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Sorry, sorry, sorry : the case for good apologies / Marjorie Ingall and
Susan McCarthy.
BF 575 .A75 I46 2023
copy:1 id:33018010450503 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The grieving brain : the surprising science of how we learn from love and
loss / Mary-Frances O’Connor.
BF 575 .G7 O2584 2022
copy:1 id:33018010450396 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

How to raise an antiracist / Ibram X. Kendi.
BF 723 .R3 K46 2022
copy:1 id:33018010450529 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Making history : the storytellers who shaped the past / Richard Cohen.
D 13 .C5895 2022
copy:1 id:33018010450537 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The nineties : a book / Chuck Klosterman.
E 169.12 .K556 2022
copy:1 id:33018010450404 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The trials of Harry S. Truman : the extraordinary presidency of an
ordinary man, 1945-1953 / Jeffrey Frank.
E 813 .F695 2022
copy:1 id:33018010450420 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Trust the plan : the rise of QAnon and the conspiracy that unhinged
America / Will Sommer.
E 893 .S62 2023
copy:1 id:33018010450602 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

We are the ark : returning our gardens to their true nature through acts
of restorative kindness / Mary Reynolds ; illustrations by Ruth Evans.
GE 195 .R49 2022
copy:1 id:33018010450370 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Black ball : Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Spencer Haywood, and the generation that
saved the soul of the NBA / Theresa Runstedtler.
GV 885.515 .N37 R86 2023
copy:1 id:33018010450412 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Coaching essentials for managers : the tools you need to ignite greatness
in each employee / Sara Canaday.
HF 5549.5 .C53 C454 2023
copy:1 id:33018010450388 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Knowing what we know : the transmission of knowledge, from ancient wisdom
to modern magic / Simon Winchester.
HM 651 .W46 2023
copy:1 id:33018010450354 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The Elissas : three girls, one fate, and the deadly secrets of suburbia /
Samantha Leach.
HQ 798 .L42 2023
copy:1 id:33018010368325 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:LEASE

Conspiracy : why the rational believe the irrational / Michael Shermer.
HV 6275 .S54 2022
copy:1 id:33018010450453 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The riders come out at night : brutality, corruption, and cover-up in
Oakland / Ali Winston and Darwin Bondgraham.
HV 7936 .P725 W56 2023
copy:1 id:33018010450495 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Children of the state : stories of survival and hope in the juvenile
justice system / Jeff Hobbs.
HV 9104 .H63 2023
copy:1 id:33018010450511 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Junk science and the American criminal justice system / M. Chris
HV 9950 .F33 2022
copy:1 id:33018010450446 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The architecture book / contributors, Jon Astbury [and 3 others] ; senior
editor, Julie Ferris [and 4 others] ; illustrator, James Graham.
NA 200 .A78 2023
copy:1 id:33018010450479 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Speak of the devil : a novel / Rose Wilding.
PR 6123 .I53525 2023
copy:1 id:33018010368291 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:LEASE

The edge of sleep : a novel / Jake Emanuel and Willie Block and Jason
PS 3605 .M36 2023
copy:1 id:33018010369026 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:LEASE

Lessons in chemistry : a novel / Bonnie Garmus.
PS 3607 .A756 2022
copy:1 id:33018010369034 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:LEASE

The daydreams / Laura Hankin.
PS 3608 .A71483 2023
copy:1 id:33018010368317 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

Happy place / Emily Henry.
PS 3608 .E5715 2023
copy:1 id:33018010368341 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:LEASE

The only one left : a novel / Riley Sager.
PS 3618 .I79 2023
copy:1 id:33018010368309 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE

Tuesdays in jail : what I learned teaching journaling to inmates / Tina Welling.
PS 3623 .E4677 2022
copy:1 id:33018010450362 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Always isn’t forever / J.C. Cervantes.
PZ 7 .C3198 Al 2023
copy:1 id:33018010368333 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:LEASE

Virtual you : how building your digital twin will revolutionize medicine
and change your life / Peter Coveney, Roger Highfield.
R 859.7 .C67 C69 2023
copy:1 id:33018010450347 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:GENRL-COLL

If your mouth could talk : an in-depth guide to oral health and its impact
on your entire life / Dr. Kami Hoss.
RK 58.5 .H67 2022
copy:1 id:33018010450545 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The things we make : the unknown history of invention from cathedrals to
soda cans / Bill Hammack PH.D.
TA 148 .H36 2023
copy:1 id:33018010450438 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Food IQ : 100 questions, answers, and recipes to raise your cooking smarts
/ Daniel Holzman and Matt Rodbard ; photography by Ed Anderson ;
illustration by Miguel Villalobos.
TX 651 .H65 2022
copy:1 id:33018010450487 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

The elven cookbook : recipes inspired by the elves of Tolkien / Robert
Tuesley Anderson.
TX 714 .A52445 2022
copy:1 id:33018010450461 library:ROWAN-SO
home location:GENRL-COLL

Y’all eat yet? : welcome to the pretty b*tchin’ kitchen / Miranda Lambert,
with Holly Gleason.
TX 715.2 .S68 2023
copy:1 id:33018010369018 library:ROWAN-NO
home location:LEASE