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The world almanac and book of facts, 2021 / [senior editor, Sarah
AY 67 .N5 W7 2021
copy:1                      id:33018010399833      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:REFERENCE

The world almanac and book of facts, 2021 / [senior editor, Sarah
AY 67 .N5 W7 2021
copy:1                      id:33018010399841      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:REFERENCE

Seeing clearly : a Buddhist guide to life / Nicolas Bommarito.
B 162 .B66 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010398835      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Why we act : turning bystanders into moral rebels / Catherine A.
BF 637 .H4 S26 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399437      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Value and vulnerability : an interfaith dialogue on human dignity / edited
by Matthew R. Petrusek and Jonathan Rothchild.
BJ 1533 .D45 V35 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399478      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Spacefarers : how humans will settle the Moon, Mars, and beyond /
Christopher Wanjek.
CB 440 .W36 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399502      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Transforming history : a guide to effective, inclusive, and evidence-based
teaching / Mary Jo Festle.
D 16.3 .F47 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399452      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Portraits of remembrance : painting, memory, and the First World War /
edited by Margaret Hutchison and Steven Trout ; afterword by Jay Winter.
D 639 .A73 P67 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010398975      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Translated memories : transgenerational perspectives on the Holocaust /
edited by Bettina Hofmann and Ursula Reuter.
D 804.3 .T713 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010398850      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Information hunters : when librarians, soldiers, and spies banded together
in World War II Europe / Kathy Peiss.
D 810 .C8 P45 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399536      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Racial stasis : the millennial generation and the stagnation of racial
attitudes in American politics / Christopher D. DeSante and Candis Watts
E 185.615 .D475 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010398983      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

A black women’s history of the United States / Daina Ramey Berry and Kali
Nicole Gross.
E 185.86 .B475 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399999      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

A short history of the American Civil War / Paul Christopher Anderson.
E 468 .A55 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399494      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Civil War monuments and the militarization of America / Thomas J. Brown.
E 641 .B885 2019
copy:1                      id:33018010398900      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The memoirs of Harry S. Truman : a reader’s edition / edited by Raymond H.Geselbracht.
E 814 .A327 2019
copy:1                      id:33018010399544      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

A promised land / Barack Obama.
E 908 .A3 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399890      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

War fever : Boston, baseball, and America in the shadow of the Great War / Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith.                                                                   F 73.25 .R63 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010398884      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Artificial intelligence and the environmental crisis : can technology
really save the world? / Keith R. Skene.
GE 45 .D37 S58 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399981      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Ambient play / Larissa Hjorth and Ingrid Richardson.
GV 14.45 .H56 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399973      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Democratizing our data : a manifesto / Julia Lane.
HA 37 .U55 L34 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399049      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

China’s grand strategy : weaving a new Silk Road to global primacy /
Sarwar A. Kashmeri ; foreword by Noel V. Lateef.
HC 427.95 .K37 2019
copy:1                      id:33018010399015      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Bubble in the sun : the Florida boom of the 1920s and how it brought on
the Great Depression / Christopher Knowlton.
HD 266 .F6 K67 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399635      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The citizen’s guide to climate success : overcoming myths that hinder
progress / Mark Jaccard.
HD 9502 .A2 J328 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399874      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The context marketing revolution : how to motivate buyers in the age of
infinite media / Mathew Sweezey.
HF 5415.32 .S85 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399031      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Cultural evolution in the digital age / Alberto Acerbi.
HM 626 .A34 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399627      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Fake news in an era of social media : tracking viral contagion / edited by
Yasmin Ibrahim and Fadi Safieddine.
HM 742 .F335 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010398926      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Cyber republic : reinventing democracy in the age of intelligent machines
/ George Zarkadakis ; foreword by Don Tapscott.
HM 851 .Z36 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399429      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The loud minority : why protests matter in American democracy / Daniel Q.
HN 57 .G55 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399080      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Why we’re polarized / Ezra Klein.
HN 90 .P57 K54 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399916      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

And then they stopped talking to me : making sense of middle school /
Judith Warner.
HQ 799.15 .W37 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399023      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Women’s journey to empowerment in the 21st century : a transnational
feminist analysis of women’s lives in modern times / edited by Kristen
Zaleski, Annalisa Enrile, Eugenia L. Weiss, Xiying Wang.
HQ 1155 .W6775 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399882      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Margery Spring Rice : pioneer of women’s health in the early twentieth
century / Lucy Pollard.
HQ 1595 .S67 P65 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399510      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The house on Henry Street : the enduring life of a Lower East Side
settlement / Ellen M. Snyder-Grenier ; foreword by President Bill Clinton.
HV 4196 .N6 S59 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399593      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The man in the dog park : coming up close to homelessness / Cathy A. Small
with Jason Kordosky and Ross Moore.
HV 4505 .S64 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399072      library:ROWAN-SO    home location:GENRL-COLL

Conspiracy theories : a primer / Joseph E. Uscinski.
HV 6275 .U73 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010398892      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Deaths of despair and the future of capitalism / Anne Case, Angus Deaton.
HV 6548 .U6 C37 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399619      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Let the people rule : how direct democracy can meet the populist challenge
/ John G. Matsusaka.
JC 423 .M3766 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399064      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The populist manifesto / edited by Emmy Eklundh and Andy Knott.
JC 423 .P67 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399684      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The presidents vs. the press : the endless battle between the White House
and the media — from the founding fathers to fake news / Harold Holzer.
JK 554 .H65 2020                                                                                               copy:1                      id:33018010399098      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Republican Party politics and the American South, 1865-1968 / Boris
Heersink, Jeffery A. Jenkins.
JK 2356 .J47 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399486      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The age of migration : international population movements in the modern
world / Hein de Haas, Stephen Castles, and Mark J. Miller.
JV 6032 .C37 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399577      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Illegal : how America’s lawless immigration regime threatens us all /
Elizabeth F. Cohen.
JV 6483 .C54 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399668      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

No option but north : the migrant world and the perilous path across the
border / Kelsey Freeman ; photographs by Tess Freeman.
JV 6483 .F74 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010398967      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Baby jails : the fight to end the incarceration of refugee children in
America / Philip G. Schrag.
JV 6483 .S37 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399643      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Voting and political representation in America : issues and trends / Mark
P. Jones, editor.
KF 4891 .V68 2020 vol. 1
copy:1                      id:33018010399940      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Voting and political representation in America : issues and trends / Mark
P. Jones, editor.
KF 4891 .V68 2020 vol. 2
copy:1                      id:33018010399957      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Defend the sacred : Native American religious freedom beyond the First
Amendment / Michael D. McNally.
KF 8407 .M37 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010398934      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

To fulfill these rights : political struggle over affirmative action and
open admissions / Amaka Okechukwu.
LC 212.42 .O53 2019
copy:1                      id:33018010398843      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Education’s ecosystems : learning through life / Bertram C. Bruce.
LC 990 .B78 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010398918      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Working together : how community colleges and their partners help
immigrants succeed / edited by Jill Casner-Lotto with Teresita B. Wisell.
LC 3731 .W65 2019                                                                                            copy:1                      id:33018010399007      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Working toward an equitable and prosperous future for all : how community
colleges and immigrants are changing America / edited by Jill Casner-Lotto
with Teresita B. Wisell.
LC 3731 .W66 2019
copy:1                      id:33018010399445      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Trauma informed teaching through play art narrative (PAN) / by Karen O.
Wallace and Patrick J. Lewis.
LC 4165 .W35 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399460      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Record cultures : the transformation of the U.S. recording industry / Kyle
ML 3790 .B27 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399700      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Art of the United States, 1750-2000 : primary sources / John Davis,
Michael Leja ; edited by Francesca Rose ; with contributions by Lacey
N 6505 .A76 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399585      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Writing shame : contemporary literature, gender, and negative affect /
Kaye Mitchell.
PN 56 .S538 M58 2020                                                                                      copy:1                      id:33018010398868      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

How to watch television / edited by Ethan Thompson and Jason Mittell.
PN 1992.3 .U5 H79 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399650      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Documentary across platforms : reverse engineering media, place, and
politics / Patricia R. Zimmermann ; foreword by Gina Marchetti.
PN 1995.9 .D6 Z55 2019
copy:1                      id:33018010398942      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Culturally speaking : the rhetoric of voice and identity in a mediated
culture / Amanda Nell Edgar.
PN 4162 .E34 2019
copy:1                      id:33018010400003      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Race against time : a reporter reopens the unsolved murder cases of the
civil rights era / Jerry Mitchell.
PN 4874 .M543 A3 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399908      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Front pages, front lines : media and the fight for women’s suffrage /
edited by Linda Steiner, Carolyn Kitch, and Brooke Kroeger.
PN 4888 .W65 F766 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399601      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Unstable masks : whiteness and American superhero comics / edited by Sean Guynes and Martin Lund.
PN 6725 .U485 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010398991      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Mary Wollstonecraft in context / edited by Nancy E. Johnson and Paul Keen.
PR 5841 .W8 Z756426 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399676      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Not even past : the stories we keep telling about the Civil War / Cody
PS 217 .C58 M35 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399551      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Quantum reality / Jim Baggott.
QC 174.12 .B345 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399692      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The future we choose : surviving the climate crisis / Christiana Figueres
and Tom Rivett-Carnac.
QC 903 .F54 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399056      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The secret language of cells : what biological conversations tell us about
the brain-body connection, the future of medicine, and life itself / Jon
QH 582.4 .L54 2020                                                                                                                    copy:1                      id:33018010399106      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Guynecology : the missing science of men’s reproductive health / Rene
QP 253 .A46 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399411      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

We know it when we see it : what the neurobiology of vision tells us about
how we think / Richard Masland.
QP 475 .M275 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010398876      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Integrative, alternative & complementary medicine.
R 733 .C6524 2020 v. 1
copy:1                      id:33018010400938      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Integrative, alternative & complementary medicine.
R 733 .C6524 2020 v. 2
copy:1                      id:33018010400946      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Integrative, alternative & complementary medicine.
R 733 .C6524 2020 v. 3
copy:1                      id:33018010400953      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Integrative, alternative & complementary medicine.
R 733 .C6524 2020 v. 4
copy:1                      id:33018010400961      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Pandemics, plagues & public health / editor,
RA 649 .P36 2020 v. 1
copy:1                      id:33018010400912      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Pandemics, plagues & public health / editor,
RA 649 .P36 2020 v. 2
copy:1                      id:33018010400920      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Fundamentals of skeletal radiology / Clyde A. Helms, MD, Professor of
Radiology and Orthopedic Surgery, Department of Radiology, Duke University
School of Medicine, Durham, North Carolina.
RC 78.7 .D53 H45 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399932      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Fundamentals of body CT / W. Richard Webb, William E. Brant, Nancy M.
RC 78.7 .T6 W433 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399924      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Overcoming addiction : seven imperfect solutions and the end of America’s
greatest epidemic / Gregory E. Pence.
RC 564 .P46 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399528      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Problem solving in chest imaging / [edited by] Subba R. Digumarthy, Suhny
Abbara, Jonathan H. Chung.
RC 941 .P76 2019
copy:1                      id:33018010399569      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Adverse events : race, inequality, and the testing of new pharmaceuticals
/ Jill A. Fisher.
RM 301.27 .F56 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399866      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Notes on nursing : what it is, and what it is not / Florence Nightingale ;
with introductions by Joyce J. Fitzpatrick and Maureen Shawn Kennedy and
commentaries by contemporary nursing leaders.
RT 40 .N54 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010432436      library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Advancing diversity, inclusion, and social justice through human systems
engineering / edited by Rod D. Roscoe, Erin K. Chiou and Abigail R.
T 59.7 .A37 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010399965      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Freedom libraries : the untold story of libraries for African Americans in
the South / Mike Selby.
Z 711.9 .S45 2019
copy:1                      id:33018010398959      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL