SGA General Business Meeting Minutes – April 1, 2008

Meeting called to order at: 12:15 p.m.

Roll Call

  • Adele Harper (President)-Present
  • Jonathan Furnas (Vice President) -Present
  • Denisa Parsons (Secretary/Treasurer)-NP
  • Nestina Jackson (Parliamentarian)-Present
  • Brenda Smith (Membership Officer)-Present
  • Marie Baker (Public Information Officer)-
  • James Rogers (Assistant Information Chair)-Present
  • Gigi Larson (Entertainment Chair)-Present-Late
  • Sherrie Alexander (Senator)-Present
  • Jack Belliveau (Senator)-Present
  • Dylan Cooper (Senator)-Present-Late
  • Sonia Ellis (Senator)-NP
  • Shane Edwards (Senator)-Present
  • Hannah Gray (Senator)-Present
  • Margarita Gross (Senator)-Present
  • Rhonda Morgan (Senator)-Present-Late
  • Kim Morris (Senator)-Present
  • Ann-King Padilla (Senator)-Present
  • Kimberly Phillips (Senator)-Present
  • Kimberly Reavis (Senator)-Present
  • Teana Shenck (Senator)-Present
  • Joshua Shroeder (Senator)-Present
  • Emmit Thomas (Senator)-Present-Late
  • Angela Weatherford (Senator)-Present

Officer Reports

President’s Report- SGA Officers Resign- The SGA Advisor received resignations from the Secretary/Treasurer and The Public Information Officer. The President appointed Jack Belliveau as the new Secretary/Treasurer. Board of Trustees Mtg. SGA President updated the Board on the activities of the SGA including our speakers and a general overview of the business we conduct. Also, RCCC will be offering two new Associates degrees.

Vice President’s Report- Thanked all the delegates who attended the N4CSGA Spring Conference in Raleigh the weekend of March 28th. Informed on the networking opportunities of conference as well as how well RCCC was represented by students. The Eddie Myers N4CSGA Award was awarded for the first time at Spring Conference this year.

Parliamentarian Report- Reminder: No cell phones during the meetings. The Parliamentarian also attended N4CSGA Spring Conference. If anyone is interested in contacting their Senators or State Representatives-information is available.

Secretary/Treasurer Report- No Report

Membership Officer Report- Anyone needing help with SGA Officer/Scholarship Work Logs should see Brenda Smith during Office Hours.

Public Information Officer Report- No report

Assistant Public Info. Officer Report- Spring Fling Fliers have been posted on both campuses. The deadline for submitting names for the Canteen Area on South has passed and the judging will soon begin. Reminder: the SGA was asked by the Canteen to publicize the contest. The Canteen is offering a $50 gift certificate to eat in the Canteen to the winner of the contest.

N4CSGA Delegate Reports

Margarita Gross-N4CSGA Conference- Attended Stress Management, learned that she is overly stressed and how to deal with it.

Ann-King Padilla-N4CSGA Conference- Attended the Preparing for a 4 year College seminar and learned how to properly write resume’s and fill out applications. Also attended The Textbook Adhoc. Committee meetings in an attempt to come up with a solution for the rising costs of school books. Attended the Stress Management workshop as well and learned valuable ways to deal with her stress.

Kimberly Reavis-N4CSGA Conference- Attended Public Speaking Done Right workshop, where she learned how to try and reduce her stress level during a speech. Also attended Conflict Management workshop facilitated by RCCC- SGA Advisor, Natasha Lipscomb. Visited Duke University as part of Cultural Enrichment.

Club Reports

AC/DC- Had a St. Patrick’s Day Party and are having a meeting on April 2nd. Recently had a meeting at Waterworks and were told they were welcome back anytime. The Art Club recently donated $100 to the impulse Art Show.

Book Club- NP

Automotive Skills USA- Last meeting was March 31st. Planning a car wash for April 19th proceeds go to the animal Shelter.

CIAAP Office Pro- Will Be having speaker Kim Mitchem in the student center on April 8, 2008 at 12:10 p.m. (during the Student Activity Hour). Everyone is welcome to come, but bring a bag lunch. They will be helping out with Spring Fling.

Cosmetology Skills USA- NR

Culture Connection- Recently held Leadership workshops on both North and South Campuses, the turnout wasn’t what was hoped for, but more advertising in the future could help. The club plans on attending the play Hot Mikado at the Piedmont Players Theater on April 9th and also plans on going to the NC Turkish Festival on April 19th.

Early Childhood- No Report

PTK Phi Theta Kappa- Ice Cream Social scheduled for May 3rd for new and old students. Graduation Marshals are needed. PTK has generously agreed to pay half the cost of the graduation sash for their members. There will be a canned food drive at graduation ticket pickup beginning May 5th.

Psi Beta National Honors Society in Psychology- NP

Practical Nursing- NP

RC^3 Electronics- No Report

Rotoract- Are still trying to meet their goal of 2,000 lbs in their canned food drive. Planning on a car show for this year.

Student Nursing Association- NP

Warrior Racing- Blood Drive April 30th, continuing work on a race car.

Welding- NP

No Unfinished Business

Committee Reports

Presidential Search Committee Report- Brenda Smith attended the last search committee meeting while school was out for spring break. The field has been narrowed down to six applicants, and it is now up to the board of directors to make a final selection. Hopes are high that the winner will be announced before the end of the semester.

New Business

Senator Re-entry- Katrina Fesperman was removed from the senate due to absences. A motion was made and properly seconded to allow her re-entry into the senate. The Motion passed.

Officer Nomination- Jonathan Furnas was nominated for SGA President and Kimberly Reavis was nominated for SGA Parliamentarian. There were no objections. Voting will take place at Spring Fling on April 15th and 16th.

Student Activity Hour- A motion was brought forward for the SGA to write a letter of support in order to keep the student activity hour. The motion was properly seconded and was then voted on and passed.

Art Show- The art department requested funds to help with refreshments at their upcoming art show. $150 had already been allocated to buy a piece of art from the winner. A motion was proposed by Hannah Gray to amend that motion to give the money towards refreshments for the show. The motion was properly seconded by Emmitt Thomas. After discussion, which included discussion from Faculty Member Jonathan Church, the motion passed. Note: The SGA Advisor and Senate encouraged the Art Club to begin finding alternative ways to support the art show through existing fund-raising opportunities and donations.

Announcements- Rotoract and RC^3 are hosting a Blood drive on South Campus. Spring Fling approaches–April 15th on South Campus and CBTC. April 16th on North Campus. Our last general business meeting will be April 29th.

Speaker-Gaye McConnell of student services came to speak on the Rowan Early College. In August 2008, RCCC will be the 43rd Early College in NC. We will have high school students on our campus taking college courses to be slowly integrated into the college as they go through their junior and senior years of high school.

Gas Card Winners

North Campus- Katrina Fesperman

South Campus- Shane Edwards

Meeting Adjourned at: 1:17 p.m.

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