Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Steps to Enrollment

Step One

Students must complete an online Application for Admission and schedule the NC_DAP test in the RCCC Testing Center. The NC_DAP test can be taken at either North (Salisbury) or South (Concord) campus Testing Centers. Upon arrival for the test, students should identify themselves as prospective Basic Law Enforcement Training Students.

Study guides are available at Study Guide.

Step Two

Deliver the NC_DAP test results and a copy of the enrollment application to the School Director in the Law Enforcement Training Office.

Note: Students must score 136 or higher on the NC English/Reading Composite Score of the NC_DAP test in order to enroll in the Basic Law Enforcement Training Course. As established by the N.C. Administrative Code 12 NCAC 09B.0203, the school shall not admit an individual, including partial or limited enrollees, as a trainee in a presentation of the Basic Law Enforcement Training Course unless the individual, within one year prior to admission to Basic law Enforcement Training, places into course DRE 098 or above at a North Carolina Community College as a result of taking the Reading and English component of the North Carolina Diagnostic Assessment and Placement test as approved by the State Board of Community Colleges on October 17, 2014, or has taken the reading component of a nationally standardized test within one year prior to admission to Basic Law Enforcement Training and has scored at or above the tenth grade level or the equivalent. It is highly recommended that students enroll in a developmental reading course prior to re-testing. There is no initial charge for prospective Basic Law Enforcement Training students. However, there is a five dollar ($5.00) charge for re-test.

Step Three

Each candidate must obtain the BLET student information packet from the Law Enforcement Training Office on North Campus, Building 400 – Room # 4108, at the Cabarrus County Law Enforcement Center, 7th Floor, Room 702, or online at www.rccc.edu. The candidate may pick-up the packet in person or call and leave his/her name, address, and phone number to be mailed a packet. A packet can be emailed to you or you can access it through the www.rccc.edu home page by searching for ‘BLET packet’.

Step Four

Each candidate must obtain a criminal records check from the clerk of court’s office in each county and state of residence since the candidate became sixteen (16) years old. This also applies to times during which the candidate was a member of the US Military. If you have previously been a member of the U.S. Military, you are required to provide a copy of your form DD214 and obtain a copy of your criminal record from the clerk of court’s office in each state and county in which you were stationed along with a copy of your military criminal record check. Addresses for obtaining military (UCMJ) criminal records are included in the application packet.

Step Five

Each candidate must take the criminal records check along with the verification of sponsorship form to the sponsoring law enforcement agency and request sponsorship for basic law enforcement training.

Step Six

Each candidate must pre-register by bringing the signed verification of sponsorship or employment form along with a copy of the candidate’s criminal records check, high school diploma or GED, North Carolina driver’s license, birth certificate, social security card, a completed BLET course application and a signed information release to Mr. Gerald Krimminger. The only person authorized to sign the verification of sponsorship form is the agency head or the agency head’s designee.

Step Seven

Upon pre-registration, each candidate must obtain from the school director the necessary forms to be completed and returned to the school director’s office, Room #4108 two weeks prior to the first day of class. These forms include

  • Medical screening guidelines (F-1 & F-2) and tear gas form,
    • (Deliver the medical screening guidelines form to the examining physician. The medical screening guidelines implementation manual is intended to provide the examining physician with information so that the examining physician may better determine the ability of an applicant either for employment or training status as an entry level officer. The F1 & F2/ tear gas form is to be completed by a physician licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina. The candidate will need to sign and date the F-1. The physician signs the F1 & F2/ tear gas form and must return them to Mr. Krimminger, in the self-addressed stamped envelope provided in the front of the packet.)
  • Medical questionnaire (purple), and
  • BLET candidate data file card (blue for day course and beige for night course).

Step Eight

Each candidate must attend “Orientation” on the first day or night of the course and must bring the following:

  • Textbooks (student manuals to be assembled in class);
  • Be in uniform (blue RCCC BLET shirt, tan khaki pants, black leather belt, black leather shoes, and blue or black socks);
  • Be prepared to pay the $34.00 student activity fee, $36.00 technology fee, $30.00 lab fee, $20.00 campus access fee (which includes student accident insurance) and $7.00 Graduation Fee on the first day of class. This totals $127.00. Please have the correct cash or check to be written to Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. A billing letter from the employing agency may also be used.
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