SGA Executive Meeting Minutes – September 28, 2012

Call to order: 2:33pm

Roll Call


President- James Hopkins (present)

Vice President- Donovan Bradley (present)

Secretary/ Treasurer- Madelyn Plummer (present)

Parliamentarian- Michael Maffei (present)

Public Information Officer (North) Rasheed Hasan (present)

Public Information Officer (South)- Tricia Douglas (present)

Membership- Leslie Brown (present)

Academic Senators-

5 positions open (See SGA Constitution and Advisors for more information)

Club Senators-

AHR- Susan Hepler (present)

Cultural Connection- (Absent)

Early Childhood- Joyce Simpson (Absent)

LPN Club- (Absent)

M.I.S.T.E.R.- Jericho Jackson (present)

Office Pro/IAAP- Lydia Banther (present)

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)- Jeniffer Suhocky (present)

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)- Kerry Parr (present)

Radiography- Kelley Powell (present)

Raised Voices- (Absent)

RC^3 Electronics- Amanda Richards (Absent)

RCCC Warrior Racing- (Absent)

RCEC (Rowan County Early College)- Sarah Messer (Absent)

CKEC (Cabarrus/ Kannapolis Early College)- Kimberly Osterhout (present)

Rotaract- Michelle Blalock (Absent)

Science Club- (Absent)

Cosmetology- Promise Nevers (present)

Skills USA Automotive- (Absent)

Society Of Manufacturing Engineers (S.M.E.)- (Absent)

Student Nursing Association (S.N.A.)- Bobby L Martin (present)

Welding- Steve Howe (present)

Women Obtaining Wisdom (W.O.W.)- Jeannette Sweat (Absent)

Word Warrior- Andrew Pappas (Absent)

Warrior Racing- (Absent)

Approval of the Minutes (August 8th – Fall Lottery)

These minutes were approved.

President Report:

•Reflect on Blood Drive: We had 43 units for North and 36 units for South.

•9/11 Event: This event was successful. We had approximately 120 students register to vote.

•Speak- Out Series #1 (Suicide Prevention): SGA Public Information Officer, Rasheed Hasan-North: The event was well attended, especially from the early college. SGA Vice President, Donovan Bradley-South: Got the students involved by letting them help make posters about the Suicide Prevention. They made 24 posters; some were in Spanish, and at the bottom of each poster they had they hotline number for suicide prevention. This was a successful event.

•Overton Elementary School- College Day October 12th at 9am- 11am. The Elementary School wanted student leaders to talk to the children about college.

-James Hopkins

-Susan Hepler

-Lydia Banther

-Kerry Parr

•Parliamentarian Workshop was given by SGA Parliamentarian, Michael Maffei-Robert’s Rules of Order.



New Business:

Overview (Advisor, Emily Baldwin)

-Ms. Baldwin mentioned some of the events that are going to be at the Fall Festival such as: pumpkin painting, money machine, treasure hunt, taking pictures for families, Livingstone College greek organizations, and an outdoor movie being shown from 6pm-8pm.

Fall Festival Food Ideas: Hamburger and Hot Dogs, Chick-fil-a, and Pizza. 10 voted on Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, 0 voted on Chick-fil-a, and 3 voted on Pizza.

-There was a motion brought forth that we use Johnny’s BBQ for the Fall Festival, and the motion passed. The motion will be brought to the floor of the general business meeting.

-There was a motion brought forth that our Relay for Life fundraising goal should be $1000, and the motion passed. The motion will be brought to the floor of the general business meeting.


Student Body/General Business Meeting- Tuesday, October 2nd at 12:10pm- 1:05pm.

Senate/Executive Council Meeting- November 2nd, 2012 at 2:30-4:00pm (North Campus- Room 251A).

Adjournment: 3:36pm


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