Summer Enrichment Programs

Registration Information

Summer camps are listed on the registration website. There you are able to register and pay, using a credit card or “bill me” option. Please visit our Program Listing page to see a full list of summer camps.

Reminder: Registration does not begin until March 22, 2021.

*If you need assistance creating during the registration process, please visit the FAQ section in the top left corner of the registration website.

Discount Codes

Use discount codes (only one code may be used) below at checkout:

  • Sibling Discount of 5% (for brother and sister campers): SibDisc2
  • Multi-camp Discount of 5% (for campers taking two more camps): 2OrMore
  • Early-Bird Discount of 10% prior to April 1, 2019: EARLY
  • Because of a partnership with Kannapolis Parks & Recreation, residents of Kannapolis, NC, may use a separate discount code: KANN