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Apply to the College

Where do I find application and registration information for the college? Academic Programs Admissions and Recruitment Job and Skills Training Job and Skills Training Corporate Education and Professional Development Corporate Education High School Programs High School Programs Personal Enrichment Personal Enrichment

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Career Readiness Certification Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)? It is a portable credential that promotes skills and career development for individuals and confirms to employers that they possess basic workplace skills in applied mathematics, reading for information and locating Information. What is the CRC based upon? The CRC is based on the ACT WorkKeys system, a [...]

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Corporate and Continuing Education, ABE and HSE Transcript Request Form

North Carolina Community Colleges System – GED Transcript Requests Download Corporate & Continuing Education Transcript Request Form 

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How do I find out when courses will be offered?

Academic Programs The schedule of academic courses is available via WebAdvisor. (You do not need a WebAdvisor login. To search courses visit ITS Answers and Help Desk for assistance with WebAdvisor.) Academic programs also posts PDF schedules online for your convenience. Other Course Offerings Through Academic Programs High School Programs Pre-College Studies Corporate and Continuing [...]

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Human Resources Development Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a high school diploma or GED before I can take an HRD class? No, high school completion is not a requirement of the HRD Program. How much does an HRD class cost? Tuition ranges between $70 – $180 per class.   All unemployed and some employed students receive a tuition waiver. Eligibility for [...]

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Non-Curriculum Online Courses

Corporate and continuing education provide online instruction through Ed2Go. Ed2Go courses are non-credit instructor led courses that begin the third Wednesday of every month and run six weeks. Additional Information About Ed2Go Ed2Go Frequently Asked Questions

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