Information Technology Services Teams

Client Services

Client Services encompasses the help desk, technology acquisition, deployment, and maintenance processes. They are involved in most aspects of ITS service delivery.  To meet this demand and deliver a positive client experience, we offer the following services

  • Help Desk (Tier 1 Support & Issue logging and routing)
  • Direct User Support / Service Delivery
  • Classroom Applications
  • Classroom Solutions (Projector Management, TeachNow, & Application Delivery for Academics)
  • Tier II and III Resource Provisioning / Engineering
  • Technology Procurement
  • Technology Life-cycle Management
  • Printing and Scanning Devices (Network Printers, Desktop Printers, & Scanners)

College Information Systems

College information systems supports the college by managing and updating RCCC’s webpages, databases, WebAdvisor and Colleague – the information system which records all records about students, faculty and staff. CIS manages the ERP system, internal and external webpages, SharePoint, Singularity, Active Directory, report publishing, production databases, application security, online “cloud” services, and various third-party software applications.

Network Infrastructure Systems

This team oversees the RCCC data center, servers, routers, switches and other networking and infrastucture equipment for the college. NIS provides the following services

  • Identity Management & Active Directory Services
  • Network Services (End-point connectivity, WAN and Core data, Internet data, Network Security and Remote Access)
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Storage / SAN
  • Network Printing Services
  • Systems Alerting and Monitoring
  • Communication Services (email, telephones, video conferencing)