Admission Checklist for Nursing Education Programs Fall 2014

Admission requirements are subject to change.

I. Eligibility requirements for Nursing Admission Test (Items 1-7)

Only applicants who are eligible to submit test scores will be allowed to participate in the competitive admissions process for Fall 2015.  Applicants must request  a file review (see item #7).

  1. ____  Submit RCCC Application for Admission indicating nursing program of choice. Application to a nursing program does not prompt an automatic file review for admission test eligibility. An applicant must complete an Admission Test Qualification Form to request a file review (item # 7.)
  2. ____  Nursing Information Session: Students are required to attend one session in 2014. Attendance in a past year(s) does not meet this requirement. Dates and times are available on the RCCC website. Registration is required as seating is limited. Please make an effort to attend the next available session. Register on the RCCC website (see 2014 Information Sessions section)
  3. ____  Official transcripts submitted to Admissions office: High school (diploma awarded) or GED; college (if applicable).
  4. ____  Demonstration of Academic Competency in English, Reading, Math and Algebra:
    • Acceptable placement test scores and/or successful completion of remedial coursework (grade of “C” or better) within 5 yrs. of 2015:
      • English and Reading
        • English – Compass score  of  70+ or Accuplacer score of 86+ or ENG 090 or ENG 095 or DRE 098
        • Reading – Compass score of   81+ or Accuplacer score of 80+ or RED 090 or ENG 095 or DRE 098
        • Combined Reading/English Compass score of 151+ or combined Reading/English Accuplacer score of 165+
        • ENG 095 or DRE 098 fulfills both English and reading requirements
      • Math and Algebra
        • Math – Compass score of 47+ or   Accuplacer  score of 55+ MAT 060 or completion of DMA math modules  010 – 030
        • Algebra – Compass score of 46+ or Accuplacer score of  55+ MAT 070 or completion of DMA math modules 040 – 050
        • Asset, ACT, or SAT scores may be used.
    • Approved transferable college level Math and English courses within 5 yrs. of 2015.
    • Applicants who have graduated from a public high school within the last five years meeting certain standards may fulfill this requirement.
  5. ____  Coursework: Admission criteria must be within 5 years of 2015 with grade of “C” or better and student must remain in good academic standing.
    • Biology – High school level or BIO at a college level
    • Chemistry – High school level, CHM 090, CHM 121 or higher (grade of “C” or better)
    • Computer – CIS 110 or a score of 77%+ on the Technical Proficiency Exam (TPE)   or   27+ on the Computer Skills Inventory or  60%+ on Computer Skills Placement (CSP)
  6. ____  Nurse Aide I Certification
    • Applicants must have successfully complete and document a North Carolina approved Nurse Aide 1 (NA1) program
    • Have a current listing on the Nurse Aide 1 Registry with no substantiated finding of resident abuse, resident neglect or misappropriation of resident property in a nursing facility. (Admissions office will verify).
  7. ____  Submit an “Admission Test Qualification Form”:  see submission deadlines below
    • This form is required each year  to request a file review determining  eligibility to  submit acceptable TEAS-V test scores
    • Obtaining and submitting this form is by appointment with designated Student Services personnel. For information, contact Robin Seropian at robin.seropian@rccc.edu
    • Submission communicates to our office that you anticipate meeting checklist requirements by the stated deadlines.  Submitting as early as possible is recommended.

After completion of steps 1-7

II. Testing and Application of Point System

  1. ____  Admission Test for Nursing: Eligible students will be invited to submit acceptable TEAS-V test scores from 2014 or 2015. RCCC will provide one testing opportunity for qualified applicants.  Test is tentatively scheduled to be administered in October 2014, February 2015 (if necessary) and June 2015 (if necessary). Only students who meet the qualifying score(s) will continue on to the point system evaluation.
  2. ____  Point System Applied: Students who meet the minimum admission test scores will submit point system documentation and be awarded points according to the nursing program point system. Applicants will then be ranked and offered contingent acceptance or be placed on an alternate list.

III. Conditional Program Acceptance

Steps 10-13 are required only for those who have been offered conditional acceptance into the nursing program. Information and forms will be provided by the Nursing Department.

  1. ____  Current CPR certification (Health Care Provider level including infant, adult, & child)
  2. ____  Readiness for Nursing Continuing Education course (additional details will be provided)
  3. ____  Background Report: If a student has a misdemeanor/felony on record, it is wise to have this completed and cleared before investing time in pursuing admission to the nursing program.
  4. ____  Physical Examination, Current Immunizations and Drug Screen

2014 Information Sessions for Fall 2014 Admission—Registration Required

All sessions are held in the RCCC Building on the North Carolina Research Campus from 1 – 3 pm in Room 115. Students are required to attend one session in 2014.  Attendance in a previous year(s) does not fulfill this requirement for Fall 2015 admissions. Registration is required. Do not delay in attending a session. Seating is limited and no children are allowed. Please choose only one date when registering. Go to RCCC website  (www.rccc.edu) and type “nursing education information sessions” in the search box then select the link provided. Register for the session of your choice.

          • March 21
          • May 9
          • June 27
          • August 22
          • November 14

Admission testing categories & deadlines for Fall 2015:

Category I

    • Admission checklist requirements 1-7 by Sept. 1, 2014
    • Submit Admission Test Qualification Form Feb. 3, 2014 – Sept. 1, 2014. Early submission is advised.

Program selection decisions for contingent acceptance – students will be notified by Nov. 14, 2014

Any remaining Category I applicants who have met the TEAS score requirements will placed on an alternate list.

Category II testing will occur if the programs are not filled by Category I

Category II

    • Admission checklist requirements 1-7 by Jan. 1, 2015
    • Submit Admission Test Qualification Form Feb. 3, 2014 – Dec. 1, 2014. Early submission is advised.

Program selection decisions for contingent acceptance – students will be notified by March 31, 2015

Category III testing will only occur if the programs are not filled by Category I and Category II

Category III

    • Admission checklist requirements 1-7 by May 31, 2015
    • Submit Admission Test Qualification Form Feb. 1, 2015 – May 31, 2015

Program selection decisions for contingent acceptance – students will be notified by June 31, 2015

Robin Seropian
Coordinator in Health Program Admissions[+]
  • Admissions and Recruitment
  • Student Services

Revised:  02-25-14

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