Understanding Course Section Numbers

The section numbering system will help you determine the delivery method of your class.
Section Codes Delivery Method
H Hybrid
W Web-based
N Internet
V Two-Way Video (ITV Rooms)
T Telecourse
Session Number Session Sequence
1 1st 4-Week/8-Week
2 2nd 4-Week/8-Week

For more information about Internet, Hybrid, and Web-based delivery methods, please visit Distance Education.

16-Week (Fall & Spring)/8-Week (Summer)

Section Number Delivery Method
01H-99H Hybrid
100W-219W Web-based
220N-299N Internet
300V-324V Two-Way Video (ITV Rooms)
325T-349T Telecourse
350-449 Traditional


8-Week (Fall & Spring)/4-Week (Summer)

Section Number Section Style Example
450-499 4-Week 4501H is a 1st 4-Week Hybrid
550-599 8-Week 5501N is a 1st 8-week Internet

Off-Campus Sections

5-Week, 8-Week, 10-Week, and/or 16-Week
Traditional, Hybrid or Web-based

Section Number Sessions
900-919 Adding a number or letter to the section will determine the method of delivery (refer to the charts above)

Arranged Sections

Section Number Delivery Method
600-609 Independent Study
625 Credit by Exam

CCP Sections (Career and College Promise)

14-Week (typically)
Traditional, Hybrid, Web-based or Internet sections

Effective Spring 2016

Section Number Delivery Method
800-820 Traditional
*H Hybrid
*W Web-Based
*N Internet
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