SGA Executive Meeting Minutes – March 18, 2010

Call To Order – 12:11 p.m.

Roll Call


Elana Miles – President (Present)
Lisa Cooper – Vice-President (Present)
Karen Isenhour – Membership Officer (Present)
Secretary/Treasurer – Dawn Evans(Present)
Kimberly Reavis – Parliamentarian (Present)
Jammie Wale- Public Information Officer – North Campus (Present)
Lyndsey McGonagle – Public Information Officer – South Campus (Present)


AHR Transformers – Jeffery Bell (Not Present)
Art Club – Lauren Parker (Not Present)
Early Childhood – Tina Williams (Present)
Living in Faith Everyday (L.I.F.E.) – Courtney Hannah (Not Present)
M.I.S.T.E.R. – Alex Wood (Present)
Office Pro/IAAP – Betty Eckel (Present)
Phi Beta Lambda – Olivia Ackerman (Present)
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) – Virginia Yost (Present)
Practical Nursing – Kristin Everheart (Not Present)
Radiography – Kimberly Raines (Not Present)
Raised Voices – Robyn Vaughn (Not Present
RC^3 Electronics – Desmond Phillip (Present)
Rotaract – Patrick Baldwin (Present)
Science Club – Connie Goodman (Present)
Skills USA: Automotive – Lucas Smith (Not Present)
Skills USA: Cosmetology – Jordan Furr (Not Present)
Student Nursing Association (SNA) – Bonnie Johnson (Present
Tobacco Free Coalition – Tiffany Cogan (Present)
Warrior Racing – Billy Parrish (Not Present)
Welding – Michael McDonald (Not Present)
Academic Senator – Katrina Fesperman (Present)
Academic Senator – Taylor Smith (Not Present)

Approval of minutes held on February 18, 2010 – Stand as Corrected

President Report–Elana Miles – President –Health Fair- announced that the Health Fair was a success. She thanked all who participated, and made a special mention of thanks to Advisor Baumgardner who took part in all the exercise sessions. Students were thankful for all of the information that was provided.

Recycle Bins – announced that AHR Club now have the recycle bins completed and will be on campus, in student centers. She would like for all to please take a moment to familiarize yourself with where the bins are located.

Officer Reports

None at this time

Unfinished Business

None at this time

New Business

Student Activity Hour – SGA President Elana Miles summarized that a motion was passed at the N4CSGA Conference. The N4CSGA will be sending a letter to the Presidents Association of the NCCCS. The RCCC SGA would like to send a letter to Dr Spalding. Action: Senators/Officers – an email will be sent to you along with a draft letter. Additions, corrections, questions, etc… will all be addressed at the April 6th SGA meeting.

Van Rental For Clubs – SGA President Elana Miles announced that the Student Life/Club Van has not arrived yet. For those clubs who are getting ready to attend conference, the SGA is prepared to offer assistance for travel expenses. Parliamentarian Kimberly Reavis made a motion that the 2009-2010 SGA cover van rentals (4 day maximum rental period) for the Spring 2010 Semester for clubs (must have proof of registration and reservation on file). The motion was seconded by Membership Officer Karen Isenhour. A question was raised concerning how many clubs would be using a van for transportation. There was a vote with 14 in favor, 0  not in favor, and 0 abstaining. Motion Passes.

Priority Vote Results – SGA President Elana Miles announced the priority vote results: 1st Priority – Electronic Message Board. There was a tie for 2nd Priority – Furniture for North Student Center & Electronic Marquee for both Campuses. Action: The SGA will purchase items in order of priority beginning summer 2010.

Dr. Spalding- Amphitheater Project – President Spalding, VP Tim Foley, VP Jerry Chandler, and Grant’s Developer Daphne Lewis were in attendance to further discuss the North Campus Amphitheater Project. SGA President Elana Miles began by restating the amended Motion, that was passed during the March 2nd General Business Meeting, regarding Campus Improvements outside the Student Center on North Campus. The amended Motion was read as follows: The 2009-2010 SGA will make a one-time contribution of $25,000.00 to the RCCC North Campus Amphitheater Project. Note: After much discussion, the amended motion passed with the stipulation that the money be used for the phase of the project that will be most readily access.ible to students (i.e. patio area directly behind the 500 Bldg., sitting areas on the trail toward the 400 Bldg). There was a vote with 21 in favor, 0 not in favor, and 1 abstaining. Dr. Spalding expressed how excited and thankful she was for the SGA providing additional funding for the Campus Improvements Project. She spoke in detail about what the Campus Improvements Project entails and how the $25,000.00 from the 2009-2010 SGA would allow for this project to begin moving forward. A Point Of Information was raised concerning the amphitheater seating. The student went on to ask if there will in fact be seats or if it would be grass? A Question was raised concerning the landscape (grading), and when would it begin? The student went on to ask about the current SGA storage building’s location conflicting with the new improvements location and will it need to be moved? A Point of Information was raised concerning the time frame for these improvements. Will the current students be able to see these new improvements be done soon? A Point of Information was raised concerning the proximity of the new amphitheater to the existing 500 Building. Will the noise from the outdoor events create an issue for the classes being held? The student went on to raise a question concerning the use of the amphitheater –would it be available for use by others? A Point of Information was raised concerning the stage size. The student went on to ask how big the stage was going to be? A question was raised concerning evening events and would the area be lighted? A question was raised concerning whether or not new restrooms would be built?


• Blood Drive – South Campus Thursday, March 18th 11:30 am to 4 pm
• Caleb Hill – RCCC Student Spotlight – South Campus March 22 and North Campus March 23rd
• Kick Butts Day – March 24th for both Campuses
• Holocaust Speaker – speaker March 23rd – South Campus Room 106

Advisor Lipscomb recognized SGA Membership Officer Karen Isenhour and Parliamentarian Kimberly Reavis for attending and graduating from the North Carolina Community College Student Leadership Institute for the 2009-2010 year. Advisor Lipscomb also wanted to recognize Vice-President Lisa Cooper and Secretary/Treasurer Dawn Evans for being accepted to attend 2010-2011 North Carolina Community College Student Leadership Institute. She went on to acknowledge the delegates who represented RCCC at the N4CSGA: President Elana Miles, Vice-President Lisa Cooper, Secretary/Treasurer Dawn Evans, M.I.S.T.E.R. Senator Alex Wood, Early Childhood Senator Tina Williams, and Rotoract Senator Patrick Baldwin. Advisor Lipscomb also announced that we need to be looking forward to next year concerning SGA Officer positions -for those students who are interested, please stop by an SGA Office to pick up an Application Packet. The deadline for packets to be completed and turned in is April 5th. Voting will take place during Spring Fling – April 20th & 21st. All positions except Vice- President will be voted on at that time. The Vice-President position will be voted on in the fall.

Club /Advisor Dinner/Banquet May 3rd – North Campus

Meeting Adjourned – 12:47 p.m.

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