Student Grievance Policy

Student Grievances

Any student may request a review of any College decision or action alleged to be discriminatory or   have a negative effect on the student’s enrollment status at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College.   Students must follow the procedure noted  below and may request consultation assistance from student services.   A grievance must be presented within 30 days after the action or decision being questioned. Processing at each step cannot exceed 30 working days; however, the time may be extended by agreement of both parties or by extenuating circumstances as decided by the administrator to whom the grievance is presented. If administrator at each step does not meet processing time limitations, the grievant may then request higher administrative assistance in obtaining requested relief. If the grievant does not meet the stated time limitations, the process will be terminated and such grievance cannot be resubmitted.


  1. The student shall first informally discuss the matter in question with the College employee most directly involved unless the issue is a claim of discriminatory harassment. In that case, the student may  move directly to the employee’s immediate administrator or student services counselor.
  2. If the student is unable to resolve the matter in question through discussion with the College employee directly involved, the student may file a formal grievance form with the employee’s immediate administrator. All such grievances shall be in writing and state the basic facts in the case.
  3. If the matter is not resolved, the formal appeal  may be processed through the employee’s supervising administrators in succession until a satisfactory resolution is obtained or until the appeal reaches the appropriate vice president. The vice president’s decision will be final except in the case of expulsion from the college which requires a final ruling by the president.
  4. A student may at any stage of the process consult with the associate vice president for student services to obtain advice regarding the grievance procedure.


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