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Shattered : surviving the loss of a child / Gary Roe.
BF 575 .G73 2017
copy:1                      id:33018010446238      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

8 rules of love : how to find it, keep it, and let it go / Jay Shetty.
BF 575 .L8 2023
copy:1                      id:33018010368093      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

Mussolini’s theatre : fascist experiments in art and politics / Patricia
DG 575 .M8 G23 2021
copy:1                      id:33018010446394      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

For the freedom of Zion : the great revolt of Jews against Romans, 66-74
CE / Guy MacLean Rogers.
DS 122.8 .R64 2021
copy:1                      id:33018010446410      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

When they came for me : the hidden diary of an apartheid prisoner / John
R. Schlapobersky.
DT 1949 .S35 A3 2021
copy:1                      id:33018010446311      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Twisted : the tangled history of black hair culture / Emma Dabiri.
GT 2290 .D33 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010446295      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Evaluating and valuing in social research / Thomas A. Schwandt, Emily F.
H 62 .S357 2021
copy:1                      id:33018010446154      library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

The theory of communicative action / Jürgen Habermas ; translated by
Thomas McCarthy. Vol. 1, Reason and the rationalization of society.
HM 590 .H34 1984
copy:1                      id:33018010446246      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The will to change : men, masculinity, and love / bell hooks.
HQ 1090 .H65 2005
copy:1                      id:33018010446253      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

American democratic socialism : history, politics, religion, and theory /
Gary Dorrien.
HX 83 .D67 2021
home location:GENRL-COLL

Redefining the immigrant South : Indian and Pakistani immigration to
Houston during the Cold War / Uzma Quraishi.
JV 7100 .H68 Q87 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010446444      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The world : a brief introduction / Richard Haass.
JZ 1329.5 .H33 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010446303      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The right to repair : reclaiming the things we own / Aaron Perzanowski,
Case Western Reserve University, Ohio.
KF 1874 .P47 2022
copy:1                      id:33018010446352      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Songbooks : the literature of American popular music / Eric Weisbard.
ML 3477 .W457 2021
copy:1                      id:33018010446527      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The sound of hope : music as solace, resistance and salvation during the
Holocaust and World War II / Kellie D. Brown.
ML 3776 .B76 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010446402      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The other modern movement : architecture, 1920-1970 / Kenneth Frampton.
NA 682 .M63 F73 2021
copy:1                      id:33018010446469      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Dark toys : surrealism and the culture of childhood / David Hopkins
NX 456.5 .S8 H67 2021
copy:1                      id:33018010446519      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Surrealism beyond borders / Stephanie D’Alessandro, Matthew Gale.
NX 456.5 .S8 S8713 2021
copy:1                      id:33018010446345      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Avatar : the high ground. Volume two / based on a screeplay by James
Cameron ; script adaptation, Sherri L. Smith ; art by Diego Galindo (pages
7-26), Gabriel Guzmán (pages 27-46), George Quadros (pages 47-86)
coloring, DC Alonso ; lettering, Michael Heisler ; cover art, Doug
PN 6728 .A896 2022
copy:1                      id:33018010368085      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

Daughter : poems / Cortney Davis.
PS 3554 .D38 2021
copy:1                      id:33018010445958      library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Finlay Donovan jumps the gun / Elle Cosimano.
PS 3603 .O84 F57 2023
copy:1                      id:33018010368069      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

Code name Sapphire / Pam Jenoff.
PS 3610 .E562 C64 2023
copy:1                      id:33018010368051      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:LEASE

Murder at Wakehurst / Alyssa Maxwell.
PS 3613 .A8983 M863 2021d
copy:1                      id:33018010368077      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

Arch-conspirator / Veronica Roth.
PS 3618 .O8633 2023
copy:1                      id:33018010368283      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:LEASE

Brutes : a novel / Dizz Tate.
PS 3620 .A8846 2023
copy:1                      id:33018010368119      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

Star Wars : Tales from the rancor pit / written by Cavan Scott ; art by
Nick Brokenshire, Juan Samu, Andy Duggan, Rafael Pérez ; color art by
Roman Stevens, DJ Chavis.
PZ 7.7 .S728 2022
copy:1                      id:33018010368101      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

The handy physics answer book / Charles Liu.
QC 75 .L68 2021
copy:1                      id:33018010446501      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Drought, flood, fire : how climate change contributes to catastrophes /
Chris Funk, University of California, Santa Barbara.
QC 981.8 .C53 F86 2021
copy:1                      id:33018010446436      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Explorers of deep time : paleontologists and the history of life / Roy
QE 711.3 .P56 2022
copy:1                      id:33018010446386      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Extinctions : living and dying in the margin of error / Michael Hannah.
QE 721.2 .E97 H36 2021
copy:1                      id:33018010446428      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Much like us : what science reveals about the thoughts, feelings, and
behaviour of animals / Norbert Sachser, [editor], University of Münster ;
translated from the German by Ruby Bilger.
QL 785 .M83 2022
copy:1                      id:33018010446329      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Palliative care nursing : caring for suffering patients / Kathleen Ouimet
Perrin, Caryn A. Sheehan, Mertie L. Potter, Mary K. Kazanowski.
R 726.8 .P4687 2023
copy:1                      id:33018010446162      library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Against medical advice : addressing treatment refusal / Luanne
Linnard-Palmer, Ellen Christiansen.
R 733 .L56 2022
copy:1                      id:33018010446220      library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Population health analytics / Martha Sylvia, PhD, MBA, RN Ines Vigil, MD,
R 858 .S94 2022
copy:1                      id:33018010446196      library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

A history of public health : from past to present / Jan Kirk Carney.
RA 424 .C27 2023
copy:1                      id:33018010446204      library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Awkward bitch : my life with MS / Marlo Donato Parmelee.
RC 377 .P37 2009
copy:1                      id: 33018010446261     library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

A tattoo on my brain : neurologist’s personal battle against Alzheimer’s
disease / Daniel Gibbs with Teresa H Barker.
RC 523.2 .G54 2021
copy:1                      id:33018010446378      library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The complete family guide to dementia : everything you need to know to
help your parent and yourself / Thomas F. Harrison, Brent P. Forester, MD.
RC 524 .H37 2022
copy:1                      id:33018010446147      library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Behavioral activation for depression : a clinician’s guide / Christopher
R. Martell, Sona Dimidjian, Ruth Herman-Dunn.
RC 537 .M3737 2022
copy:1                      id:33018010446139      library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Textbook of adult-gerontology primary care nursing : evidence-based care
for adolesents to older adults / Debra J. Hain, Deb Bakerjian.
RC 954 .T44 2023
copy:1                      id:33018010446113      library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Visionary leadership in healthcare : excellence in practice, policy, and
ethics / Holly Wei, Sara Horton-Deutsch.
RT 86.4 .W45 2022
copy:1                      id:33018010446121      library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

Manual of critical care nursing : interprofessional collaborative
management / [edited by] Marianne Saunorus Baird, MN, RN, ACNS-BC.
RT 120 .I5 M36 2023
copy:1                      id:33018010446212      library:ROWAN-NCRC
home location:GENRL-COLL

How photography became contemporary art : inside an artistic revolution
from pop to the digital age / Andy Grundberg.
TR 642 .G78 2021
copy:1                      id:33018010446451      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Moral responsibility in twenty-first-century warfare : just war theory and
the ethical challenges of autonomous weapons systems / edited by Steven C.
Roach and Amy E. Eckert.
UF 500 .M67 2020
copy:1                      id:33018010446360      library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

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