Mechatronics Engineering Technology

If you’re looking to prepare for a job that involves robots, automated machinery, computer technology, and manufacturing, now is a great time to start! Did you know that mechatronics is at the core of everything in our lives? From complex computer hardware systems, coffee makers, dishwashers, to the production of candy bars. The word mechatronics comes from the combination of the terms “mechanical” and “electronics”.

The Mechatronics Engineering Technology program at Rowan-Cabarrus prepares students for jobs requiring electrical, mechanical, and computer skills necessary to work on complex systems found in advanced manufacturing environments. The program combines theory and hands on education. Students will learn not only why something works but to put that theory into practice.

In addition to the mechatronics degree and diploma, students have the opportunity to get the following certifications:

  • Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) in 3D CAD
  • FESTO Level 1 Industry 4.0 certification in:
    • Industry 4.0
    • AC Electricity
    • DC Electricity
    • Hydraulics
    • Pneumatics
  • 10 & 30-hour General Industry Safety Cards

Program Chair

Tony Bean

Tony Bean


North Campus

Mechatronics originated from advanced manufacturing.

Mechatronics Engineers' average compensation ranges from $64,000-$96,000, based on tenure level.

Mechatronics Engineers work to automate the transfer of materials and goods, and the manufacturing process.