Understanding Course Section Numbers

Section numbers at Rowan-Cabarrus are more than just unique identifiers class sections. Section numbers can tell you about the delivery method, campus and timing of the class.

Traditional Delivery Method

Sections that use the traditional delivery method meet face-to-face at one of the Rowan-Cabarrus campus locations.

YCAB/SRY (YMCA uses South Campus section numbers. YROW/JFHY (YMCA) uses North Campus section numbers. WVAC/LNDR (Waterworks) uses North Campus section numbers.

Section Number Section Time Campus
01-19 Day North Campus
20-39 Evening North Campus
40-59 Day South Campus
60-79 Evening South Campus
80-89 Day CBTC
90-99 Evening CBTC
110-129 Day Cloverleaf
130-149 Evening Cloverleaf
160-179 Day NCRC
180-199 Evening NCRC

Web-Based Delivery Method

The primary delivery method for web-based sections is the traditional face-to-face method with an additional requirement that students have internet access as a supplemental part of the course. Fifty-one percent or more of the instruction will be face-to-face.

Section Number Section Time Campus
250-264 Day North Campus
265-279 Evening North Campus
280-294 Day South Campus
295-309 Evening South Campus
310-324 Day CBTC
325-339 Evening CBTC
340-349 Day Cloverleaf
350-359 Evening Cloverleaf
360-374 Day NCRC
374-389 Evening NCRC

Hybrid Delivery Method

Hybrid classes combine online learning with face-to-face instruction. Ten percent to 49% of instruction for hybrid sections will be face-to-face. Face-to-face meeting dates are provided on the hybrid schedule. An H after the section number (e.g. 400H) indicates it will be broadcast via ITV.

Section Number Section Time Campus
400-404 Day North Campus
405-409 Evening North Campus
410-414 Day South Campus
415-419 Evening South Campus
420-424 Day CBTC
425-429 Evening CBTC
430-439 Day Cloverleaf
440-449 Evening Cloverleaf
460-469 Day NCRC
470-479 Evening NCRC

Internet Delivery Method

Internet sections are all online. Tests may take place in-person at an RCCC Testing Center. Instructors will advise on testing locations.

Section Number Section Time Campus
450-459 N/A N/A

Minimester Delivery Method

Minimesters provide the same amount of instruction as a traditional section; however, minimester sections meet half the time. Minimester meet for eight weeks in the Fall and Spring semesters and five weeks in the Summer term. Minimesters that begin at the beginning of the semester or term are referred to as 1st half minimesters. Minimesters that begin at the halfway point of the semester or term are referred to as 2nd half minimesters.

If a section is both a minimester and a non-traditional class, then the minimester section number is not used. Instead, the non-traditional delivery method section number is used with a “1″ or “2″ added to the end. Minimesters that occur at the beginning of the traditional semester or term end with a “1″. Minimesters that occur at the halfway point  of the traditional semester or term end with a “2″. (e.g. The section number 4501 would be used for an internet class meeting during the first half of the semester. The section number 4152 would be used for an evening hybrid class on South Campus meeting the second half of the semester.)

Section Number Semester or Term Half Section Time Campus
500-504 1st Half Day North Campus
505-509 1st Half Evening North Campus
510-514 1st Half Day South Campus
515-519 1st Half Evening South Campus
520-524 2nd Half Day North Campus
525-529 2nd Half Evening North Campus
530-534 2nd Half Day South Campus
535-539 2nd Half Evening South Campus
540-544 1st Half Day CBTC
545-549 1st Half Evening CBTC
550-554 2nd Half Day CBTC
555-559 2nd Half Evening CBTC
560-564 1st Half Day Cloverleaf
565-569 1st Half Evening Cloverleaf
570-574 2nd Half Day Cloverleaf
575-579 2nd Half Evening Cloverleaf
580-584 1st Half Day NCRC
585-589 1st Half Evening NCRC
590-594 2nd Half Day NCRC
595-599 2nd Half Evening NCRC

Telecourse Delivery Method

Telecourses have four Saturday meetings per term. Instructional method is telecourse videos delivered via the Internet. An “H” after the section number (e.g. 650H) indicates it will be broadcast via ITV.

Section Number Section Time Campus
650-654 N/A North Campus
655-659 N/A South Campus

Friday Only Program (Spring 2014)

Section Number Section Time Campus
700-705 N/A N/A

Interactive Television (ITV) Delivery Method

ITV sections are led by an instructor from a local classroom and are broadcast to remote site locations. Real-time communication is available between the sites.

Section Number Section Time Campus
800, 802 Day North Campus
801, 803 Day South Campus
804, 805 Day CBTC
806, 807 Day NCRC
810, 812 Evening North Campus
811, 813 Evening South Campus
814, 815 Evening CBTC
816, 817 Evening NCRC
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