About the Tutoring Center

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College’s Tutoring Center is a comprehensive academic support center focused on helping students succeed.
The Tutoring Center is a comprehensive academic support center focused on helping students succeed. The Tutoring Center has two convenient locations. The North Campus Tutoring Center is located inside the learning resource center on the second floor of Building 500. The phone number for North Campus Tutoring Center is 704-216-3594. The South Campus Tutoring Center is located inside the learning resource center on the third floor of Building 1000. The phone number for South Campus Tutoring Center is 704-216-3768.

The Tutoring Center offers tutoring services in business,technology, math, sciences, biotechnology, foreign languages, writing and English.  All tutoring services are free for Rowan-Cabarrus students and are available online and by appointment. Walk-ins are accepted when space and staff are available. Please check our hours of operation for the schedule.

Tutoring is offered at CBTC in roome # 9232 as well in CIS, HBI, MOA. OST. Please check hours of operation for this schedule.

Math and Science Tutoring

The Math and Science Tutoring Centers provides individualized tutoring for curriculum students enrolled in math and science-related courses Students are given a referral form by their instructor to present on the initial visit to the Math and Science Tutoring Centers which are good for the entire semester. Student computers are available in the center and numerous math resource links can be found on the website. Online tutoring is also available.

Students receive assistance on a first-come, first-served basis. No appointment is necessary.

Foreign Language Tutoring

The Foreign Language Tutoring Center provides tutoring in the Tutoring Centers to all RCCC curriculum foreign language students. No appointment is necessary.

Writing Center

The Writing Center (WC) provides service to assist students with any course-related writing; including compositions, essays, proposals, research papers, reports, business correspondence, and resumes. The WC provides individualized instruction for problem areas in grammar, punctuation, organization, wording, rhetorical modes, and research. The Writing Center offers students skills in proofreading and learning how to avoid future errors.

Students are referred to the WC by their instructors at the beginning of each semester. It is up to students at that point to initiate the tutoring process by calling or visiting the WC. The Writing Center offers 30-minute tutoring appointments and offers assistance to walk-in students depending on tutor availability.

Reading Center

The Reading Center assists students with comprehension, enhancing vocabulary and word attack skills and drawing inferences from written material. Tutors help students improve reading skills through reviewing knowledge of reading through context clues and finding the main idea. Assistance with reading skills is available for all courses. Appointments are not necessary.

Technologies Tutoring Center

Technologies tutoring is available in the Tutoring Center and offers individualized assistance in the following curriculum courses with no appointment necessary:

  • Accounting (all levels)
  • Business Math
  • Business Finance
  • Business Law
  • Economics
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Computer Programming
  • Networking and Information Technology
  • Office Systems Technology
  • Medical Office Administration
  • Microsoft Office (all levels)
  • Marketing and Retailing
  • Management and Leadership

Referrals are required from instructors at the start of each semester which are good for the duration of the course. Online tutoring is also available for all students. Students may receive help with their curriculum courses on a first come-first served basis.