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Form to Request Transcripts from High Schools

It is the responsibility of the applicant to request official transcripts from the last high school and all colleges. This form is provided for your convenience. Transcripts are to be forwarded directly from the school(s) to Rowan-Cabarrus Community College at the address indicated on the bottom of this form. Download the Form to Request Transcripts [...]

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Grade Appeal Policy

Students may appeal a grade awarded in a course or as a final course grade using the grade appeal procedure.  Students may request a grade appeal through the course instructor, a student services counselor or through the online grade appeal request form.  A grade appeal request must be made within ten business days after the [...]

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Grading Policies

Grading Rowan-Cabarrus Community College operates on a grade-point system, and each student’s academic standing is established by a “Grade-Point Average” (GPA) determined by numerical values assigned to each grade. At the end of each semester, students will access final grades via WebAdvisor based on the following Scale. Health programs and Developmental Studies courses are graded on a [...]

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How do I find out when courses will be offered?

Academic Programs The schedule of academic courses is available via WebAdvisor. (You do not need a WebAdvisor login. To search courses visit ITS Answers and Help Desk for assistance with WebAdvisor.) Other Course Offerings Through Academic Programs High School Programs Pre-College Studies Corporate and Continuing Education Corporate and continuing education course schedules are available on [...]

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Payment of Tuition, Deadline for Refunds and Withdrawal Information

Student schedules may be changed during WebAdvisor Registration. Also, beginning the first day of every semester (Fall/Spring), there is a two-day period in which students can register late and drop/add courses. During Summer term there is a one-day period in which students can register late and drop/add courses. WebAdvisor Support will be available at North and South campuses [...]

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Payment Options for Tuition and Fees

Keep in mind that if you do not plan to attend, you must drop your class(es) through WebAdvisor during the advertised WebAdvisor availability shown above, or by submitting the Online Withdrawal Form. Any student registered for any class as of the first day of the semester, will be responsible for 25% of tuition, unless the [...]

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RCCC Transcript Request

Students requesting: Adult High School or Continuing Education transcript Copies of GED transcripts or GED diplomas When requesting college-level coursework (curriculum) transcripts only, go to iwantmytranscript.com/rccc to get things started. Rowan-Cabarrus Community College in partnership with Credentials eScrip-Safe provides twenty-four hour access to online transcript ordering through a secure website.This process is completely secure and can be delivered [...]

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RDS Appeals Process

The RDS provides four separate processes to reach a residency classification. Most students will only ever complete the Initial Consideration process. The reconsideration and appeal processes are for those students who have had a change in circumstance (reconsideration) or who have not had a change in circumstance and believe their residency classification is incorrect (appeal). [...]

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RDS Frequently Asked Questions

Which students must use RDS? All curriculum undergraduate students applying for admission, re-admission, or transfer to a state school will be expected to use RDS. Students, applying to or enrolled at a North Carolina Independent Colleges & Universities (NCICU) institution, who are interested in applying for a North Carolina state grant will be required to complete [...]

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Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my advisor? Log in to WebAdvisor. Click on the “Students Menu” and then on “My Profile”. You may also contact the front desk in student services at either number shown above. How do I change my major? Complete and submit the program change form to the admissions office. Where is Student Services located? North Campus [...]

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