How to Earn Your North Carolina Career Readiness Certification

Earning your CRC is as easy as one, two, three.

Step 1 – Career Advisement Lab

Visit one of the Rowan-Cabarrus employability labs. During your first visit, you will work with an instructor to assess your current skills and develop a training plan to develop the skills you lack and hone the skills you already possess. Your first visit to the employability lab is free and no appointment is necessary.

Step 2 – Career Readiness Lab

Follow your training plan and develop the skills you need. This can be done in person at an employability lab or online through the hybrid program. Scholarships may be available to cover tuition and fees; for more information on scholarships, visit one of the employability labs.

Step 3 – WorkKeys Tests

Once you have completed your training plan, determine if you are ready to take the WorkKeys tests. If not, you may develop a new training plan and continue to work toward gaining the skills you need. If you have met your goals, then register for and take the WorkKeys tests.