SGA General Business Meeting Minutes – March 4, 2008

The meeting was called to order at: 12:12 p.m.

 Roll Call

  • Adele Harper (President) – Present
  • Jonathan Furnas (Vice President) -NP
  • Denisa Parsons (Secretary/Treasurer)-Present
  • Nestina Jackson (Parliamentarian)-Present
  • Brenda Smith (Membership Officer)-Present
  • Marie Baker (Public Information Officer)-Present
  • James Rogers (Assistant Information Officer)-Present
  • Gigi Larson (Entertainment Chair)-Present
  • Ann-King Padilla (Senator)-NP
  • Dylan Cooper (Senator)-NP
  • Shane Edwards (Senator)-NP
  • Hannah Gray (Senator)-Present
  • Sonia Ellis (Senator)-Present
  • Joshua Shroeder (Senator)-NP
  • Kim Morris (Senator)-Present
  • Margarita Gross (senator)-Present
  • Jack Belliveau (Senator)-Present
  • Rhonda Morgan (Senator)-NP
  • Emmit Thomas (Senator)-NP
  • Katrina Fesperman (Senator)-NP
  • Sherrie Alexander (Senator)-Present
  • Kimberly Phillips (Senator)- Present
  • Kim Reavis (Senator) – Present
  • Teana Karmon Schenck (Senator) – Present
  • Angela Weatherford (Senator) – Present

Officer Reports

President’s Report

Last RCCC Board Meeting was canceled.

Vice President’s Report

Nestina read the VPs report in his absence. The report was about not purchasing smoking tarps, which was not feasible at this time.

Parliamentarian Report

Reviewed the use of “point of information” when questioning using Robert’s Rules of Order.

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report

No report.

Membership Officer’s Report

Reminder to all officers to turn in work logs.

Public Information Officer’s Report

Reminder: Cosmetology Club is hosting Pizza Night.

Asst. Public Information Officer’s Report

No report.

Entertainment Chair Report

We will have BINGO at Pizza Night. Volunteer welcome.

Club Reports

AC/DC- Art/Drawing Club

Art gallery and art film reviews. Next meeting March 4. Newly elected President for 2008-2009- Hannah Gray.

Book Club


 Automotive Skills-USA


CIAAP Office Pro

Ten students and two advisors attended conference on Leadership in High Point. Next meeting is March 11th, Room 311 during the activity hour. 

Cosmetology Skills-USA


Culture Connection

Supported college-wide Culture Fair. The club will be hosting workshops on March 11th and 12th

Early Childhood

Next Meeting March 11th, Room 629. Annual Trike-A-Thon with Early Childhood Center will be held on April 18th


Sending out invitations to eligible students. Next meeting will be March 25th.

Psi Beta-National Honor Society in Psychology

Still awaiting final approval from national office about charter. Invitations will be issued in two weeks, and an induction ceremony will be scheduled.

Practical Nursing

Next meeting on March 11th. Campus Service Project will be student, faculty and staff Blood Pressure Screenings.


Reported on “the Tallest Tower” contest. Next meeting is during the firstweek of April.


No report.

Student Nurses’ Association


Warrior Racing




Unfinished Business

Student Concerns Committee Proposal to be presented by Jonathan Furnas and Emmitt Thomas at the April 4th Business meeting.

New Business

Tobacco Free Colleges Coalition- SGA Advisor, Natasha Lipscomb discussed the grant received from the North Carolina Health and Wellness Trust Fund in the amount of $45,000.00. The grant funding will be used to help educate the campus community on the harmful effects of tobacco use and develop ways to eliminate secondhand smoke. The grant application initially was supported by the 2006-2007, 2007-2008 SGA Senates. Former SGA Presidents Sandra Horne (2008) and Barbara Meidl (2007) gave letters of written support. Ms. Lipscomb requested that interested students wishing to join the coalition contact her directly 704-216-3622.

Committee Report

Presidential Search Committee Report- Brenda Smith, SGA Membership Officer agreed to replace Jonathan Furnas who could not meet all meeting obligations. Brenda reported that the search was going well. Brenda will be attending meetings during Spring Break week and the committee will reduce the candidacy from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The committee consists of faculty, staff, attorneys, and CEO’s from various businesses in the Salisbury/Concord area.

See agenda for announcements

The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 p.m.


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