SGA General Business Meeting Minutes – February 5, 2008

Audra Esposito, RCCC Career Counselor, spoke about the RCCC Career Center’s CORE program. Students can stop by Student Services and make an appointment to discuss job search skills and resume writing. If you are unsure of your career options, the center offers the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory to help with determining career options for you.

The meeting was called to order at 12:27 p.m.

 Roll Call 

  • Adele Harper (President) – Present
  • Jonathan Furnas (Vice President) – Present
  • Denisa Parsons (Secretary/Treasurer)-Present
  • Nestina Jackson (Parliamentarian)-Present
  • Brenda Smith (Membership Officer)-Present
  • Marie Baker (Public Information Officer)-NP
  • James Rogers (Assistant Information Officer)-Present
  • Gigi Larson (Entertainment Chair)-Present
  • Ann-King Padilla (Senator)-Present
  • Dylan Cooper (Senator)-NP
  • Shane Edwards (Senator)-Present
  • Hannah Gray (Senator)-NP
  • Sonia Ellis (Senator)-Present
  • Joshua Shroeder (Senator)-Present
  • Kim Morris (Senator)-Present
  • Margarita Gross (senator)-NP
  • Jack Belliveau (Senator)-NP
  • Rhonda Morgan (Senator)-Present
  • Emmit Thomas (Senator)-Present
  • Katrina Fesperman (Senator)-NP
  • Sherrie Alexander (Senator)-Present
  • Kim Reavis (Senator) – Present
  • Karmon Schenck (Senator) – Present
  • Angela Weatherford (Senator) – Present

Officer Reports

  • President’s Report- Update on Board of Trustees’ Meeting. Update included a report on the new 400 building being planned for North Campus.
  • Vice President’s Report -Report included congratulatory remarks to everyone on another successful breakfast blast held for early morning students.
  • Parliamentarian Report- Commented on how well the senate members were responding to Robert’s Rules of Order and wanted to remind everyone of the importance of turning off cell phones.
  • Secretary/Treasurer’s Report – Club information/report forms have been revised. Hopefully, this will help in reporting accurate information for the minutes.
  • Membership Officer’s Report- Updated information on the importance of completing the “Achiever Logs.” See the membership officer during office hours with questions.
  • Entertainment Chair Report- No report at this time.

Club Reports

  • AC/DC- Art/Drawing Club- Next meeting is Feb. 8th at 3:30 p.m. in the Student Center and then to Waterworks for a reception.
  • Book Club- (NP)
  • Automotive Skills-USA- (NP)
  • CIAAP Office Pro- Next meeting is Feb. 12th. Several members are attending a Leadership Conference in High Point, NC from Feb. 29-Mar. 1. The club will feature Mexico during the Cultural Awareness Fair.
  • Cosmetology Skills-USA- (NP)
  • Culture Connection- Next meeting is January 29 on North Campus. The President and Publicist will be on South Campus to promote the club within the next few weeks.
  • Early Childhood – (NP)
  • PTK- Hosting North Campus Blood Drive on Feb.6th.
  • Psi Beta-National Honor Society in Psychology- (NP)
  • Practical Nursing- Next meeting is Feb. 7th from 11:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
  • RC^3 Electronics- No report.
  • Rotaract- (NP)
  • Student Nurses’ Association- No report.
  • Warrior Racing- No report.
  • Welding- (NP)

Unfinished Business

Student Activities Coordinators Position- The formal statement of support for Student Activity Coordinator’s Position was read, and the motion was passed to accept it as a resolution.

Smoking Tarps- Jonathan Furnas, SGA-VP, brought forth a motion to the table of purchasing a tarps for smoking areas. The motion was tabled until March 4th.

New Business

Senator Nominations- The SGA President brought forth a motion to have Jonathan Furnas represent the student body in three meetings for the college’s Presidential Search Committee. The motion passed.

See agenda for announcements

The meeting was adjourned at 12:58 p.m.

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