC (7222). The College is currently accepting applications for classes beginning in January of 2016.

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Women in Manufacturing: It’s Not Just a Man’s Job

Industry-supported training program graduates and employs second graduating class in fastest growing industry in the area; Next sessions to enroll in training program Nov. 18, Dec. 2 and Dec. 8


CONCORD, N.C. — No industry in this area is creating jobs in larger numbers and growing faster than manufacturing. Local manufacturers like Perdue Foods, S&D Coffee and Agility Fuel Systems have partnered with the Rowan and Cabarrus chambers of commerce and economic development leaders and Rowan-Cabarrus Community College to build a training program designed to prepare applicants for jobs in the high-tech and growing field of manufacturing.

The second cohort in this eight-week training program recently graduated, with the majority securing employment almost immediately.

“Manufacturing jobs are among the fastest growing in the nation. In fact, 13.7 percent of private-sector jobs are in manufacturing,” said Robert Van Geons, executive director for RowanWORKS, Economic Development. “These are also well-paying jobs with benefits, with an average annual salary of $68,887.”

The growth and popularity of these clean, high-tech jobs has led to a high demand for qualified, competent employees to fill these careers. And these are not just jobs for men.

“At this point, our classes are about half women and half men. There is absolutely no reason a woman cannot become a Certified Production Technician and find a great job in the manufacturing field – gender is simply not a barrier,” said Donna Ludwig, program coordinator for the Certified Production Technicians classes and a business services account manager for the College.

Everyone who has been admitted into the program has thus far completed the certification, except for one young woman who received an offer she couldn’t refuse to pursue a career in welding.

Selected participants enroll in the program at no personal cost, thanks to support from local manufacturers.

“Our scholarship fund, financed by local employers, ensures that we can offer this training at no cost to the individual. They also plan to hire many of the graduates,” said Craig Lamb, vice president of corporate and continuing education at Rowan-Cabarrus. “Individuals will train 20 hours per week for a total of eight weeks. Upon completion, they will be qualified for 90 percent of manufacturing jobs in our area.”

The training program does not merely scratch the surface – the material provided is detailed and extensive, which is especially helpful since most in the program do not have prior manufacturing experience.

Interestingly, while there has been a great deal of comradery and bonding among each class, the women in each class have bonded in particular.

“When we first started the class, the ladies sat together. It was nice to know we had each other’s support. We were also willing to speak up and ask questions, which I think ultimately put the guys at ease, too,” said Monica Barbee, a program graduate who secured employment before graduation.

Other female participants shared similar sentiments regarding the automatic bond they shared.

“I did feel like I had to prove myself a bit more,” said Charlotte Alexander, now employed with Agility Fuel Systems. “But we bonded together and have supported each other throughout the process.”

The program’s success speaks for itself. The vast majority of graduates’ secured employment prior to graduation, or within a few short weeks of graduating.

“I was concerned that not having prior manufacturing experience was going to hurt me when it came time to finding employment, but I was pleased to learn that employers weren’t dissuaded by lack of previous manufacturing experience,” said Alexander. “On every field trip we asked employers about that, and they weren’t concerned – they knew that this program would prepare us.”

The second class of graduates includes:

  • Antonio Beatty
  • Sherry Gobble
  • Patrick Goodnight
  • Samantha McManus
  • Deshon Mills
  • Monique Sharpless
  • Lisa Solomon
  • Phil Thomas

The next eight-week training program begins in January. Those interested must attend an orientation or Discovery Session:

  • Wednesday, Nov. 18 at 5:30 p.m., Rowan-Cabarrus NC Research Campus building, Kannapolis, Room 115;
  • Wednesday, Dec. 2 at 10 a.m., Cabarrus Business and Technology Center, 660 Concord Parkway North, Concord;
  • Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 10 a.m., Rowan-Cabarrus NC Research Campus building, Kannapolis, Room 115.

Get details, including how to register for the session at www.ncmanufacturinginstitute.com. Dates, times, and locations of the Discovery Sessions are subject to change.

This coveted certification is validation to manufacturers that this individual has the skills and problem-solving abilities to be successful. The employers will still provide training on the actual equipment they use and will acclimate the new employee to the company’s culture, but the screening process has already been taken care of through the North Carolina Manufacturing Institute.

The Certified Production Technician program is part of a larger effort called the North Carolina Manufacturing Institute, which aims to build a clear and achievable pathway for people to acquire skills in order to access good manufacturing jobs in the local community, as it is specifically designed to link and leverage the existing assets of Rowan and Cabarrus counties to solve a growing gap between regional job seekers and available positions.

Partner organizations in the North Carolina Manufacturing Institute had first “dibs” on the graduates and met them at a personalized interview fair. In preparation for that, graduates had mock interviews with Rowan-Cabarrus interviewers.

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Enroll Now For Spring 2016 Classes at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College

Registration remains open until January 3, 2016; Classes begin January 11, 2016


SALISBURY, N.C. — Rowan-Cabarrus Community College is now registering students for spring classes.

“We are so excited to bring a new face to the College. From I-85, you are beginning to see a welcoming ‘front door’ to Rowan-Cabarrus Community College and our community,” said Dr. Carol S. Spalding, president of Rowan-Cabarrus.

Spring class registration is currently available and will remain open until January 6 and classes begin January 11. New students interested in taking classes during the spring 2016 semester are encouraged to apply now with new applications for classes accepted through January 3.

“It is the mission of Rowan-Cabarrus Community College to provide our students with the resources to reach their goals and move forward with their careers,” said Spalding.

Rowan-Cabarrus encourages prospective students to begin the application process today, before the College’s annual winter break at the end of 2015.

Rowan-Cabarrus is an affordable option with credits costing only $76 per credit hour – meaning that a semester’s worth of tuition would cost a little over $1,000. Enrolling at Rowan-Cabarrus has never been easier; students may apply online at www.rccc.edu/apply2016.

“This is a great time to get started at Rowan-Cabarrus!” said Tereysha Robles, 2015-2016 Student Government Association president. “With the variety of course offerings this spring, Rowan-Cabarrus has something for everyone and I encourage you to check it out.”

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College offers day, evening, weekend and online classes that provide a strong foundation and transferable credits for students advancing to four-year schools and helps adults get the additional training they need to start, change or advance careers. From the 18 year-old high school graduate looking for an economical solution to education to the adult pursuing GED completion courses or English-as-a-Second-Language classes – Rowan-Cabarrus has it all. Rowan-Cabarrus offers students the choice, flexibility, value, convenience and support needed to achieve their dreams.

For new students, financial aid assistance through the federal government takes time to process, so prospective students should act as soon as possible if they’re planning to utilize this assistance. For complete details, please stop in to the College’s one stop center, Navigation Station.

For more information about Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, please visit www.rccc.edu/apply2016 or call 704-216-RCCC (7222).

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Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Announces New Quality Enhancement Plan to Improve Student Success

College undergoes large-scale project to improve student outcomes with a focus on career planning titled SEEK: Student Education Empowerment Kit


SALISBURY, N.C. — Rowan-Cabarrus Community College is undertaking a large-scale project with the goal of improving educational success for students.

2015 Convocation BeaconThe project, known as a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), focuses on career planning with the end goal of helping students complete their educational journey and prepare for their desired career field.

“We know that students who come to Rowan-Cabarrus with a clear career goal in mind are more likely to complete their educational journey with us successfully. Our aim with this project is to help more students explore potential career paths and determine their end goal sooner rather than later,” said Dr. Carol S. Spalding, president of Rowan-Cabarrus Community College.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), the regional body for the accreditation of degree-granting higher education institutions in the Southern states, now requires colleges to develop and measure a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) as part of their ongoing re-accreditation process.

As an opportunity and a stimulus for an institution to enhance overall institutional quality and effectiveness, the QEP focuses on an issue or issues the institution considers important to improving student learning. The plan launches a process that can move the institution into the future characterized by creative, engaging, and meaningful learning experiences for students.

In order to identify the issues the institution considered important, a series of surveys were completed by full- and part-time faculty, staff and students.

“When we reviewed the employee survey results, career readiness was identified as the area where they felt our students needed the most guidance,” said Donna Helget, English instructor and co-chair of the Rowan-Cabarrus Community College QEP committee. “Our student surveys reflected a similar sentiment. It quickly became apparent that we should focus the QEP on career readiness.”

In order to support this goal, the College has developed four activities or connections to guide students in selecting a career path.

“Studies and research are indicating that students with a clear career goal are more likely to complete their education than students who do not have a career goal. If we can get students to set a goal and get the counseling they need to select a particular job, do an internship and then use our virtual resources to help with resumes and interview skills, we think we will have a prepared student that will complete his or her education successfully,” said Helget.

The career plan connection is available through the College’s English 111 and English 114 courses. Here, students are required to complete a job shadow project that allows them to explore a career field. Students must report back on their time shadowing and draw detailed conclusions about their impression on the field and their likelihood of entering that field upon completion of their education. Classes that have been piloting projects like this over the last year have experienced great success with many students securing employment or internships with those that they have shadowed.

Through the career counseling option, students are matched with staff that can guide them through career counseling and interest inventories. “Our team is comprised of trained counselors who are qualified to help our students assess and understand their personal issues, abilities, aptitudes, interests, and other characteristics,” said Misty Moler, director of counseling and career services at the College.

Students can also gain invaluable hands-on experience through the Work-Based Learning connection or internship placement.

“At Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, we realize the importance of work-based learning and internships,” said Dr. Michael Quillen, vice president of Academic Programs at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. Eighty-five percent of employers who host co-op/intern students are seeking future employees. Students who intern are invited to interview as opposed to students with just a degree who have no hands-on experience on their resume.”

Students currently seeking employment utilize the Virtual Employment Resource Center (VERC) option. They are able to access VERC through Blackboard, the primary learning management center used by the College. The VERC points students to interactive quizzes and related resources to help students build their interviewing, resume writing, and job searching skills.

In September, SACSCOC visited the College and reviewed the launch of Rowan-Cabarrus Community College’s QEP.

Though the project has been in pilot mode, it officially launched for Rowan-Cabarrus students this fall. The College is very excited to begin implementing the carefully planned project and collecting data on the success of its efforts. The QEP is titled “SEEK – the Student Education Empowerment Kit: Tools to Help you Soar.” Students receive access to the four connections that are part of the QEP when they begin their journey at Rowan-Cabarrus.

For more information about Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, please visit www.rccc.edu or call 704-216-RCCC (7222). The College is currently accepting applications for the spring term now through January 3, 2016. Classes begin January 11, 2016.

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Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Issues All Clear

SALISBURY, N.C. — Rowan-Cabarrus Community College’s North Campus in Salisbury was under a precautionary lockdown on Thursday, October 29.

The lockdown, which lasted from about 1:45-3:28 p.m., was lifted and all North Campus activities and classes resumed.

At about 1:45 p.m., Rowan-Cabarrus Community College officials heard what sounded like gun shots coming from the woods near the Building 400 area on the College’s North Campus in Salisbury. The College immediately called a lockdown, as directed by Salisbury Police Department.

The College notified students, faculty and staff via the emergency alert communications system with phone calls, emails, and text messages. Individuals on campus were encouraged to get to a safe, secure location, while those not on campus were encouraged to remain away from campus.

All other Rowan-Cabarrus campus locations were under normal operations. The College remained under lockdown until 3:28 p.m., at which time the North Campus was declared safe and secure.

“It is very important to us to maintain the safety and security of our students, faculty and staff. We are proud that we have maintained what we believe to be a safe and welcoming campus. Staff and faculty have been trained to handle a possible situation like this,” said Dr. Carol S. Spalding, president of Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. “It is my goal to keep our tradition of a safe campus on the forefront.”

“We appreciate the work of the law enforcement in protecting and investigating the reported gun shots. Their rapid response and attention to this college is very much appreciated,” continued Spalding. “I also want to thank our students, faculty and staff for their cooperation. I’m grateful to all who responded in accordance with our policies and procedures to keep us all safe.”

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Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Alumnus Credits College for Personal and Professional Success

Marketing director for local catering company DIVINE APPÉTIT CO. and independent branding consultant, Christina Helm, is thriving in local business world


RCCC Sept. - 03SALISBURY, N.C. — When Christina Helm began classes at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, it had been quite a while since she had stepped into a classroom. Helm had always dreamed of earning a college education, but her dream took a backseat to life.

Now, a successful business woman pursing her bachelor’s degree and a local catering and food service marketing director at DIVINE APPÉTIT CO., Helm credits her success to her time at Rowan-Cabarrus.

“Rowan-Cabarrus not only prepared me for the next steps in my educational and professional journey, they instilled in me a lost confidence. I am so grateful for my time there, and I am where I am today because of God and the investment Rowan-Cabarrus Community College made in me as an individual,” said Helm.

Growing up in West Virginia and attending boarding school in Kentucky, Helm always knew her education was important. She began working towards her associate degree while still in high school and earned an Associate of Arts in Religion just a year after high school graduation.

Helm planned to continue at a four-year college, but shortly after earning her degree, she married young and began her family. After moving to North Carolina with her husband, she took on one of the most challenging and rewarding careers, being a devoted stay-at-home mom.

After many years, Helm found herself as a single mother recuperating from divorce. Helm spent some time substitute teaching for occupational course of study students, and while she loved her new role, she was reminded about the importance of education. She realized her efforts to secure steady employment without an accompanying bachelor’s degree were futile. So, she found herself back at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College enrolling in business classes.

Once at Rowan-Cabarrus, Helm flourished. She had great teachers, awesome grades and got involved in student life extracurricular activities. She was even selected as part of the first community college group to participate in an international business competition. She was one of only fifty students in the world to participate in a business symposium with Louis Vuitton, where she finally found her niche.

“I am passionate about giving praise to Rowan-Cabarrus and to instructors like Karen Lynden, Robin Turner and Ginger Fox, who so willingly advised and invested in my academic success,” said Helm. “I was provided opportunities that I never had experienced in so many facets of my life.”

Helm completed her Associate in Applied Science in Business in the fall of 2014 and began working for DIVINE APPÉTIT CO. right away. The company, run by young entrepreneur and Johnson and Wales trained chef D’Andrea Lawson, caters local events and also serves delicious buffet lunches at Hood Theological Seminary in Salisbury.

Helm pioneered her position with the growing company. She saw the need for a strong marketing and branding expert and proposed the new position to Lawson.

“I came in organized and with a strong plan for growing their brand. Chef Lawson was impressed with my confidence and abilities and hired me shortly after my proposal,” said Helm.

Now, Helm finds her days packed with DIVINE APPÉTIT CO., consulting budding entrepreneurs on their new operations through Christina Helm Consulting, her marketing, design and brand strategy business, while also pursuing her bachelor’s degree at Catawba College.

For more information about DIVINE APPÉTIT CO., visit their website at www.divineappetitco.com/. They are currently booking catering for the upcoming holiday season. For more information on Christina Helm Consulting visit www.christinahelmconsulting.com.

For more information about Rowan-Cabarrus Community College please visit www.rccc.edu/apply2016 or call 704-216-RCCC (7222). The College is currently accepting applications for classes beginning later this fall and in January of 2016.


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Rowan-Cabarrus Community College to Offer Fitness Instructor Preparation Class

Class will equip students for the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certification Exam to become group fitness instructors


SALISBURY, N.C. — This fall, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College will offer a Fitness Instructor Prep class to provide students with the necessary knowledge to pass the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Group Fitness Instructor Certification Exam.

The course, offered October 26 through December 16 at the North Campus in Salisbury, will cover the various topics needed to pass the exam and train students as effective group fitness instructors.

“During this class, students will learn the essential skills and subjects required to be a group fitness instructor,” said Mary Rosser, who will be leading the course. “These topics include human anatomy, exercise and pregnancy, emergency procedures, as well as the business behind being an instructor.”

Upon successful completion of the class and exam, students will possess the credentials to lead their own group fitness classes.

In recent years, group fitness has increased in popularity and demand with exercise classes such as Zumba, CrossFit and yoga.

“The Fitness Instructor Prep class is an exciting opportunity to provide students with what they will need to not only pass the exam, but to pursue their passion in the healthcare industry,” said Sherie Neely, program manager of training services at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. “This is a unique course – it’s unlike anything offered in the area and we look forward to the positive impact it will have on the community.”

Spots are still open, however, class size is limited. Registration cost is $180.

Other healthy living and fitness classes available this fall include:

  • Core Conditioning – Tuesdays, 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 – 1:00 p.m., October 20 – December 8, North Campus
  • Total Body Conditioning – Tuesdays, 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m., October 20 – December 8, North Campus
  • Beginning Gentle Yoga – Wednesdays, 5:30 p.m. – 6:45 p.m., October 21 – December 9, North Campus
  • Beginning Yoga – Mondays, 5:30 p.m. – 6:45 p.m., October 26 – November 30, South Campus
  • Resistance Band Fitness – Mondays and Wednesdays, 12:15 p.m. – 1:15 p.m., November 9 – November 18, North Campus; Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m., November 10 – November 19, South Campus

“Rowan-Cabarrus is proud to offer courses that promote healthy living,” said Neely.

For more information regarding these and other personal enrichment courses, including how to register, please visit http://www.rccc.edu/enrichment or call 704-216-7222.

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