SGA General Business Meeting Minutes – November 6, 2007

Meeting was called to order at 12:09 p.m.

Roll Call

  • Adele Harper (President) – Present
  • Jonathan Furnas (Vice-President)-Present
  • Denisa Winecoff (Secretary/Treasurer)-Present
  • Nestina Jackson (Parliamentarian) – Present
  • Brenda Smith (Membership Officer)-Present
  • Marie Baker (Public Information Officer) – Not Present
  • Gigi Larson (Entertainment Chair) – Not Present
  • Ann-King Padilla (senator) – Present
  • Carolina Hillard (Senator) – Not Present
  • Dylan Cooper (Senator) – Present
  • Shane Edwards (Senator)-Present
  • Justin Woazeah (Senator)-Present
  • Hannah Gray (Senator)-Present
  • Sonia Ellis (Senator)-Present
  • John Boswell (Senator)-Present
  • Joshua Schroeder (Senator)-Present
  • Kim Morris (Senator) – Present
  • Margarita Gross (Senator)- Present

Officer Reports

President’s Report- Thanked the clubs and volunteers who helped with Fall Fest, Breakfast Blast, and many other events on the two campuses. Also, reported on the search for a new College President.

Vice-President’s Report- On Oct. 19th -21st Vice-President Jonathan Furnas attended SGA Fall Conference. Spoke on the various meetings and workshops attended as well as networking with other community colleges.

Parliamentarian’s Report- The Parliamentarian, Nestina Jackson, attended SGA Fall Conference. Presentations attended included Textbook costs.

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report- Attending the SGA State Conference on Oct 19th-21st. Report focused on how to speak to your legislators on topics, such as textbook costs.

Senators’ Reports

  • Ann-King Padilla- Attended SGA State Conference and put forth a motion to have the entire state delegation recite The Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of the Fall N4CSGA Conference. The motion was passed.
  • Justin Woazeah- Attended SGA Fall Conference and went to workshops on Finance, Local Interactions and a workshop on Robert’s Rules of Order. The Conference was informative and a lot of information was gained from the experience.

 Club Reports

  • AC/DC Club Art/Drawing Club- Present
  • Automotive Skills-USA- Present
  • CIAAP Office Pro- Present
  • Cosmetology Skills-USA-Not Present
  • Culture Connection- Present
  • Early Childhood-Not Present
  • Phi Theta Kappa- Present
  • Psi Beta-National Honor Society in Psychology- Present
  • Practical Nursing- Present (S. Campus)
  • Student Nurses Association- Present
  • RC^3 Electronics- Present
  • Rotaract- Not Present
  • Warrior Racing- Present
  • Welding- Not Present

Committee Reports

Jonathan Furnas- North Campus Game Room committee reported on researching using the “old game room” for a study/snack area, and for club meetings as well. Jonathan Furnas- Community Service Committee, the organization that was asking for assistance from SGA, has been unreachable at this time. Jonathan Furnas reported contracting S. Campus food services about vending/snack machines and having someone make hot meals for the students on S. Campus. More information will be available at the next meeting.

Unfinished Business

There was unfinished business on a vote to have RCCC-SGA represented in the Kannapolis/Concord Christmas Parades. The motion was voted on but failed.

New Business

A motion to pay the difference of $25,000.00 in Student ID equipment cost was put on the table. The motion was properly seconded. Discussion about the difference in cost was raised. It was explained that the project cost was projected based on rates from two years ago. The motion passed. Carly Penninger was nominated for the position of Assistant Public Information Officer on South Campus. The nomination was seconded. Carly introduced herself as part of discussion. The motion passed. Jack Belluvue was nominated and voted in as a new Senator.


  • Monthly Gas Card Drawing Winners: Zack Mills – North Campus, Joshua Schroeder – South Campus
  • The Spring Lottery for Clubs to earn extra money will be held Friday, November 16th at 2:30 in the North Campus Student Center.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:05 p.m.

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