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The world almanac and book of facts 2023 / executive editor Sarah Janssen.
AY 67 .W7 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445511 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:REFERENCE

The world almanac and book of facts 2023 / executive editor Sarah Janssen.
AY 67 .W7 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445529 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:REFERENCE

The ruin of all witches : life and death in the New World / Malcolm
BF 1576 .G37 2022
copy:1 id:33018010368150 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

South to America : a journey below the Mason-Dixon to understand the soul
of a nation / Imani Perry.
F 216.2 .P47 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446055 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

South to America : a journey below the Mason-Dixon to understand the soul
of a nation / Imani Perry.
F 216.2 .P47 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446089 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Drag racing in the 1960s : the evolution in race car technology / Doug
GV 1029.3 .B696 2021
copy:1 id:33018010445628 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The Queens’ English : the LGBTQIA+ dictionary of lingo and colloquial
phrases / Chloe O. Davis.
HQ 73.13 .D38 2021
copy:1 id:1895919-5001 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The queer & transgender resilience workbook : skills for navigating sexual
orientation & gender expression / Anneliese Singh, PhD, LPC.
HQ 76.25 .S566 2018
copy:1 id:1877603-2001 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The dark tower. The gunslinger born / creative director, Stephen King ;
plotting and consultation, Robin Furth ; script, Peter David ; art, Jae
Lee and Richard Isanove ; lettering, Chris Eliopoulos.
PN 6728 .D347 D38 2007
copy:1 id:33018010445693 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Fresh blood / Nicole Arend.
PR 6101 .R42 F74 2023
copy:1 id:33018010368028 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

The blue window : a novel / Suzanne Berne.
PS 3552 .E73114 2023
copy:1 id:33018010368168 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

The bullet garden / Stephen Hunter.
PS 3558 .U494 B85 2023
copy:1 id:33018010368127 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:LEASE

Punks : new & selected poems / John Keene.
PS 3561 .E3717 P86 2021
copy:1 id:33018010446006 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Punks : new & selected poems / John Keene.
PS 3561 .E3717 P86 2021
copy:1 id:33018010446063 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

A dangerous business / Jane Smiley.
PS 3569 .M39 D36 2022b
copy:1 id:33018010367962 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

Carolina built : a novel / Kianna Alexander.
PS 3601 .L35387 C47 2022
copy:1 id:33018010367970 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

Carolina built : a novel / Kianna Alexander.
PS 3601 .L35387 C47 2022
copy:1 id:33018010367988 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:LEASE

Carolina built : a novel / Kianna Alexander.
PS 3601 .L35387 C47 2022
copy:1 id:33018010367996 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:LEASE

The rabbit hutch / Tess Gunty.
PS 3607 .U54827 R33 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446014 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The rabbit hutch / Tess Gunty.
PS 3607 .U54827 R33 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446071 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

An otherwise healthy woman / Amy Haddad.
PS 3608 .A264 O86 2022
copy:1 id:33018010445966 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

How to sell a haunted house / Grady Hendrix.
PS 3608 .E543 H69 2023
copy:1 id:33018010368044 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

Killers of a certain age / Deanna Raybourn.
PS 3618 .A983 K55 2022
copy:1 id:33018010368010 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

Regrets only / Kieran Scott.
PS 3619 .C6744 2023
copy:1 id:33018010368036 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE created:1/18/2023 permanent
current location:LEASE pieces:1

The stranded / Sarah Daniels.
PZ 4 .D36 2023
copy:1 id:33018010368002 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

All My Rage / Sabaa Tahir.
PZ 7.1 .T33 Al 2022
copy:1 id:33018010445990 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

All My Rage / Sabaa Tahir.
PZ 7.1 .T33 Al 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446097 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Cursed Princess Club. 1 / LambCat ; art assistants, Shei Magallanes,
Catburgerhelper, ShiHwi, Kyorin, Alex Scott [and 1 other].
PZ 7.7 .L33 Cu 2023
copy:1 id:33018010368135 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

Basic math : review and workbook / Carolyn C. Wheater.
QA 107.2 .W44 2018
copy:1 id:33018010445560 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Digital health care : perspectives, applications, and cases / Phillip
Olla, Joseph Tan.
R 119.95 .O45 2023
copy:1 id:33018010446105 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Practical implementation science : moving evidence into action / Bryan J.
Weiner, Cara C. Lewis, Kenneth Sherr, editors.
R 723.7 .P73 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445909 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

How to be a patient : the essential guide to navigating the world of
modern medicine / Sana Goldberg, RN.
R 727.3 .G55 2019
copy:1 id:33018010445776 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Healthcare in the United States : Navigating the basics of a complex
system / Deanna L. Howe, Andrea L. Dozier, Sheree O. Dickenson.
RA 445 .H43 2022
copy:1 id:33018010445388 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Introduction to health behavior theory / Joanna Hayden, PhD, CHES,
Professor Emeritus, Department of Public Health William, Paterson
RA 776.9 .H39 2023
copy:1 id:33018010446022 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Seidel’s guide to physical examination : an interprofessional approach /
Jane W. Ball, Joyce E. Dains, John A. Flynn, Barry S. Solomon, Rosalyn W.
RC 76 .B35 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445768 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Varcarolis’ manual of psychiatric nursing care : an interprofessional
approach / Margaret Jordan Halter, PhD, APRN, Christina A. Fratena, MSN,
RC 440 .H25 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445883 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Keltner’s psychiatric nursing / Debbie Steele, PhD, RN, LMFT.
RC 440 .K36 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445750 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Standing at water’s edge : a cancer nurse, her four-year-old son and the
shifting tides of leukemia / Janice Post-White.
RC 643 .P675 2021
copy:1 id:33018010445933 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Nursing for wellness in older adults / Carol A. Miller.
RC 954 .M55 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445735 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Ob/Gyn peds notes : nurse’s clinical pocket guide / Brenda Holloway,
Cheryl Moredich, Taralyn McMullan, Amanda Kratovil.
RG 110 .H6 2022
copy:1 id:33018010445552 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Introductory maternity & pediatric nursing / Nancy T. Hatfield, Cynthia A.
RG 951 .H38 2022
copy:1 id:33018010445834 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Davis advantage for maternal-child nursing care / Meredith Scannell,
Kristine Ruggiero.
RG 951 .S23 2022
copy:1 id:33018010445727 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Maternal & child health nursing : care of the childbearing & childrearing
family / JoAnne Silbert-Flagg ; consulting editor, Colleen E. Kennedy.
RG 951 .S55 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445701 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Maternal child nursing care / maternity, Shannon E. Perry, RN, PhD, FAAN,
Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, RNC-E, PhD, FAAN, Kitty Cashion, RN-BC, MSN,
Kathryn Rhodes Alden, EdD, MSN, RN, Ellen Frances Olshansky, PhD, RN,
WHNP-E, FAAN ; pediatric, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, PhD, RN, FAAN.
RG 951 .W87 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445743 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Breastfeeding management for the clinician : using the evidence / Marsha
Walker, Vice President Federal Policy Committee National Lactation
Consultant Alliance.
RJ 216 .W346 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445826 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Pharmacology for the primary care provider / Constance G. Visovsky, Cheryl
H. Zambroski, Rebecca M. Lutz.
RM 301.28 .E34 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445842 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Literature review and synthesis : a guide for nurses and other healthcare
professionals / Susan W. Buchholz, Kirsten A. Dickins.
RT 41 .B87 2023
copy:1 id:33018010446030 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Fast facts about diversity, equity, and inclusion in nursing : building
competencies for an antiracism practice / Sandra Davis, PhD, DPM, ACNP-BC,
FAANP, Anne-Marie O’Brien, PhD, MA, WHNP-BC.
RT 41 .D355 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445982 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Nurses making policy : from bedside to boardroom / Rebecca M. Patton,
Margarete L. Zalon, Ruth Ludwick, editors.
RT 41 .N8642 2022
copy:1 id:33018010445917 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Nursing fundamentals demystified / Bennita W. Vaughans, MSN, RN, Adjunct
Faculty Member, Auburn University Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama,
Formerly Nursing Instructor and Allied Health Program Coordinator, H.
Councill Trenholm State Technical College, Montgomery, Alabama, Jim Keogh,
RT 41 .V38 2019
copy:1 id:33018010445719 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Pathophysiology, physical assessment, & pharmacology : advanced
integrative clinical concepts / Janie T. Best, Grace Buttriss, Annette
RT 48 .B47 2022
copy:1 id:33018010445925 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Formulating a differential diagnosis for the advanced practice provider /
Jacqueline Rhoads, Julie Penick.
RT 48 .D54 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445545 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Davis advantage for basic nursing : thinking, doing, and caring / Leslie
S. Treas, Karen L. Barnett, Mable H. Smith.
RT 49 .T74 2022
copy:1 id:33018010445677 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Nursing informatics for the advanced practice nurse : patient safety,
quality, outcomes, and interprofessionalism / [edited by] Susan McBride,
RT 50.5 .N872 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445818 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Evidence-based practice in action : comprehensive strategies, tools, and
tips from University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics / Laura Cullen, Kirsten
Hanrahan, Michele Farrington, Sharon Tucker, Stephanie Edmonds.
RT 51 .E895 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445685 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Evidence-based practice for nurses : appraisal and application of research
/ [edited by] Nola A. Schmidt, Janet M. Brown.
RT 81.5 .E95 2022
copy:1 id:33018010445792 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Advanced practice nursing : essentials for role development / [edited by]
Lucille A. Joel.
RT 82.8 .A38 2022
copy:1 id:33018010445859 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Take charge of your nursing career / Lois Sarah Marshall, PhD, MN, RN.
RT 82 .M224 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446048 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Fast facts about LGBTQ+ care for nurses / Tyler Traister.
RT 83.3 .T73 2022
copy:1 id:33018010445974 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Financial management for nurse managers : merging the heart with the
dollar / [edited by] J. (John) Michael Leger.
RT 86.7 .D855 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445784 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Leadership laboratory for nurse leaders / Barbara Mackoff, Ed.D.
RT 89 .M335 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445800 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

A nurse’s step-by-step guide to transitioning to an academic role :
strategies to jumpstart your career in education and research / Mercy Ngosa Mumba.
RT 90 .M86 2022
copy:1 id:33018010445875 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Family health care nursing : theory, practice, and research / Melissa
Robinson, Deborah Pudgett Coehlo, Paul S. Smith.
RT 120 .F34 R63 2022
copy:1 id:33018010445537 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

AACN core curriculum for progressive and critical care nursing / Tonja M.
Hartjes, editor.
RT 120 .P76 C67 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445867 library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Kids cook gluten-free : over 65 fun and easy recipes for young gluten-free
chefs / Kelli and Peter Bronski.
TX 237.86 .B7523 2022
copy:1 id:33018010445578 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Better homes & gardens 100th anniversary new cookbook.
TX 714 .B4735 2022
copy:1 id:33018010445594 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Dinner in one : exceptional & easy one-pan meals / Melissa Clark ;
photographs by Linda Xiao ; [photography assistant, Christina Zhang ; food
stylists, Monica Pierini and Emma Rowe].
TX 714 .D5537 2022
copy:1 id:33018010368143 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

TX 714 .S23 2022
copy:1 id:33018010445669 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The autism-friendly cookbook Lydia Wilkins ; illustrated by Emily of
TX 714 .W55 2023
copy:1 id:33018010445644 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Hungry girl fast & easy : all-natural recipes in 30 minutes or less / Lisa
TX 741 .L555 2021
copy:1 id:33018010445636 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Complete college cookbook : 100+ easy recipes and helpful tips for
students / Julee Morrison.
TX 833.5 .M67 2021
copy:1 id:33018010445602 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Healthy, quick & easy college cookbook : 100 simple, budget-friendly
recipes to satisfy your campus cravings / Dana Angelo White, MS, RD, ATC.
TX 833.5 .W458 2021
copy:1 id:33018010445610 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Unbelievably vegan : 100+ life-changing, plant-based recipes / Charity
Morgan ; [photographer, Emily Dorio].
TX 837 .M6757 2021
copy:1 id:33018010445586 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

copy:1 id:33018010351313 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:FACLTY-RSC