Transferring Professional Certificates to Rowan-Cabarrus for Credit

An enrolling student may request that professional certificates with appropriate documentation be evaluated for full or partial course credit within his/her major. Additional criteria may be required along with the certificate to receive full course credit. For each area of certification, the appropriate program head will determine the RCCC course equivalencies and corresponding certification required for credit. The student should notify the program head of which course(s) the professional certification is to be applied to by submitting the original professional certificate for review. The student should submit this information during the admissions process; however, a professional certification can be submitted at any time during the student’s enrollment at the college. The program head will complete the Credit by Professional Certification form along with a copy of the certification, and submit it to the appropriate academic dean for approval. Once approved by the dean, the form will be sent to Student Services Records Department for assignment of credit to the permanent record.

No more than 75% of required credit hours for a degree or diploma can be accepted for credit in this manner. Professional certifications should be current and program heads can provide information regarding time limits (i.e. within last five years) in order for credits to be awarded for a particular program of study.

RCCC programs of study accepting appropriate professional certificates

  • Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration
  • Automotive Systems Technology
  • Computer Information Technology
  • Computer Programming
  • Construction Management
  • Electrical / Electronics Technology
  • Machining Technology
  • Medical Office Administration
  • Networking Technology
  • Office Systems Technology
  • Web Technologies
  • Welding Technology

Please check the RCCC website for updates and revisions to the technical programs of study accepting professional certifications for full or partial course credit.

Examples of professional certifications and related programs of study

  • Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Program Certificates → Automotive Systems Technology
  • Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) Credentials → Office Systems Technology or Medical Office Technology degree or diploma
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