SGA General Business Meeting Minutes – February 7, 2012

Call to Order: 12:08


President – Kimberly Greene (present)

Vice-President – Jennifer Glover (present)

Membership Officer – (present)

Secretary/Treasurer – Shareen Rustin (present)

Parliamentarian – Stephen Beaver (present)

Public Information Officer – North Campus – James Hopkins (present)

Public information Officer – South Campus – Andre Eddleman (present)

Academic Senators:

Shawn Elliott (present)

Michael Maffei (present)

Club Senators:

AHR – Jason Thompson (absent)

Cultural Connection – Melinda Phillips (present)

Early Childhood – Teresa Norman (present)

LPN Club – April Mash (present)

M.I.S.T.E.R. – Jericho Jackson (present)

Office Pro/IAAP – Lisa Dixon (present)

Phi Beta Lambda – John Ward (present)

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) – Mary Rouille (present)

Radiography – Casey Reavis (absent)

Raised Voices – Sam Martinez (absent)

RC^3 Electronics – Michael Hochstetler (absent)

RCCC Warrior Racing – Richard Moore (present)

RCEC – (Rowan County Early College) Justin Rattz (present)

CKEC – (Cabarrus/Kannapolis Early College) Cody Connell (present)

Rotaract – Bethany Currin (present)

Science Club – James Watson (present)

Cosmetology – Jake Clark (present)

Skills USA: Automotive – Cody Plummer (present)

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (S.M.E.) – Jennifer Hodson (present)

Student Nursing Association (SNA) – (Nicole White) (present)

Welding – Steve Howe (present)

Women Obtaining Wisdom (W.O.W) - Regina Hunter (absent)

Word Warrior – Serena Young (present)

*Thank you for attending as voting members – each of you will receive a $10 voucher or a cash stipend at the end of the meeting. You may redeem your voucher in the Cashier’s Office on North or South Campus by Friday.

Review of Minutes from the February 7, 2012 meeting.

These minutes were approved.

SGA Officer Report:

  • Board of Trustee’s – R3 center will soon celebrate a 5 year anniversary. This center is to help with job resumes and job applications. Please utilize this assistance if needed. It is great to say North Carolina Research Center (NCRC) has all nursing programs available.
  • Vision 20/20 – Reviews are moving forward with onsite security. All 4 campus sites now have a security director.
  • Executive Council Meeting – Officers reviewed Relay for Life’s tabled motion whether to divide $1500 (silver status) sponsorship among Rowan and Cabarrus Counties or alternate annually between the two. (See unfinished business report).
  • Financial Wellness – The seminar went well, over 50 students participated.
  • Guest Speaker Alice Glines with the Murdock/Duke Medicine study; is a RCCC graduate. This research includes cases like Multiple Sclerosis, memory health for seniors, and severe acne cases. The Murdock Research Center will be the location of the study. Please contact Kimberly Greene, SGA President, for research program office number on more information.

Unfinished Business:

Relay for life (January 10, 2012, tabled motion)- Today February 7th, a motion was made by Stephen Beaver, SGA Parliamentarian, seconded by Jennifer Glover, SGA, VP for RCCC SGA to move to alternate between Rowan County and Cabarrus County’s Relay for Life sponsorship beginning April 27th, 2012 relay. Motion states: beginning 2012 RCCC will sponsor Cabarrus county and alternative to Rowan and so forth. Motion passed. Krispy Kreme donut remains as the fund raiser for this event.

New Business:

Alternative Spring Break Budget – A motion was made by Shareen Rustin, SGA Sec/Tre, seconded by Jennifer Glover, SGA VP, to move that the budget should not exceed $3,100 for the event. Motion passed.

Following items include:

  • $200 gift cards (given in $25 increments at the end of each event)
  • $700 for T-shirts
  • $700 for food (BTA)
  • $50 per club (with minimum of 5 volunteers)
  • $400 for “BIG” gift (will be given at end of the week)

Club Reports:


(Absent – no report)


We had our first meeting of the semester on Jan. 25th. We talked about upcoming events. We are going to have a bake and craft sale on Feb 16th. Please come out and help support the Cos Club.

Cultural Connection

Our first meeting was Jan 31st. We had Papa John’s Pizza and discussed new leadership, school, and community projects. We are working on getting with students in ESL (English as Secondary Language) and matching with a buddy from Cultural Connection Club to create a budy system to share each other’s culture. We are also collecting books in English and Spanish to send to a coffee shop and school. There will be a box outside of Ms. Kern’s door.

CK Early College Student Government Club

Our club has been planning and developing a Relay for Life team for the Cabarrus County event. Our team consists of Early College Students and families. We will be working the South Campus blood drive this week. We are currently planning a community service event. We hope to share with everyone soon.

Early Childhood

Our campus service project supported 40 families this year and continues to be a success. Our next meeting will be held on February 21, 2012 at 12:10 in room #629 on North Campus.

LPN Club

We are ordering T-shirts and planning a bake sale for our club. No further information at this time. We are however currently being evaluated for National League of Nursing (NLL) for national accreditation for the Practical Nursing Program. Wish us luck!


M.I.S.T.E.R has the “Battle of the Sexes” event coming up soon. Mr. Davis visited and spoke on achievers financial aid workshop.

Office Pro/IAAP

Past few months have been busy for our club. In November, we held a gathering at North Campus to pass out warm cider and study tips. November 8th we volunteered to help with Rowan Helping Ministries. In December, we had our Christmas Party at Olive Garden; we have also pinned new members.

Phi Beta Lambda

We are working to gain more members to take to conferences. We just went to a meeting last week and listened to officials talk about business.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

We are currently accepting new members through the middle of March. E-mail invitations went out to qualifying students and acceptance is great. We are also preparing for our trip to Myrtle Beach for the Regional Spring Conference and Awards Banquet. We are optimistic that after work and deadlines, we will take home the Five Star Chapter Award this year.


(Absent – no report)

Raised Voices

(Absent – no report)

RC^3 Electronics

(Absent – no report)

RCCC Warrior Racing

We had discussed doing a “Tire and Fluid” clinic on April 4th. We also discussed putting collection boxes on campus for Helping Ministries. We have discussed the parts and cost of an electric drag car.


In January, we had on recorded meeting in which we discussed several fundraisers to raise money for our annual talent show coming in April. We are also fund raising for our cook-out in late April. We are scheduled for 3 meetings in February. We will go into further detail about our fundraising.


The semester is off to a start and we are excited to see what is in store. This month we will have a guest speaker, Rotary President, Jay White speaking on business ethics. We are to invite all clubs, students and faculty to come out and join us.

Science Club

We hosted a Star Party on January 17th on North Campus. Jack Howard spoke on “Modern Astronomy, and the Star of Bethlehem”. Several members of Rowan Astronomy club were in attendance. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate for using telescopes. We hope to use them before Mr. Howard returns at the end of the semester. Activities for science club are to be determined and under consideration. We will be addressing club for organizing a visit to NCRC/Duke Translation Facility.

Skills USA: Automotive

We are currently working on getting up the skills competition and organizing our trip to states for the competition. We are also setting up the spring car care clinic.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (S.M.E.)

We have submitted our financial reports to SME International. We also have the bulletin board up for this month. Our spring meetings are planned and our speaker for this month is from Duke Energy. Finally, we have the blood drive at North Campus tomorrow.

Student Nursing Association (SNA)

Over the past month, the SNA has gotten settled into the Research Campus. We have a meeting scheduled for next week. We intend to speak on upcoming events. We will talk about schedule dates with Salisbury Night Out and the Senior Luncheon.


We had a meeting on January 31, 2012 discussing the Skills USA competition coming up. We are designing club T-shirts. Our next meeting is February 8, 2012.

Women Obtaining Wisdom (W.O.W.)

(Absent – no report)

Word Warriors

We are planning for the Lit Fest, the Spring Fling and poetry contests. Today from 12:10-1:00 we had poetry, spoken word and open mic. This took place in the student center on South Campus. Our last meeting was Thursday. We are also working on reorganization of the blog, Weaver’s Knot.


Alternative Spring Break will take place March 5th thru March 9th, 2012. One hundred fifty (150) volunteers; consisting of RCCC staff, faculty, and students are needed for participation. We are scheduled to work with “Stop Hunger Now” (35-45ppl), EMS vehicle inspection cleaning (30ppl), E-cycle project (5ppl), Habitat for Humanity (25-30ppl), and Coltrane Life Center for Seniors Bingo (15ppl). Exact times and dates will be announced soon.


Scrapbook Day- Friday, February 24, 2012

(SGA Competition for N4CSGA, March 30, 2012)


Student Leadership Awards Banquet, April 30, 2012

(South Campus 10am – 3pm) Please see Advisor Emily Baldwin or Advisor Natasha Lipscomb if you are interested in the next level of Student Leadership.


*Please send Club Project pictures to Patty Scott. This will be for the end of the year highlight PowerPoint


Bobcats vs. Clippers – Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 7pm (tickets $25)

Charter bus will leave North Campus at 12:00 noon and South Campus at 1:00pm


Blood Drive- February 8, 2012 from 8:30am-1:30pm

North Campus (W.O.W.) 5 reps

South Campus (Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early College) 5 reps


Valentine Party – February 9th

North Campus Student Center from 4pm – 7pm


International Day – February 14, 2012 from 9:30am – 1:30pm

North Campus (Skills USA) 4 reps

South Campus (RC^3) 4 reps


National Society of Leadership and Success

South Campus – February 20, 2012 at 5:30pm and February 21st at 12pm noon

North Campus – February 21, 2012 at 12pm noon


Heart Health – February 28, 2012 from 11:30am -1:30pm

North Campus (Warrior Racing) 2 reps

South Campus (Word Warriors) 2 reps


Please make a note of your club’s upcoming events on the Spring Lottery Sheet. We would like for this year’s events to be fully staffed and run as smoothly as possible. If for some reason your club cannot fulfill its Lottery responsibility, please let Advisor Lipscomb, Advisor Baldwin, and/or Kimberly Greene know as soon as you can so, that we can make other arrangements for the particular event. If you have any questions, please direct them to Advisor Baldwin.


Gas Card Drawing:

North: Sean Elliott

South: Tricia Douglas

(CBTC and NCRC to be included in South Campus drawing if less than 5 members are in attendance.)

(Senators and General Members Only)


Adjourn: 12:46pm



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