Human Resources Development Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a high school diploma or GED before I can take an HRD class?

No, high school completion is not a requirement of the HRD Program.

How much does an HRD class cost?

Tuition ranges between $70 – $180 per class.   All unemployed and some employed students receive a tuition waiver. Eligibility for the waiver will be determined in the Employability Lab.

What is an Employability Lab?

The employability labs are self-paced labs designed for developing employability skills. Students will develop a career or educational plan, which may include training toward Career Readiness Certification, job-search skills, keyboarding, mock interviews, resume and cover letter preparation or update, and online application assistance. No appointment is needed.

What kinds of classes do you offer in HRD?

HRD classes cover basic computer and technology information, exploration of various career paths, preparation for Career Readiness Certification, interviewing techniques, grammar and business writing, and other job-seeking activities. For dates, times, locations and detailed course descriptions, see the HRD schedule.

How do I sign up for an HRD class?

Just go to the employability lab at the location of your choice. Locations and times are listed on the HRD schedule.

I need a computer class.  What are my choices?

You have three choices. You can take an HRD computer course designed for the job-seeker, a computer class delivered online (not in a classroom) or an occupational extension computer course.

What is a WorkKeys test?

WorkKeys is the name of the tests you take to be awarded a career readiness certification. These tests are given by appointment only and are scheduled in the employability lab.

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