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Purple crayons : the art of drawing a life / Ross Ellenhorn.
BF 433 .O7 E55 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447566 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Grief : insights and tips for teenagers / Joe Jansen.
BF 575 .G7 J366 2020
copy:1 id:33018010447517 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Coping with parental death : insights and tips for teenagers / Michelle
BF 724.3 .D43 S467 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447541 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Dealing with stress : insights and tips for teenagers / Christie
BF 724.3 .S86 C624 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447483 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Mountain ghost stories and curious tales of western North Carolina / by
Randy Russell and Janet Barnett.
BF 1472 .U6 R87 1988
copy:1 id:33018010447020 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Spooky North Carolina : tales of hauntings, strange happenings, and other
local lore / retold by S. E. Schlosser ; illustrated by Paul G. Hoffman.
BF 1472 .U6 S324 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447350 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Witches, druids, and sin eaters : the common magic of the cunning folk of
the Welsh Marches / Jon G. Hughes with Sophie Gallagher.
BF 1622 .G7 H84 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447848 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Goddess astrology / Elisabeth Brooke.
BF 1729 .W64 B76 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447152 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

STFU : the power of keeping your mouth shut in an endlessly noisy world /
Dan Lyons.
BJ 1499 .S5 L966 2023
copy:1 id:33018010446998 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

American cults : cabals, corruption, and charismatic leaders / Jim Willis.
BL 2525 .W496 2023
copy:1 id:33018010447400 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Following Jesus in a warming world : a Christian call to climate action /
Kyle Meyaard-Schaap.
BR 115 .G58 M49 2023
copy:1 id:33018010447376 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Rethinking life : embracing the sacredness of every person / Shane
BT 696 .C53 2023
copy:1 id:33018010447798 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The daughter of Auschwitz : my story of resilience, survival and hope /
Tova Friedman and Malcolm Brabant ; [foreword by Ben Kingsley].
D 805 .P7 F73 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447756 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The diary keepers : World War II in the Netherlands, as written by the
people who lived through it / Nina Siegal.
D 811 .A2 S55 2023
copy:1 id:33018010447095 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

In the midst of civilized Europe : the pogroms of 1918-1921 and the onset
of the Holocaust / Jeffrey Veidlinger.
DK 508.812 .V45 2021
copy:1 id:33018010447558 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Invasion : the inside story of Russia’s bloody war and Ukraine’s fight for
survival / Luke Harding.
DK 508.852 .H34 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447384 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Good medicine, hard times : memoir of a combat physician in Iraq / Edward
P. Horvath, MD.
DS 79.767 .M43 H67 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446931 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Twice forgotten : African Americans and the Korean War, an oral history /
David P. Cline.
DS 919 .C55 2021
copy:1 id:33018010447053 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Our America : a photographic history / Ken Burns, with Susanna Steisel,
Brian Lee, and David Blistein.
E 178.5 .B88 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447467 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Wayward lives, beautiful experiments : intimate histories of riotous black
girls, troublesome women, and queer radicals / Saidiya Hartman.
E 185.86 .H379 2019
copy:1 id:33018010446733 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The shattering : America in the 1960s / Kevin Boyle.
E 841 .B694 2021
copy:1 id:33018010447426 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The steal / Mark Bowden & Matthew Teague.
E 915 .B69 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447160 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The kidnapping club : Wall Street, slavery, and resistance on the eve of the Civil War / Jonathan Daniel Wells.
F 128.44 .W377 2020
copy:1 id:33018010447772 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The Black fives : the epic story of basketball’s forgotten era / Claude
GV 884 .A1 J64 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447129 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Game changers : Dean Smith, Charlie Scott, and the era that transformed a
Southern college town / Art Chansky.
GV 885.43 .U54 C425 2016
copy:1 id:33018010447632 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Our data, ourselves : a personal guide to digital privacy / Jacqueline D.
HD 30.3815 .L46 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447624 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The radium girls : the dark story of America’s shining women / Kate Moore.
HD 6067.2 .U6 2018
copy:1 id:33018010446758 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The psychology of money : timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness
/ Morgan Housel.
HG 222.3 .H68 2020
copy:1 id:33018010447608 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The chaos machine : the inside story of how social media rewired our minds
and our world / Max Fisher.
HM 742 .F58 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446956 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Friendship : insights and tips for teenagers / Jean Rawitt.
HM 1161 .R39 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447533 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Volunteering : insights and tips for teenagers / Jean Rawitt.
HN 49 .V64 R39 2020
copy:1 id:33018010447491 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Coming out : insights and tips for teenagers / Kezia Endsley.
HQ 76.26 .E553 2021
copy:1 id:33018010447525 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Family communication and cultural transformation : (re)awakening legacies
of equality, social justice, freedom, and hope / edited by Rhunette C.
Diggs, Thomas J. Socha.
HQ 734 .F241 2023
copy:1 id:33018010447368 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Parenting : styles & strategies / editor Paul Moglia, PhD
HQ 755.8 .P27468 2022
copy:1 id:3301801046782 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

What your autistic child wants you to know : and how you can help them /
Maja Toudal ; foreword by Tony Attwood ; illustrated by Signe
HQ 759.913 .T68 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447723 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Roe : the history of a national obsession / Mary Ziegler.
HQ 767.5 .U5 Z544 2023
copy:1 id:33018010446972 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Elderly parent caregiver guide : 101 tips for adult children to love,
support, and care for aging parents / HowExpert with Rebecca Rehak.
HQ 1063.6 .R44 2019
copy:1 id:33018010446766 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

How to be a woman online : surviving abuse and harassment, and how to
fight back / Nina Jankowicz.
HQ 1178 .J35 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446923 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL
The Barbizon : the New York hotel that set women free / Paulina Bren.
HQ 1871 .74 2021
copy:1 id:33018010446808 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The power of women : a doctor’s journey of hope and healing / Dr. Denis
HV 6569 .C75 M843 2021
copy:1 id:33018010447780 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

How to raise a conservative daughter / Michelle Easton.
JC 573.2 .U6 E27 2021
copy:1 id:33018010447582 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Free speech : a history from Socrates to social media / Jacob Mchangama.
JC 591 .M33 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447079 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The woman’s hour : the great fight to win the vote / Elaine Weiss.
JK 1896 .W45 2018
copy:1 id:33018010446725 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Ellis Island : a people’s history / Malgorzata Szejnert ; translated from
the Polish by Sean Gasper Bye.
JV 6484 .S9813 2020
copy:1 id:33018010447418 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Julius Chambers : a life in the legal struggle for civil rights / Richard
A. Rosen & Joseph Mosnier.
KF 373 .C3883 R67 2016
copy:1 id:33018010447111 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Plan your estate / Attorney Denis Clifford.
KF 750 .Z9 C586 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447202 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Teaching White supremacy : America’s democratic ordeal and the forging of
our national identity / Donald Yacovone.
LC 212.2 .Y33 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447012 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Unbinding gentility : women making music in the nineteenth-century South /
Candace Bailey.
ML 82 .B27 2021
copy:1 id:33018010447822 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Shine bright : a very personal history of black women in pop / Danyel
ML 82 .S615 S6 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447228 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Wonders of the world / written by Tom Jackson.
N 5333 .J33 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446832 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Con/artist : the life and crimes of the world’s greatest art forger / Tony
Tetro and Giampiero Ambrosi.
N 8791 .T48 A2 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447004 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Drawing faces : learn how to draw facial expressions, detailed features,
and lifelike portraits.
NC 770 .H47 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447210 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

English grammar for ESL learners / Ed Swick.
PE 1128 .S9774 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446949 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

We are never meeting in real life : essays / Samantha Irby.
PN 2287 .I73 2017
copy:1 id:33018010446741 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Comics and the origins of manga : a revisionist history / Eike Exner.
PN 6790 .J3 E96 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447442 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Sister novelists : the trailblazing Porter sisters, who paved the way for
Austen and the Brontës / Devoney Looser.
PR 5189 .P5 Z66 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447236 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Young adult literature : from romance to realism / Michael Cart.
PS 374 .Y57 C37 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447814 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The Netanyahus : an account of a minor and ultimately even negligible
episode in the history of a very famous family / Joshua Cohen.
PS 3553 .O42434 N48 2021
copy:2 id:33018010447434 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The candy house : a novel / Jennifer Egan.
PS 3555 .G292 C36 2022
copy:1 id:33018010368275 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:LEASE

Cuento de hadas : una novela / Stephen King ; traducción de Carlos Milla
PS 3561 .I483 F3518 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447731 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL
Miss Chloe : a memoir of a literary friendship with Toni Morrison / A. J.
PS 3572 .E63 Z46 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447087 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Lawn boy : a novel / Jonathan Evison.
PS 3605 .V57 L39 2019
copy:1 id:33018010447681 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Human-centered AI / Ben Shneiderman.
Q 335 .S4875 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447061 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

How to talk about data : build your data fluency / Martin J. Eppler,
Fabienne Bünzli.
QA 76.9 .I52 E76 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447145 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Must know high school algebra / Christopher Monahan, Laura Favata.
QA 152.3 .M663 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447335 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Must know high school geometry / Allen Ma, Amber Kuang.
QA 445 .M23 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447616 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The universe / Andrew Cohen ; foreword by Professor Brian Cox.
QB 981 .C637 2021
copy:1 id:33018010447293 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Rock & minerals / written by Dr. R. F. Symes and the staff of the Natural
History Museum, London.
QE 432.2 .S96 2021
copy:1 id:33018010446840 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

A clouded leopard in the middle of the road : new thinking about roads,
people, and wildlife / Darryl Jones.
QH 545 .R62 J66 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447590 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL
The tree book.
QK 475.6 .T74 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447285 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Planting for garden birds : a grower’s guide to creating a bird-friendly
habitat / Jane Moore ; illustrated by James Weston Lewis.
QL 676.5 .M63 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447699 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The doctor who wasn’t there : technology, history, and the limits of
telehealth / Jeremy A. Greene.
R 119.9 .G74 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446907 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Heroes & scoundrels : the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Nobel Prize
in Medicine / Moira Dolan, MD.
R 134 .D65 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447046 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Twice as hard : the stories of Black women who fought to become
physicians, from the Civil War to the 21st Century / Jasmine Brown.
R 153 .B76 2023
copy:1 id:33018010447244 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

This is assisted dying : a doctor’s story of empowering patients at the
end of life / Stefanie Green, MD.
R 726 .G73 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447103 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Exploring American healthcare through 50 historic treasures / Tegan Kehoe.
RA 395 .A3 K45 2021
copy:1 id:33018010447673 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

When your aging parent needs help : a geriatrician’s step-by-step guide to
memory loss, resistance, safety worries, and more / Leslie Kernisan, MD,
MPH ; Paula Spencer Scott.
RA 645.3 .K47 2021
copy:1 id:33018010446717 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

American sirens : the incredible story of the Black men who became
America’s first paramedics / Kevin Hazzard.
RA 645.6 .P4 H39 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447137 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Every deep-drawn breath : a critical care doctor on healing, recovery, and
transforming medicine in the ICU / Wes Ely.
RA 975.5 .I56 2021
copy:1 id:33018010446915 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Understanding cancer / Robin Hesketh, University of Cambridge.
RC 263 .H475 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447764 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

A loved one with dementia : insights and tips for teenagers / Jean Rawitt.
RC 521 .R39 R3 2021
copy:1 id:33018010447509 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

How to be human : an autistic man’s guide to life / Jory Fleming with
Lyric Winik.
RC 553 .A88 F57 2021
copy:1 id:33018010447038 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Principles of sports medicine & exercise science / editor, Michael A.
Buratovich, PhD.
RC 1210 .P7563 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446881 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The Old Farmer’s Almanac vegetable gardener’s handbook.
SB 320.9 .S75 2019
copy:1 id:33018010447459 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Dogs who changed the world : 50 dogs who altered history, inspired
literature…or ruined everything / Dan Jones.
SF 426.2 .J658 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446899 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Invention and innovation : a brief history of hype and failure / Vaclav
T 15 .S63 2023
copy:1 id:33018010446980 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The handy engineering answer book / DeLean Tolbert Smith, Ph.D., Aishwary
Pawar, Nicole P. Pitterson, PhD., Debra-Ann C. Butler, Ph.D.
TA 151 .S55 2023
copy:1 id:33018010447194 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Beyond the code : a philosophical guide to engineering ethics / Heidi
Furey, Scott Hill, and Sujata K. Bhatia.
TA 157 .F77 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447392 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Measuring and marking metals for home machinists : accurate techniques for
the small shop / Ivan Law.
TA 481 .L39 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447715 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Thicker than water : the quest for solutions to the plastic crisis / Erica
TD 798 .C57 2021
copy:1 id:33018010447178 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Ultimate guide : plumbing / technical editor for updated edition: Charles
T. Byers, Assistant Professor, Residential Remodeling Technology, AAS,
AST, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.
TH 6124 .U58 2021
copy:1 id:33018010447251 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Principles of fire science / editor, Richard M. Renneboog.
TH 9145 .P7563 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446774 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Tools : the ultimate guide / Jeff Waldman ; illustrated by Holly Wales ;
photography by Stuart Ballew and Todd Monroe.
TJ 1200 .W35 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446964 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Ultimate guide : wiring / technical editor for updated edition: Charles T.
Byers, Assistant Professor, Residential Remodeling Technology, AAS, AST,
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.
TK 3271 .U58 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446865 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Ultimate guide : wiring / technical editor for updated edition: Charles T.
Byers, Assistant Professor, Residential Remodeling Technology, AAS, AST,
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.
TK 3271 .U58 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447269 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The complete guide to wiring : current with 2020-2023 electrical codes.
TK 3284 .C65 2021
copy:1 id:33018010446873 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Taunton’s wiring complete : includes home charging electric vehicles /
Michael McAlister & Michael Litchfield.
TK 3285 .M1793 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447301 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Careers in cybersecurity.
TK 5105.59 .C37 2023
copy:1 id:33018010446790 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Auto maintenance and light repair (G1)
TL 152 .A887 2014
copy:1 id:33018010447905 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Auto maintenance and light repair (G1)
TL 152 .A887 2014
copy:2 id:33018010447897 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Auto maintenance and light repair (G1)
TL 152 .A887 2014
copy:3 id:33018010447889 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Auto maintenance and light repair (G1)
TL 152 .A887 2014
copy:1 id:33018010447871 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Auto maintenance and light repair (G1)
TL 152 .A887 2014
copy:2 id:33018010447863 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Auto maintenance and light repair (G1)
TL 152 .A887 2014
copy:3 id:33018010447855 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Crowns : my hair, my soul, my freedom / Sandro Miller, Angela Bassett,
Patricia Smith
TR 680 .M552 2021
copy:1 id:33018010447186 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Welding licensing exam study guide / Mark R. Miller, Rex Miller.
TS 227.55 .M55 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447343 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The art of welding : practical information and useful exercises and
oxyacetylene and electric arc welding / W.A. Vause.
TS 227 .V38 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447707 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Soldering and brazing handbook for home machinists : practical information
and useful exercises for the small shop / Tubal Cain.
TT 267 .C35 2022
copy:1 id:33018010447574 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Ultimate illustrated guide to sewing clothes : a complete course on making
clothing for fit and fashion / Joi Mahon.
TT 519.5 .M34 2022
copy:1 id:33018010446857 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

How the Grinch stole Christmas / by Dr. Seuss.
Y PZ 8.3 .G276 Hq 1985
copy:1 id:33018010446816 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:EARLYCHILD

The Sneetches and other stories / written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss.
Y PZ 8.3 .G276 Sn 1989
copy:1 id:33018010446824 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:EARLYCHILD

Accreditation in the health sciences : a handbook for librarians / edited
by Darell Schmick.
Z 675 .M4 A34 2023
copy:1 id:33018010447830 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL