Admission Checklist for Radiography

Download the 2016 RAD Admission Checklist

Step 1 – Eligibility Requirements for Radiography Admission Test

Only applicants who are invited to test will be allowed to participate in the competitive admissions process for Fall Semester 2015. Applicants must request a file review by December 1, 2014 (see item six).  Eligibility requirements subject to change.

  1. Submit Rowan-Cabarrus application for admission indicating radiography as program of choice.
    Application to the radiography program does not prompt an automatic file review for admission test eligibility. An applicant must complete an admission test qualification form to request a file review (see item six).
  2. Radiography Information Session – Students are required to attend one session in 2014. View upcoming dates online.
  3. Official Transcripts – High School (diploma awarded) or GED and college (if applicable)
  4. Demonstration of Academic Competency in English, Reading, Math and Algebra
    • Acceptable placement test scores or successful completion of remedial courses (grade of
      C or better) within five years of 2015.

      • English and Reading
        • English – COMPASS score of 70+, Accuplacer score of 86+, or ENG 090 or ENG 095
        • Reading – COMPASS score of 81+, Accuplacer score of 80+, or RED 090 or RED 095
        • Or, Combined English and Reading – COMPASS score of 151+ or Accuplacer score of 165+
        • ENG 095 fulfills both English and reading requirements.
        • Asset, ACT and SAT scores may also be used.
      • Math and Algebra
        • Math – COMPASS score of 47+, Accuplacer score of 55+, or MAT 060 or DMA Math Modules 010-030
        • Algebra – COMPASS 46+, Accuplacer score of 55+, or MAT 070 or DMA Math Modules 040-050
        • Asset, ACT and SAT scores may also be used.
    • or Approved transferable college level math and English courses within five years of 2015.
  5. Coursework – Admission criteria must be within five years of 2015.
    • Biology – High school level or BIO at a college level (grade of C or better)
    • Chemistry or Physics – High school level, CHM 090, CHM 121, PHY 110 or higher (grade of C or better)
    • Computer – CIS 110 (grade of C or better) or a satisfactory score of 77%+ on the Technical
      Proficiency Exam (TPE) or 27+ on the Computer Skills Inventory.
  6. Submit an admission test qualification form (February 1 – December 1, 2014)
    • This form is required each year to request a file review determining eligibility for admission testing. Submission of this form is by appointment with designated student services personnel. Submitting as early as possible is recommended.

After completing items 1-6 above, proceed to step two.

Step 2 – Testing and Ranking of Students

  1. Admission Test for Radiography – Eligible students will be invited to sit for the TEAS V Admissions Test. RCCC will provide one testing opportunity for qualified applicants. The test will be administered in February or March 2015. Students must meet the minimum admission scores in designated test categories to proceed in the admissions process to be ranked. Please check the RCCC website for complete admission requirements.

Step 3 – Conditional Acceptance into Program

Steps 8 – 10 are required only for those who have been offered conditional acceptance into the radiography program. Information and forms will be provided by the radiography department.

  1. Current CPR certification (Health Care Provider level including infant, adult, & child)
  2. Background Report – If a student has a misdemeanor or felony on record, it is wise to have this completed and cleared before investing time in pursuing admission to the radiography program.
  3. Physical Examination/Drug Screen

This is a checklist. More details can be found in the online Rowan-Cabarrus Catalog and Student Handbook. If you have additional questions, contact the counselor for health programs at 704-216-3593 (North Campus) or 704-216-3637 (South Campus).

Revised 7-16-2014

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