Career Heritage

Keri Allman, director of the college’s R3 Career Services, a community-based career center offering free services to the unemployed and under-employed.

“At R3, we do career assessments that show matching areas for people looking into careers based on inherent skill sets. My dad is an ‘Erin’ from the Identifying Your Careers Workshop which means he is a leader. This explains why his career included a long standing position as a supervisor.

“However, I watched him age 10 years in just 24 months because of potential layoffs at his plant. This timeframe set a negative impression in my young mind about employment and careers. When I discussed my thoughts with him, he said… ‘Job security comes from you.’

“He never let me negotiate on getting an education, so I would have choices in employment which would ultimately direct my life. I always admired the wisdom and hard work that I saw in my family. Our heritage made me proud and protective of my local area and the workers like my dad. Following high school, I continued my education. This training, just as my dad told me, provided opportunities with employment where I could use the passion for my heritage in a career.

“Today my family’s heritage has new horizon.”
“Today, I have a leadership role with a special initiative for Rowan-Cabarrus Community College called R3 Career Services, which was designed to assist workers in the area with career pathways using the three R’s; Refocus, Retrain, and Re-employ. Ironically enough, R3 is partnered with the North Carolina Research Campus and our location is in Kannapolis. The same location my heritage began over a hundred years ago.

“Today my family’s heritage has new horizon.”