Nursing Education Programs Point System Selective Admissions Process

  • The admission test cut off scores will be provided at the conclusion of testing. The Nursing Admission Test is a multiple choice test that evaluates the basic reading, math, writing and science skills for students seeking entry into a Nursing Program.
  • Applicants are  required to print and submit the completed Point System Evaluation sheet from the website to the nursing department. Sections A-E must be complete and accompanied by documentation verifying of the ATI Score sheet, transcript, work experience and county of residence (addresses that are in Datatel will be used for county of residence).
  • Applicants are required to meet both the cut score requirements for the Adjusted Total and Reading scores. Points will be awarded for both of these cut scores. Specific cut scores will be determined annually by the Nursing programs based on the national norm and program attrition data.
  • Additional points will be awarded to applicants who score in the advanced of exemplary category for Reading. Applicants who have met the admission test score requirements will be further evaluated on the point system criteria.
  • Applicants who do not meet the ADN required cut score will be further evaluated for the PN cut score at the conclusion of admission selection.
  • Faculty will verify information submitted by the student to determine qualified applicants for the nursing programs.
  • Students will be notified by mail regarding their admission status.

Download 2017 NUR Point System Selective Admission Process 

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