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Honors and Awards at Graduation

Graduation Honors Students who earn a grade-point average of 3.5 through 3.99 in their degree or diploma will graduate “With Honors.” Those students who earn a 4.0 in their degree of diploma will graduate “With High Honors.” These designations are printed on degrees and diplomas. Students who earn Honors or High Honors will be provided [...]

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In-State and Out-of-State Residency Criteria

At the time of admission, the Admissions staff will determine the residency status of the applicant based on the information supplied on the application for admission If your classification is determined to be out-of-state, you will receive a letter informing you of such. If you believe that the residency decision is in error, please review the following: [...]

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Minimum Admission Requirements (MAR) for Dental Assisting

Download Fall 2018 Dental Assisting MAR

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New Student Orientation General Information

Goals of New Student Orientation The orientation will assist new students with their transition to college by focusing on 3 important factors: Introduce you to Rowan-Cabarrus Community College services that will support your personal and educational success. Review policies and the student code of conduct, so you are aware of behavioral expectations. Emphasize the importance [...]

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Residency Appeals Process

If you believe that the initial residency decision is in error, you may submit an application for North Carolina residency to the admissions office. The deadline to submit the reclassification application and supporting documents cannot be later than the 5th business day of the term for which the student is seeking residency reclassification. This application is available online or at [...]

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Supplying Transcripts for Admission to Rowan-Cabarrus

Submitting a Transcript Provide official transcripts of your previous education. An official transcript is in a sealed envelope, has an embossed seal or original signature, and is usually mailed directly to RCCC from the institution. A high school transcript will have the graduation date posted on it. Unofficial transcripts (transcripts which have been opened or faxed) [...]

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Transferring College Coursework to Rowan-Cabarrus for Credit

Any incoming student may request a transfer of credits earned at another regionally-accredited institution or in other programs within Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. Credits earned at a non-regionally accredited institution will be awarded on a case-by-case basis. Rowan-Cabarrus will also review credits earned at post-secondary universities outside the United States for possible transfer credit for international [...]

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Transferring Professional Certificates to Rowan-Cabarrus for Credit

An enrolling student may request that professional certificates with appropriate documentation be evaluated for full or partial course credit within his/her major. Additional criteria may be required along with the certificate to receive full course credit. For each area of certification, the appropriate program head will determine the RCCC course equivalencies and corresponding certification required [...]

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