Financial Aid and Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

What is an academic year?

The academic year is defined as fall and spring semesters, with an optional summer. Fall semester begins in August and ends in December, spring semester begins in January and ends in May, and summer school starts in May and ends in July.

Do I have to attend full-time to qualify for financial aid?

Students are not required to attend full-time to receive financial aid. The amount that you are awarded is prorated according to the number of credit hours for which you enroll

What does Satisfactory Academic Progress mean?

Please visit www.rccc.edu/financialaid to view terms and conditions of receiving financial aid.

How does withdrawing from classes affect my financial aid?

Government regulations require that students receiving financial aid maintain satisfactory academic progress. One such requirement is that you maintain a 2.0 grade point average. Another is that you must pass a minimum of 67% of the total cumulative credit hours attempted. This means that failing grades and withdrawals will count against you

Are all programs of study eligible for financial aid?

No. A program must be at least 16 total credit hours in length, or at least 600 clock hours, and must lead to a degree, diploma, or certificate in order to be eligible for financial aid. If you are considering a diploma or certificate program, please contact the Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility. Special credit and undecided students are not eligible for financial aid.

How many developmental courses are covered by Financial Aid?

Financial Aid will be limited to 30 developmental hours

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