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ABE vs. HSE vs. Pre-Curriculum Developmental Courses

Starting a college career can be intimidating, especially when students lack confidence in basic skills such as math, reading, computing and study skills.  Rowan-Cabarrus offers programs for students at various levels to help them gain the basic skills they need to succeed in college, in their careers and at home. These programs are the adult [...]

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Adult Basic Education & General Educational Development Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-College Studies Webpage Adult Education (ABE & HSE) Webpage Are there any requirements to enroll in the HSE program? Yes. Students must be at least 18 years old. Special permission to enroll into the HSE program may be possible for those students who are age 16 or 17. Please refer to the Pre-College Studies minor student [...]

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Costs for Adult Basic Education and General Education Development

Instruction ABE and GED instruction is free for all students. Instruction is provided, at no cost to the student, in reading, social studies, science, literature, mathematics, and writing skills. Testing There is a required one time testing fee of $25.00. More Information For more information on costs and testing fees, please contact Gary Connor.

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Estimated Costs Per Semester for Cosmetology Programs

Cosmetology (A55140) Expense Fall Spring Summer Fall Spring Text by Pivot Point – A Designer’s Approach (7 Book Set) $860 Texts Texts Texts Texts Adult Kit $475 Pivot Point Weft Kit $330 Mannequins $210  $100  $140 Tuition* (15 credit hours)  1st and 2nd semester is 12 credit hours, summer is 8 credit hours and final [...]

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Human Resources Development Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a high school diploma or GED before I can take an HRD class? No, high school completion is not a requirement of the HRD Program. How much does an HRD class cost? Tuition ranges between $70 – $180 per class.   All unemployed and some employed students receive a tuition waiver. Eligibility for [...]

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Tuition and Fees for Academic Programs

Tuition is set by the North Carolina Legislature and the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges. Tuition rates are subject to change without notice. College fees are established by the RCCC Board of Trustees and are also subject to change without notice. Registration and Payment of Tuition and Fees View the Tuition Payment Options. Tuition Tuition and [...]

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