Who to Contact for Student Services Help

  • To drop or add a course contact the program advisor.
  • To send a transcript contact the director of records in student services.
  • To obtain financial aid contact the director of financial aid in student services.
  • To get help with personal or academic problems contact a counselor in student services.
  • To apply for graduation contact student services.
  • To withdraw contact student services.
  • To change curriculum contact student services.
  • To get a job contact the director of job placement in student services.
  • To organize a student activity contact the student government association in student services.
  • To change your name or address on records contact student services.
  • To arrange a schedule contact a program advisor.
  • To check a grade contact the course instructor.
  • To make up a grade of incomplete contact the course instructor.
  • To request a new course-curriculum contact the office of the vice president of curriculum programs.
  • To inquire about general adult and occupational extension contact the occupational extension & community services office.
  • To pay bills contact the business office.
  • To locate part-time an instructor contact the academic programs office.
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